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Safety protocols are an integral part of cruising in "covid times". For those who were interested in cruises in 2021, this fact causes both misunderstanding and outrage. This, as well as going ashore only as part of group excursions, and boarding only the vaccinated. Of course, each cruise line and region have different safety protocols.
Why is all this so important?
There are many reasons. And not knowing the safety protocols on cruise ships can lead not only to your inconvenience and additional costs, but also to more serious consequences ... Up to the denial of boarding!
Let's figure it out together in all this immense amount of information!
Safety protocols - first of all, these are measures aimed at eliminating the risks of coronavirus infection on board and the admission of infected guests on board a cruise ship.
There are points / sections of safety protocols that are similar for most cruise lines regardless of the region, but there are points / sections that differ.
Also in the news is BONUS: a cruise line that still admits guests without vaccines.
Most cruise lines have similar safety protocols:
1. Wearing masks in public places;
2. Vaccination of guests from 12 years old (the list of acceptable vaccines is different). There are companies that allow tourists without vaccines or for guests who have reached the age of 16, vaccines are not needed;
3. Non-contact temperature measurement on board;
4. Insurance covering COVID;
* Complete safety protocols for each cruise line are listed below.
Security protocols that differ:
1. Going ashore only as part of group excursions booked with a cruise company. Valid:
- MSC Cruises. For all cruises in Europe. Complete MSC Cruises security protocols;
- Costa Cruises. For all cruises in Europe. Full Costa Cruises security protocols;
2. Children under 12 years old are not allowed on board:
- Norwegian Cruise Line - on all routes
3. All passengers must be vaccinated. Regardless of age
- Princess Cruises
4. Tourists who have been to countries that are included in the red zone of one of the countries on the cruise route or the cruise company will not be allowed on board:
- Cruises with a Call to the ports of Italy. It is forbidden to board guests who have been in countries with List E in the last 14 days.
- Costa Cruises. It is prohibited to board guests who have been to countries that are on the list of prohibited countries in the last 14 days (subject to change).
IMPORTANT: Before booking a cruise, please check with our cruise experts for information. Cruise lines and countries may change requirements and protocols.

Costa Cruises security protocols
MSC Cruises Security Protocols
Royal Caribbean International Security Protocols
Celestyal Cruises Security Protocols
Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) security protocols
Carnival Cruise Line Safety Protocols - to be published shortly via LINK
Disney Cruise Line Safety Protocols - Coming Soon via LINK
Virgin Voyages Security Protocols - to be posted shortly at LINK
Princess Cruises security protocols
Celebrity Cruise Line Security Protocols
Oceania Cruises Safety Protocols - to be posted shortly at LINK
Holland America Line Safety Protocols - to be published shortly at LINK
Viking Cruises Safety Records - Coming Soon via LINK
For LUXURY cruise lines, Safety Protocols - our cruise experts will send you. To do this, just contact us in any convenient way.
And the promised BONUS: a cruise line that still admits vaccine-free guests.
Scubaspa is a unique cruise line that operates Maldives cruises with specially designed spa and diving programs already included in the price.
Cruises are carried out on luxury yachts:
Scubaspa ying
Scubaspa yang
Also, the popular cruise line Costa Cruises does not require a vaccine to board the Mediterranean Sea.
But, in order to fly into Italy, the citizens of Ukraine, in order not to stay in quarantine for 5 days, need both a vaccine and a PCR test (no earlier than 72 hours before arrival).
But from the ports of Spain (at the moment) - cruises without vaccines are REAL !!!