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13.05.2022 09:14
07.05.2022 13:21
Tourists from sanctioned countries who do not comply with the above requirements will be denied boarding!
26.04.2022 17:22
On April 25, 2022, applications for the Uniting for Ukraine program began, which allows you to obtain an entry and stay permit for a period of 2 years with the right to work for citizens of Ukraine and their immediate relatives!
24.04.2022 11:05
In this difficult time for our country, we are more united than ever!
10.04.2022 12:23
A CUAET visa is not just a visa, but a permit for official work, education, provision of temporary residence status to citizens of Ukraine and much more!
30.03.2022 12:23
Members of the Canadian Parliament voted for visa-free travel for Ukraine.
23.03.2022 12:22
The FOR GATES group of companies expresses its respect to you and informs you that the military aggression of the Russian Federation, the martial law imposed on the territory of Ukraine, the ban on civilian flights to or from the territory of Ukraine exclude the possibility of fulfilling contracts for tourist services for the duration of such circumstances.
28.02.2022 08:26
Dear UKRAINIANS, we will all endure, we will definitely endure! But the world will no longer be the same. The whole world is for us!
24.02.2022 12:09
We also control all your bookings.
23.02.2022 14:21
Incredible Wonder Of The Seas 5* has arrived at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale (FL) to cruise the Caribbean!
21.02.2022 16:25
They are valid only until 02/28/2022 (for cruises with departures until 11/30/2022)!
21.02.2022 14:25
The world continues to recover from quarantine restrictions. And even the most closed countries are opening up for tourism.
18.02.2022 14:18
On Friday, February 11, 2022, an incredible event took place
16.02.2022 10:49
Downgraded the danger level of traveling on a cruise ship from 4th (the highest) to 3rd.
11.02.2022 17:30
The main thing you need to know!
11.02.2022 14:01
As we reported earlier, cruises on the new liner Costa Firenze 5* 2020 have been suspended from 01/21/2022.
09.02.2022 16:07
07.02.2022 12:51
Unfortunately, we receive not only positive news from the world of cruises, but also negative ones.
04.02.2022 16:57
Carnival Cruise Line safety protocols.
04.02.2022 16:54
SilverSea Cruises Security Protocols
04.02.2022 16:51
Princess Cruises security protocols.
04.02.2022 16:48
You have booked a cruise with a representative of Celestyal Cruises in Ukraine and are preparing for your unforgettable trip!
04.02.2022 16:46
The following information is valid as of 21/12/2021 and is subject to change at a later date in accordance with new national and international laws.
04.02.2022 16:43
The measures below apply to all 2022 cruises and are subject to change as the situation develops.
04.02.2022 16:41
Celebrity Cruises security protocols.
04.02.2022 16:38
Royal Caribbean International security protocols.
04.02.2022 16:34
Basic security protocols Norwegian Cruise Line.
03.02.2022 15:23
Unexpected, but true. The cruise terminal in Miami (USA), which was built specifically for the cruise company Norwegian Cruise Line, received the Gold New Construction v4.0 award under the LEED system.
31.01.2022 15:47
MSC Cruises is extending its stay in the Persian Gulf!
10.01.2022 14:09
The new Covid-19 strain spares no one, and cruise lines are no exception
20.12.2021 16:24
Due to the changing epidemic situation and many additional factors, changes in cruises often appear.
11.12.2021 14:30
Specially designed by order of the leader of cultural expeditions, SH Minerva is heading to Ushuaia!
03.12.2021 14:31
In the many promotions and specials, we missed a lot of interesting news from the world of cruises!
30.11.2021 08:45
What do you need to know before booking, what do you need to know before embarking on a cruise and immediately upon boarding?
24.11.2021 13:32
Have you already taken a day off on FRIDAY 11/26/2021?
19.11.2021 15:47
Cruise lines are not slowing down and continue to build new and more innovative cruise ships.
02.11.2021 11:16
Now cruises aboard MSC Cruises ships around the world are open for citizens of Ukraine, as well as for many other countries!
27.10.2021 12:13
All Inclusive cruises can now be booked with up to 40% discount!
20.10.2021 14:28
The next cruise year in Europe promises to be "Hot" !!!
18.10.2021 14:53
The world`s most popular captain will host Celebrity Cruises` new flagship ship.
16.10.2021 12:42
Fore Gates has collected the most relevant and important news especially for you!
08.10.2021 15:28
As we wrote earlier, MSC Cruises opened its cruises for Ukrainian citizens for the first time after the pandemic.
05.10.2021 17:15
After months of negotiations, the resumption of cruises in Brazil was announced on Saturday.
01.10.2021 16:09
And so let`s analyze the most interesting and relevant for us!
24.09.2021 15:22
Which? Read in our today`s news!
22.09.2021 10:30
MSC Cruises again accept Ukrainian citizens on their European routes!
20.09.2021 13:51
Which liners of this cruise company have resumed cruises and on what routes?
18.09.2021 11:11
A variety of international cuisine awaits you on board, a variety of restaurants, special locations, unique bars, a water park and many entertainment options.
10.09.2021 15:10
The cruise ship MSC Divina will be the 11th MSC Cruises ship to resume cruises around the world!
03.09.2021 12:52
All relevant information is here!
02.09.2021 15:40
From today, Ukrainian citizens can travel on all Costa liners!
02.09.2021 14:52
The company decided to surprise everyone with the prices for post covid cruises!
31.08.2021 13:45
From today, 08/31/2021, Italy added Ukraine to Group D and lifted the mandatory five-day quarantine for Ukrainian citizens.
27.08.2021 12:03
Presents to your attention a new OASIS class liner!
18.08.2021 16:32
Many factors contributed to this rate of recovery:
16.08.2021 14:00
We would like to inform you about the most popular cruises that are available to Ukrainian citizens with a vaccination certificate.
13.08.2021 13:27
Cheapest Autumn 2021 Cruises!
09.08.2021 13:04
Here we can personally see the pace and volume of the restoration of cruises on the liners of the most popular cruise companies in the world.
02.08.2021 11:13
You can also catch the cruises until 08/30/2021. There are still some cabins left for cruises in August!
30.07.2021 14:04
That`s right. Now some of the most popular island states that belong to the overseas territories of France do not need a visa!
27.07.2021 12:19
On 26/07/2021, the new and largest liner ever built in Italy at the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone was officially handed over to the MSC Cruises fleet!
15.07.2021 09:36
European Union is lifting the ban on entry to EU countries for citizens of Ukraine!
12.07.2021 11:10
Yesterday 11.07.2021, Sir Richard Charles Nicolas Branson and his team showed that space tourism is not a fantasy!
02.07.2021 10:43
All institutions that were closed are resuming their work!
28.06.2021 15:21
A lot of interesting things are waiting for you!
25.06.2021 15:51
One & Only Portonovi is located in Herceg Novi!
23.06.2021 07:58
Pros and cons of a Celestyal Crystal cruise in the Greek Islands!
22.06.2021 10:33
All the efforts of the state of Florida were not in vain! Now cruises will be available not only for vaccinated tourists!
17.06.2021 19:08
The cruise line celebrated the start of construction of its first Icon Class liner in Meyer-Turku.
17.06.2021 09:43
We no longer need a COVID test when returning from abroad!
15.06.2021 09:11
The most frequently asked question is: Which companies DO NOT require the vaccine, and which do?
11.06.2021 18:07
MSC Group announced the creation of an all-new LUXURY cruise line - Explora Journeys.
09.06.2021 08:46
Cruises will be available for both vaccinated tourists and tourists who will provide a negative PCR test, as well as undergo express testing before boarding.
07.06.2021 12:39
Norwegian Cruise Line Holding, which includes cruise lines Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas, has updated information on the resumption of cruises!
04.06.2021 14:50
Recently, positive news comes daily! The cruise market began to rapidly revive.
02.06.2021 11:54
It is planned that the cruise will take place in accordance with all CDC requirements and safety protocols on the Disney Dream liner.
31.05.2021 15:00
Cruises from the ports of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Galveston will be available in July!
26.05.2021 10:43
US President Joe Biden Signs Alaska Cruises Restart Act!
24.05.2021 14:17
But which liners are already cruising? Let`s take a look at each cruise company separately.
21.05.2021 12:43
Three cruise companies at once announced the resumption of cruises in Alaska!
19.05.2021 16:51
How will this liner be different from other NCL ships?
17.05.2021 11:49
Greece opened its borders to Ukrainian citizens, and our partners, the cruise company Celestyal Cruises, allowed boarding without a vaccine! But these are not all the advantages
14.05.2021 18:15
Earlier, the Turkish authorities confirmed their decision to cancel mandatory PCR tests for passengers from Ukraine from 05/15/2021. But, the date of cancellation was postponed!
14.05.2021 10:37
For more than six months, cruise lines and some US states have been fighting the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).
07.05.2021 11:51
Considering the situation with the rate of vaccination in our country, the cruise company Celestyal Cruises is the only one that has given real conditions for cruises at the beginning of summer!
05.05.2021 14:06
The holiday season in Turkey has begun and again the question is, where are the best beaches in Turkey?
28.04.2021 11:23
Imagine your own apartment with a permanent view of the sea or cities, islands that are always changing.
27.04.2021 14:43
The promotion applies to a certain range of cruises of the "Winter 2021–2022" season
24.04.2021 10:32
We decided to make a summary of the most relevant ones for you.
23.04.2021 08:57
Now cruises on the Red Sea are resumed!
21.04.2021 11:07
Let`s start with the good news!
19.04.2021 16:12
Which cruise lines are reopening?
16.04.2021 11:33
What routes and liners will be launched this summer?
14.04.2021 12:00
The cruise company Celestyal Cruises continues to delight with the positive trend of the restoration of cruises.
09.04.2021 16:32
More and more tourists from Ukraine are interested in cruises on the Celestyal Cruises.
07.04.2021 11:33
The American cruise company Norwegian Cruise Line announced the resumption of specific cruises for the first time since the start of the pandemic!
05.04.2021 12:21
Cyprus opens its borders to all travelers from Ukraine.
02.04.2021 10:28
The new liner MSC Virtuosa will resume cruises from 20.05.2021 from the port of Southampton (London), UK.
31.03.2021 12:15
Are cruises resuming? Yes, we waited.
25.03.2021 13:54
Royal Caribbean International has confirmed the restart of cruises in Europe in July!
25.03.2021 13:14
Celebrity Cruises today announced the resumption of cruises from Greece!
24.03.2021 10:35
These requirements come into force from 00.00 24.03.2021
23.03.2021 11:57
An average of 3,230 travelers arrive in the Maldives every day!
19.03.2021 11:10
The administration of the new US President Joe Biden sees great prospects for the start of cruises in May 2021!
18.03.2021 12:29
We are waiting for the liner of a completely new class - Allura Class.
17.03.2021 11:16
From March 25, 2021, the Seychelles will begin to receive tourists, regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not.
12.03.2021 18:27
In honor of the holiday, the cruise line asked its customers to help create a ranking of the 49 Best Cruise Moments You Miss.
05.03.2021 14:56
Especially for you, Four Gates has collected the TOP 5 of the best films of various genres. I wonder which ones have you already seen?
03.03.2021 15:59
The cruise company announced that the port of embarkation on the liner will be Haifa (Israel), and the ship will only accept vaccinated guests!
01.03.2021 11:14
It is planned that the Odyssey of The Seas will cruise the Mediterranean Sea!
22.02.2021 11:26
The main dance challenge of 2020 not only smoothly moved into 2021, but also spread to new locations.
19.02.2021 09:47
The 339 meter long vessel will be the longest ship in the fleet and the largest vessel ever built at the Fincantieri shipyard in Italy.
17.02.2021 15:41
Costa plans to start resuming cruises with a new itinerary from March 27th on Costa Smeralda and from May 2nd 2021 on Costa Luminosa!
15.02.2021 12:01
Since December 2020, Costa Cruises has had problems accessing the system and booking cruises.
12.02.2021 10:59
According to MSC, Rob will be mixing and serving his signature cocktails and various popular drinks. Also, he can speak eight languages!
10.02.2021 14:48
The authorities of the Mexican island of Cozumel have asked the European cruise lines to start cruises!
08.02.2021 14:39
Indeed, there are cruise liners that have been cruising since last year!
05.02.2021 14:56
The company also announced that it is canceling all planned cruises on the MSC Magnifica until April 29, 2021.
03.02.2021 15:09
On February 1, the handover ceremony of the new MSC Virtuosa liner to the MSC Cruises took place!
01.02.2021 15:33
Especially for you, we have made TOP attractions on board cruise ships.
27.01.2021 13:27
Also, it became known that the investment company Sycamore Partners decided to replenish the Azamara fleet by purchasing the Pacific Princess liner.
25.01.2021 12:24
All of us have long been waiting for the return of cruises and full travel.
20.01.2021 12:21
The cruise company announced the resumption of cruises in the Mediterranean Sea on the MSC Grandiosa!
18.01.2021 11:02
This time we were pleased with the luxury cruise company - Silversea Cruises.
14.01.2021 11:33
The US government is introducing a new rule for all passengers on international airlines!
11.01.2021 12:09
The new year 2021 has begun, and we want to start it with an interesting TOP.
06.01.2021 12:01
Costa Cruises has announced the resumption of cruises in Italy from January 31st on the Costa Deliziosa!
04.01.2021 13:55
This is the fate that awaited several liners of the world`s leading cruise companies, which we will discuss below.
29.12.2020 14:11
We often inform you about the construction of new and innovative liners. What happens to the old ones !?
23.12.2020 12:21
Viking has announced its new 138-day circumnavigation cruise that will cover 28 countries and 58 ports with overnight stays in 11 cities.
21.12.2020 11:56
The new generation liner, which became the most environmentally friendly in the Carnival Cruise Line fleet, has officially entered the disposal of the cruise company.
18.12.2020 11:41
The American company notes that such an offer in the cruise industry is unprecedented and has never been carried out before.
14.12.2020 15:24
Costa Firenze left dry dock yesterday and headed for Palermo to await the inauguration and resumption of cruises.
11.12.2020 15:57
Which offers an even more individual approach to the wishes of each guest!
07.12.2020 11:19
During an enforced break due to the global pandemic, Princess Cruises announced that it has upgraded several ships in its fleet!
04.12.2020 15:01
This week, Marina Bay, Singapore, embarked on her 2014 Quantum of the Seas cruise!
30.11.2020 14:34
In less than a week, Royal Caribbean has already enrolled over 100,000 people on its new Volunteer of the Seas test cruise program!
29.11.2020 15:16
Odyssey of the Seas left Dock 6 at Meyer Werft on Saturday morning and is now at the pier for final work!
22.11.2020 18:34
This publication has been asking for a long time. But until November everything was so in limbo that nothing could be predicted.
16.11.2020 13:20
For the full resumption of cruises were named certain conditions. One of these conditions is to conduct test cruises!
13.11.2020 17:19
We continue to monitor and inform you about all changes that, to one degree or another, relate to the resumption of cruise routes!
11.11.2020 12:34
According to which now every cruise will include Wi-Fi, drinks and gratuities!
09.11.2020 14:32
Already creating the world`s first cruise ship for everyone involved with cryptocurrencies!
08.11.2020 20:50
Cruise lines continue to plan cruises despite increasing restrictions related to the spread of COVID-19, especially in Europe!
06.11.2020 13:41
Below are 11 top reasons why you should definitely go to the most famous beach in Mexico!
04.11.2020 10:07
The Italian company has announced the renewal of its upcoming cruises for winter 2020-2021!
31.10.2020 12:47
Following the Mediterranean cruises, cruises are resumed in the largest and most eventful cruise region - the Caribbean and Bahamas!
28.10.2020 12:00
Our cruise specialists have collected for you all the promotions and special offers from Royal Caribbean for November!
27.10.2020 10:54
The company announced a new 1-day cruise sales record. This happened on 10/21/2020 after the publication of the cruise itineraries for 2021 and 2022. How is this possible in a pandemic?
23.10.2020 14:51
The program is valid for all confirmed and new bookings made before November 30, 2020 for all cruises until April 30, 2022 for Royal Caribbean and Azamara, and until May 4, 2022 for Celebrity Cruises!
22.10.2020 10:26
The liner, for the first time in a long time, went on a cruise from the port of Genoa, becoming the second ship of the company to resume sailing since the beginning of the pandemic!
19.10.2020 11:26
With the approval of cruises from Singapore on the liner Quantum of the Seas, the cruise company Royal Caribbean International has seriously updated all its safety and health standards.
18.10.2020 20:14
When will the ships of the cruise line Royal Caribbean International resume cruises?
16.10.2020 14:53
The Disney Wish ship was originally slated to set off on its first cruise in early 2022, but due to delays related to the pandemic at the Meyer-Werft shipyard in Germany, plans have changed!
12.10.2020 11:16
These short cruises of 3-4 nights will be operated on one of the most innovative cruise ships in the world - Quantum of the Seas
11.10.2020 20:28
The first cruise on the Mardi Gras, featuring a roller coaster ride in the sea and six thematic zones, will take place on February 6, 2021 from Port Canaveral!
09.10.2020 11:53
There are three levels of protection on board against coronavirus outbreaks!
07.10.2020 11:54
It was decided to conduct mandatory testing for COVID-19 for all passengers and crew members before boarding the liner!
05.10.2020 12:44
Costa Smeralda will be the third cruise ship of the Italian cruise line Costa Cruises to resume cruises after a long wait over COVID-19.
02.10.2020 15:18
According to the press release, the liner is moving to the outfitting stage, namely, the complex of works on finishing and engineering equipment of the ships interior.
30.09.2020 13:55
The Port Authority of Valencia described their project as sustainable, safe and affordable, while offering close proximity to the city and attractions.
25.09.2020 13:07
Celebrity Apex will then head to Florida for weeklong cruises in the Western and Eastern Caribbean!
23.09.2020 16:02
Ponant has been voted the most sustainable cruise line in the annual ranking by the Conservation and Biodiversity Association!
21.09.2020 13:11
Costa Diadema started from Genoa across the Mediterranean!
18.09.2020 16:51
Florida Senators are pushing legislation to ensure the safety of cruise line passengers and employees.
17.09.2020 09:32
With a visit to 72 cities and ports in 28 countries on five continents!
14.09.2020 14:03
Norwegian Cruise Line may resume cruises again this year!
11.09.2020 13:09
As a result of new health safety protocols, the company is making changes to its routing grid, according to the official announcement!
07.09.2020 13:51
Costa Cruises is the next cruise line to open doors for tourists!
02.09.2020 15:13
The new Silver Moon liner is one step closer to delivery at Silversea Cruises, having successfully passed the sea trials!
31.08.2020 09:10
In this way, the company wants to express gratitude to health workers for their constant contribution to the fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic!
28.08.2020 16:12
As many people know, unfortunately, from March of this year to the present day, the standard procedure for applying for a US tourist visa is temporarily unavailable.
26.08.2020 13:38
The new MSC Seashore was launched last week at the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy.
25.08.2020 11:55
It is planned that the new liner will be launched in 2022, especially to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Carnival Cruise Line!
21.08.2020 12:10
From September 1, passengers of all nationalities, including Egyptians, must provide a negative PCR test certificate for COVID-19, which was issued no more than 72 hours before arrival at any of the Egyptian airports.
19.08.2020 19:56
Holland America opens up the possibility of booking a 128-day round-the-world cruise departing from Fort Lauderdale, USA for 2022.
17.08.2020 08:27
Due to the fact that sea and river cruise companies have temporarily suspended their flights around the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to monitor and inform you about all changes that in one way or another relate to the resumption of cruise routes.
14.08.2020 18:13
Everyone who loves to travel very much, and people who are somehow connected with the field of tourism, cannot but rejoice at the fact that the number of open countries for Ukrainians is increasing! By the way, this week, 4 more states opened their borders for us.
12.08.2020 12:48
Following the Italian government`s approval for the resumption of cruises and a new health protocol, Costa Cruises plans to gradually resume operations from Italian ports on September 6, 2020. The company said the return to cruises will be progressive, with more and more ships being attracted.
09.08.2020 10:02
We have been waiting for news from cruise lines regarding cruise resumption dates for so long. We received dozens of calls and messages every day. Of course, everyone was interested in this question. And now, the cruise company MSC Cruises makes this gift!
07.08.2020 13:40
For those citizens who need it during transit or upon returning to their country!
05.08.2020 17:09
The cruise line is preparing for a possible resumption of cruises in the Mediterranean this summer and is awaiting final approval!
03.08.2020 11:13
Every day we receive calls with questions "when will the cruises begin and in which regions?"
30.07.2020 07:23
All Seven Stars: Which Hotel Is The Most Luxurious in the World?
30.07.2020 06:38
It must be done no more than 96 hours before arrival!
29.07.2020 15:56
Increases safety and eliminates one of the most unloved procedures by tourists!
27.07.2020 16:55
German cruise operator TUI Cruises brought back the first large cruise ship yesterday!
24.07.2020 13:19
Many countries are already open for travel, but for most tourists, the issue of crossing the borders and, most importantly, what awaits travelers upon returning to Ukraine remains relevant!
23.07.2020 15:20
Viking has announced its new round-the-world cruise for 2021-2022 that will last 136 days and cover 27 countries, 56 ports, with overnight stays in 11 cities!
21.07.2020 17:39
French cruise line Ponant is back to sea this week, sending several of its expedition ships on a new series of French coastal cruises!
20.07.2020 15:00
Thus, the next liners will leave the fleet!
18.07.2020 08:03
From now on, the rate of the state duty for each passenger departing from the airport of Ukraine is set in the following sizes!
16.07.2020 11:40
The Ponant Cruise Line has welcomed the sixth and final Explorer class vessel!
14.07.2020 16:32
Now for a surcharge of only 99 Euros per person (for a weekly cruise), instead of 2 gifts to choose from, you can get all 5!
13.07.2020 12:33
To create safety and health protocols on cruises!
10.07.2020 10:10
The French fashion house Balmain has presented its couture collection on the eve of Paris haute couture week!
09.07.2020 09:25
Cruise line Carnival Cruise Line has announced that Mardi Gras will now debut in early 2021!
06.07.2020 14:36
At the moment, the docks of Harland & Wolff are the liners of the premium cruise company Viking Cruises!
03.07.2020 21:48
The ceremony took place at the Chantier de l`Atlantic shipyard in the French city of Saint-Nazaire!
03.07.2020 13:40
Here is a list of countries and comments that are relevant at the beginning of July 2020, where Ukrainian citizens can go!
30.06.2020 15:53
The Maldives government will allow cruise ships to enter ports again in August!
26.06.2020 11:27
Top 7 most unusual mountains that attract tourists attention!
25.06.2020 10:15
An American cruise company headquartered in Florida has launched its second cruise ship, the Valiant Lady!
24.06.2020 12:55
Cruise line Variety Cruises announced that it plans to resume operations on July 24, 2020!
23.06.2020 10:18
As we know, Port Everglades has a 20-year development plan and complete renovation confirmed!
19.06.2020 17:38
The largest pool in the world is located in Chile, in the resort town of Algarrobo!
17.06.2020 11:55
Ponant underlines its leadership in the cruise industry and intends to return to service on the French Coast in July!
15.06.2020 11:50
Countries are gradually recovering from the effects of the pandemic and are introducing "safe tourism" programs!
14.06.2020 16:36
Odyssey of the Seas, the new ship of the American holding Royal Caribbean International, continues to be successfully built at the German shipyard Meyer Werft!
12.06.2020 11:46
Grecotel Hotels & Resorts the largest luxury resort and hotel chain in Greece!
10.06.2020 10:09
Cruise company MSC Cruises has launched a new promotion!
08.06.2020 16:27
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread around the world, cruise lines are developing detailed health and safety protocols!
07.06.2020 18:53
Cruise company MSC Cruises has announced that it is extending the temporary stop of its cruise operations until July 31, 2020!
05.06.2020 11:44
In this article, you can familiarize yourself with the new hotels in 2020 that will surely surprise you!
03.06.2020 13:44
The Norwegian Cruise Line has released a number of new health protocols on their website!
02.06.2020 10:08
And they also gave forecasts for the recovery of international tourism!
31.05.2020 18:15
Princess Cruises has announced that it will launch a 111-day round-the-world cruise in 2022 that will cover 51 ports, 29 countries and 6 continents!
29.05.2020 11:03
Believe me, new items will not leave you indifferent! It`s time to plan your unforgettable vacation!
27.05.2020 12:26
We always try to keep you up to date with the latest cruise news, including the resumption of cruise lines!
25.05.2020 11:53
One of the largest liners in the world, Allure of The Seas, has arrived at the dock in the Spanish city of Cadiz for a complete renovation!
21.05.2020 12:46
Finally, there is news regarding the quarantine of cruise lines!
20.05.2020 10:30
On Monday, 11 European Union countries agreed on a set of rules to create a safe environment for summer vacations in Europe amid the coronavirus pandemic.
19.05.2020 11:33
Experts call the probable date of the start of flights to Ukraine - July 1!
18.05.2020 11:33
Today, we want to tell you about an incredible woman - the captain of a cruise ship!
17.05.2020 11:09
Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, and thanks to smartphone apps, you can make your trip easier.
15.05.2020 23:40
Despite the difficult situation caused by the COVID-19 virus in the world, cruise companies do not refuse to replenish their fleet.
15.05.2020 12:18
As a result of the spread of COVID-19, cruise lines are canceling their flights, many cruisers are wondering: why does the process of generating a cruise voucher take so long?
14.05.2020 12:31
Which hotel restaurants won awards in 2020 and became the best according to various criteria?
13.05.2020 11:25
Of course, everyone wants to stick to their holiday eating habits, so let`s take a look at what some cruise lines have to offer for passengers who eat vegetarian or vegan food.
12.05.2020 12:09
As we have written many times, the depth of cruise sales is quite large. Thus, cruise companies make it possible to book cruises 1.5 - 2 years in advance.
11.05.2020 12:11
Entertainment that will not let you forget your wonderful cruise!
10.05.2020 12:29
Quarantine restrictions will be eased from 05/11/2020, but most of the most stringent of them will be in effect until May 22.
09.05.2020 10:51
Celestyal Cruises announced that it has provided 5.5 tons of perishable food, first aid kit and personal care products to the Piraeus regions
08.05.2020 11:21
Cruise lines have extended the suspension of all cruises around the world.
07.05.2020 10:47
We all love to travel, but do we know everything about tourism?
06.05.2020 10:01
Pullmantur Cruises has announced the extension of the suspension of all its cruises until July 3, 2020.
05.05.2020 10:34
Due to the persistence of the COVID-19 global pandemic emergency, Costa Cruises has decided to extend the suspension of its flights until the end of June.
04.05.2020 11:26
What exactly does this prestigious award mean and why is everyone eager to get it?
03.05.2020 10:35
Here`s a quick overview of what cruise lines are doing with their empty ships!
02.05.2020 10:53
Increase in cruise bookings 2020-2021!
01.05.2020 10:05
Whether you prefer a vacation by land or sea, you will surely agree that a cruise vacation is truly impressive.
30.04.2020 10:27
A lot of interesting things await you in the new cruise season.
29.04.2020 10:16
FOUR GATES UKRAINE has collected for you all the relevant information regarding the expected dates of the resumption of activities of cruise lines around the world.
28.04.2020 11:19
In response to COVID-19, leading cruise ship architects and designers are hard at work on a number of potential changes on board.
27.04.2020 10:17
Currently, the Embassy only accepts applications for renewal of some visas
26.04.2020 10:24
Until 31 July 2020, as a result of ongoing exposure to Covid-19.
25.04.2020 10:49
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings has announced the extension of its previously announced suspension of global cruise lines to include cruises starting 05/11/2020 - 06/30/2020!
24.04.2020 09:20
During quarantine, I want to be distracted by good and neutral news!
23.04.2020 10:40
Earlier, the cruise company Princess Cruises announced the extension of the suspension of cruises until the end of June 2020!
22.04.2020 10:59
Four Gates Ukraine has decided to choose the most interesting projects for you from popular cruise companies in the world!
21.04.2020 16:29
Cruise lines extend the suspension of all cruises around the world until June 11, 2020
21.04.2020 14:53
All cruises are suspended until June 29, 2020
19.04.2020 11:27
On the bright and solemn day of Easter, we wish good, prosperity and peace to your home!
15.04.2020 16:07
Due to persisting movement restrictions, port closures and a global health issue, and ...
15.04.2020 15:48
In response to the impact of the global COVID-19 outbreak and a recent order from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Princess Cruises is canceling all of its cruises until June 30, 2020.
14.04.2020 18:57
That we are a multidisciplinary travel operator that not only deals with cruises, but also reservations for individual and group services around the world.
10.04.2020 15:48
Book cruises risk-free and get bonuses from cruise lines
10.04.2020 08:52
The suspension of navigation of Costa Cruises ships will last until May 31, 2020.
08.04.2020 17:33
The current pandemic situation has forced the temporary suspension of the entire fleet.
06.04.2020 16:48
Today we help you distract yourself and add a little pleasantness to your world.
31.03.2020 13:29
In light of the continuing emergency the world faces with the spread of the Covid-19 virus!
27.03.2020 17:19
Return Policy ...
24.03.2020 12:24
Costa Cruises announced today that due to the difficult situation in Europe due to the COVID-19 virus, it will suspend cruises until the end of April!
19.03.2020 13:42
MSC Cruises today confirmed that it has suspended all of its cruises until May 29 due to an emergency!
18.03.2020 10:04
Visa-free travel to Indonesia and visa on arrival will be canceled for one month from 20 March 2020!
16.03.2020 11:55
From March 14, 2020 and indefinitely.
16.03.2020 10:22
From March 15 to May 11, 2020.
13.03.2020 14:29
In the period from March 12 to April 30, 2020!
13.03.2020 12:44
From 12.03.2020 to 03.04.2020 there will be no new visa requests.
12.03.2020 18:14
Princess Cruises announces a voluntary and temporary suspension of its ships for 60 days.
12.03.2020 17:33
MSC Cruises are forced to adjust or cancel some routes!
12.03.2020 16:08
These countries include: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy .... for more details, see the article!
10.03.2020 17:04
You can familiarize yourself with the terms of transfers and cancellations of cruises from cruise companies for the entire 2020 and 2021 years in this article!
27.02.2020 15:45
In addition to information on the safety measures implemented on board, we also inform you about the following special booking conditions!
24.02.2020 15:21
What the Chinese virus really is.
17.02.2020 16:59
The flagship has undergone a large-scale renovation at the cost of 100 million US dollars and will now make very interesting cruises!
13.02.2020 16:34
How coronavirus is actually prevented on liners.
12.02.2020 14:33
Bill Gates buys eco-yacht Sinot Aqua for $ 644 million
06.02.2020 11:31
You can visit the museums of the city with a discount if you have a ticket for the Trenitalia train
03.02.2020 13:07
All disposable plastic beverage bottles have been replaced with cardboard containers on board all Norwegian Cruise Line ships!
13.01.2020 12:14
All disposable plastic beverage bottles have been replaced with cardboard containers on board all Norwegian Cruise Line ships!
11.12.2019 12:27
The innovative Costa Smeralda cruises the Mediterranean.
09.12.2019 17:20
Ocean Cay is a private island for MSC Cruises passengers located in the Atlantic Ocean.
12.11.2019 17:53
The main thing is not to panic, but carefully study a few tips from our director that will help you solve this problem.
08.11.2019 10:34
Yesterday, at the All stars of the sea ceremony, which took place on board the new MSC Grandiosa, Four Gates Ukraine was awarded the ...
05.11.2019 14:56
In the port of Hamburg, on November 9, the inauguration ceremony of the new MSC Grandiosa will take place!
29.10.2019 11:59
For you, all the information about the new liner is online!
17.10.2019 10:54
Watch a live stream of all the news and innovations of the new flagship of Princess Cruises!
07.10.2019 12:10
Liners Costa Cruises with Russian-speaking service on board.
18.09.2019 12:06
Famous TV personality and actress to attend Norwegian Encore`s christening ceremony
18.09.2019 10:07
Samples of the new uniform designed by British fashion designer Gareth Pugh.
12.09.2019 14:42
Royal cruise with David Garrett for 690 € / person from the luxury cruise company - Cunard Line!
05.09.2019 12:20
The acclaimed British pop musical "SIX" debuts on the ships of the Norwegian Cruise Line
03.09.2019 17:08
The new MSC Grandiosa passed the first sea trials before the first cruise.
29.08.2019 15:07
UNESCO declared sea cruises the safest holiday in the world
28.08.2019 14:08
Already today, more than 90 new cruise ships have been announced for construction, so what new cruise lines have prepared for us until 2027?
14.08.2019 12:20
Best Wi-Fi at Sea on Princess Cruises
14.08.2019 11:42
The liner will be launched in December 2019.
14.08.2019 10:12
On October 12, the liner will leave the Fincantieri shipyard in Italy
14.08.2019 09:54
The new Norwegian Cruise Line terminal with an area of over 15,000 square meters.
05.08.2019 16:01
New Zealand changes entry rules for transit cruise passengers
02.07.2019 15:04
The unusual GettSleep Boryspil hostel is located on the territory of Terminal D
01.07.2019 09:48
Its cost is estimated at $ 450 million. The main expenses went to design, interior and art objects.
25.06.2019 09:38
After a long break, the cruise industry is returning to Ukraine!
20.06.2019 10:29
Port Canaveral and Disney Cruise Line have signed a new 20-year agreement.
20.06.2019 10:10
Holland America Lines Westerdam cruise ship will visit 8 Asian countries in the 2019-2020 season
07.06.2019 18:05
Cruise lines have stopped operating cruises to Cuba after new restrictions were imposed by the US authorities.
04.06.2019 10:33
The new US visa application forms include a list of major social networks where applicants must list their accounts.
31.05.2019 13:23
Our summer deals never end! From 05.06.2019 cruises in the Mediterranean Sea with a 15% discount
29.05.2019 12:38
Amsterdam will host the largest parade in the world in terms of the number of ships gathered together!
28.05.2019 10:23
Cruises from 99 Euros per person!
20.05.2019 12:48
Book Royal Caribbean International cruises and get 60% off the second person in your cabin
14.05.2019 18:53
The liner will be launched in May 2021.
07.05.2019 13:14
The liner will set off on its first route in October 2020.
07.05.2019 11:10
The perfect beach holiday on a private island.
25.04.2019 14:51
March 29 - April 15, 2019 Emerald Princess in dry dock.
24.04.2019 16:57
Costa Cruises have decided to take a step forward in technological development and improve the quality of WiFi on board!
22.04.2019 15:17
Costa Beach - a comfortable resort area in Savona
12.04.2019 13:20
When booking selected cruises during the Winter 2019/2020 season, there is a 50% discount on the second person in the cabin.
08.04.2019 11:34
For an additional 99 Euros, guests can personalize their cruise and choose two bonuses!
02.04.2019 16:48
Book 15% off Mediterranean Cruises from Costa Cruises
26.03.2019 08:59
The liners will embark on their first routes in 2020, 2021 and 2022.
19.02.2019 17:19
Royal Caribbean International has announced the construction of the new largest liner in the world!
12.02.2019 13:51
1 March 2019 name of the ship Costa Venezia
04.02.2019 11:51
The cruise company Holland America Line has unveiled its new liner Nieuw Statendam.
25.01.2019 10:21
10.01.2019 15:31
A list of the 7 best cruises you should definitely visit.
08.01.2019 11:47
A whole month of 15% discounts on over 350 cruises!
03.01.2019 17:51
Rose Zalman celebrates 100 years on her 32nd cruise aboard Norwegian Epic 5 *
12.12.2018 18:37
Tipping on Carnival Cruise Lines
06.12.2018 09:53
On December 5, 2018, Holland America Line`s new Nieuw Statendam embarked on its first cruise.
30.11.2018 21:39
Mexico has changed the rules of entry for transit cruise passengers ....
20.11.2018 14:29
November 19, 2018 MSC Cruises announced the start of cruise sales on the new MSC Virtuosa
20.11.2018 11:59
Celebrity Edge, this year`s most anticipated liner, has arrived at her home port and is ready to embark on her first cruise ...
19.11.2018 10:51
Special promotion for winter cruises and more!
12.11.2018 16:18
Debut of the new liner in June 2020
07.11.2018 15:58
Super prices with special booking conditions
29.10.2018 16:17
The first liner will be released in the spring of 2023.
17.10.2018 13:02
New liners for 2018-2019. Hurry up to book!
12.10.2018 15:59
The already beloved liner, the giant Oasis of the Seas 5 *, comes to Europe again
10.10.2018 16:51
MSC Cruises announced that sales are now open for the maiden voyage of the MSC Grandiosa.
04.10.2018 10:10
These are walks taking into account the personal pace of movement of tourists with disabilities, the elderly and everyone who is uncomfortable with brisk walking.
31.08.2018 11:40
The new liner of Azamara Club Cruises - Azamara Pursuit - departed for its first, inaugural cruise.
28.08.2018 10:58
The program includes the modernization of ships: Regatta, Insignia, Sirena and Nautica, worth $ 100,000,000. USA.
10.08.2018 10:36
Be the first to know the latest cruise market news on your Telegram channel!
30.07.2018 11:21
Celebrity Edge is a new and very innovative ship class.
03.07.2018 09:44
4th Costa Bike Cruise
02.07.2018 11:57
Book your cruise and get your drinks package completely free!
27.06.2018 13:25
Costa Cruises celebrates a new phase in the construction of its new flagship ...
10.05.2018 10:39
The new Costa Smeralda is preparing to surprise its passengers with the incredible beauty of Italian culture.
08.05.2018 10:41
Cruise company Viking Ocean Cruises has announced the longest round-the-world cruise with a duration of 245 days!
25.04.2018 12:27
Disney has announced the construction of three new liners ...
05.04.2018 11:44
Cruise company MSC told about the first liner of the new grandiose project Meraviglia Plus ...
03.04.2018 18:46
The new flagship of Norwegian Cruise Line will embark on its first cruise this month ...
03.04.2018 14:25
The cruise company Norwegian Cruise Line announced that it will increase the cost of the service fee on all its ships from April 1 ...
03.04.2018 13:55
In December 2018, the new flagship of Holland America Line will see the light ...
04.01.2018 19:58
After a lengthy construction process in the Romanian city of Tulcea, France`s newest Le Lapérouse is finally preparing for final assembly in Norway.
05.10.2017 13:45
Starting in mid-October, Oceania Cruises will add several additional bonuses for passengers who book Concierge cabins. Now passengers will be able to use the free laundry (up to 3 washes per cruise) and order lunch and dinner in their room from the main restaurant of the Grand Dining Room. Previously, such options were only available to suite passengers.
19.09.2017 11:22
13 September 2017 At the Meyer Turku shipyard in Finland, a ceremony was held to mark the start of construction of the first of two Costa Cruises liners.
11.09.2017 14:38
Effective January 2, 2018, passengers on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises will be required to pay an additional $ 1.00 in service fees.