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Cruises 2021-2022 | The most important cruise information!30.11.2021 08:45
What do you need to know before booking, what do you need to know before embarking on a cruise and immediately upon boarding? We will describe all this in this important article, taking into account the "covid" realities.
What information must be read before booking a cruise:
These are new realities that all cruise lovers have faced. In fact, these are measures aimed at combating covid and directly at the safety and health of the guests of the liners. They differ depending on the cruise line and the region.
You can familiarize yourself with the protocols by clicking on the link below:
>>> SAFETY PROTOCOLS of cruise lines
Important: ignoring safety protocols can lead not only to denied boarding, but also other, more unpleasant consequences.
It is for this reason that you need to turn to experienced cruise experts.
Despite the fact that more and more countries are becoming open for the citizens of Ukraine, there are still many places where we cannot sleep without a visa.
While everything is clear and understandable with standard routes, there may be problems with more interesting and exclusive routes. If you miss this important aspect of travel, then you will simply not be allowed into the country or put on the liner.
It is physically difficult to describe all the routes. But, our managers will always show you all the features of the route: both visas and the country's security protocols.
The fastest-changing information. Each country has its own rules, which depend on:
1. Coronavirus situation in the country;
2. Coronavirus situation in Ukraine (or another country of which you are a resident);
3. your documents;
4. Vaccinations.
There are other factors, but they are not so common.
Fortunately, there is a very convenient service for the citizens of Ukraine, with the help of which you can always get acquainted with the most up-to-date information:
* On the cruise itself, the protocols for visiting the country may differ. We recommend that you check the information in the Safety Reports of the cruise lines, as well as with our cruise experts.
Has become an important factor in any travel. If standard medical insurance has long been compulsory for departure from Ukraine, then after the "covid" there were new extensions and requirements. Now, travel to most countries requires COVID-19 coverage.
Also, some cruise lines require special insurance.
For example, MSC Cruises board Ukrainian citizens only with special insurance (medical insurance + accident + cancellation insurance)
* We recommend that everyone, if possible, take out the maximum insurance package.
One of the most important factors, as on some routes, ashore is possible only as part of group excursions!
Why is this factor one of the fundamental when choosing and booking a cruise?
1. Excursions must be booked with the cruise line only;
2. Excursions are additional costs;
3. As a rule, there is little free time during the excursion;
4. Leaving the tour or group is prohibited. You may be denied boarding;
5. Excursions in a foreign language only. As a rule, these are: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.
>>> Read more in Cruise Line Safety Protocols
IMPORTANT: we recommend booking excursions in advance. An additional service fee is charged on board. Also, the closer to the cruise the most profitable or interesting excursions simply may not be
Some cruise lines, depending on the route and safety protocols, have a special list of countries that cannot be visited before the cruise.
IMPORTANT: If you have visited these countries before the cruise, you will not be put on board!
More details:
1. Lists of countries for cruise lines may differ;
2. It is forbidden to stay in these countries even in transit;
3. As a rule, stay in prohibited countries is not allowed for 14 days before boarding.
Vaccinations have become an integral part of many areas of our lives, and cruises are no exception. Vaccines are suitable for most cruise lines:
- Pfizer / BioNTech two-part vaccine
- AstraZeneca (COVID-19 Vaccine Vaxzevria), two-part vaccine
- Moderna (COVID-19 Vaccine Spikevax) two-part vaccine
- Johnson & Johnson (COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen), single-dose vaccine
>>> Read more in Cruise Line Safety Protocols
What information must be read before boarding:
In connection with the coronavirus, cruise lines have limited group transfers.
Four Gates recommends only individual transfers for several reasons:
1. Minimizing the chances of contracting coronavirus;
2. If those who were with you find a coronavirus, then you will not be put on board either. In addition, you will also be quarantined at your own expense;
3. As a rule, the cost of the transfer from the cruise line is enough for you. juice. Sometimes it is more profitable to take a taxi.
4. In some ports it is possible to walk to the cruise terminal (if you live in the central part of the city).
Fort Gates experts always recommend arriving in the city (port) of the beginning of the cruise at least one day in advance. This is associated with high risks of flight delays and reschedules.
But, in connection with the introduction of security protocols, additional factors have appeared due to which the need to arrive in advance has become more critical:
1. Increased registration time;
2. The exact check-in time is indicated on the cruise (boarding) ticket. The cruise line automatically assigns it. You need to arrive at the terminal for registration at this time;
3. Registration, as a rule, now ends not in 2, but in 4 hours !;
4. Testing for coronavirus.
As indicated in the sections above, you need to arrive in advance in order to come to check-in at the exact time specified (on a cruise ticket).
Important: in the terminal, you need to minimize contacts with other guests and with members of your group (if you went on a cruise with a group or company).
If someone with whom you talked or came together, or had other contact, they find a coronavirus, then you will not be put on board either! In addition, all of you will be quarantined by the local authorities in specially designated places. As a rule, these are hotels that are specially allocated for the passage of the picture.
It is obligatory to be in the terminal wearing a mask and keeping a distance.
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