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Cunard Line
175 years at sea or the recipe for eternal youth from Cunard.
Exactly 175 years ago, the Britannia sailed off the coast of Britain for the first time, heading for America. From then until today, the ships of the Cunard company carry passengers between two continents, bringing to every trip a sense of exclusivity and a special charm that is inherent only in time-tested, timeless classics. 175 years of development from sailboats to steamboats and modern diesel-fueled liners, from wood to iron and steel, 175 years afloat in the stormy waters of the North Atlantic - this is something to celebrate! And the celebration, as promised by Cunard, will be huge! Whichever cruise you choose for yourself in the current 2018, pleasant surprises and vivid impressions will certainly await you that will stay with you for life.
Become part of a new story with Cunard. 2018 promises to be spectacular!
Three Queens, one amazing city
“I want a simple, easy-to-handle ship,” was the task that Samuel Cunard gave to the designers of the very first ship of the future Cunard fleet. Could the founder of the company have suspected that mail steamers would eventually evolve into comfortable liners, floating palaces, luxury hotels and fashionable resorts in the middle of the ocean.
On May 24-26, all three Cunard ships will enter the port of Liverpool to greet the city that started it all. For the first time in history, the three Queens will meet on the River Mersey on May 25. You will have as many as three options for how to be at the forefront of events in a unique meeting of three impressive ships. The spectacle will be unforgettable!
Flagship Cunard Queen Mary 2
Interesting Facts:
- from 1840 to 1967 in Liverpool was the headquarters of the Cunard company. The Cunard Building (1917) is part of the famous Three Graces, at Pier Head in downtown Liverpool;
- the new mail service proved so popular that by 1847 the Admiralty had negotiated with Samuel to double the number of flights that would depart every Saturday from Liverpool towards Halifax or Boston;
- about 11 million emigrants crossed the Atlantic in 1840-1900. Nearly a third of them went from Liverpool.
A complete set of impressions will be enjoyed by guests of the Queen Elizabeth liner, which will arrive in Liverpool at the very end of its 16-day Baltic trip. The route of the liners Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria is laid closer to home - along the coast of Scotland, Ireland or Guernsey.
Lusitania NOT Forgotten
Liner Lusitania 1907, also known as "Lucy", was the real "Monarch of the seas", leave far behind your German supergirls - liner Kaisee Wilhelm der Gross and Deutschland. The space and goodness of the furnished cabins of the Lusitania resembled rooms in one of the luxurious hotels in the world rather than living quarters on ships.
Interesting Facts:
- Lusitania was conceived as the fastest ship in the Atlantic. Subsequently, she was awarded the Blue Ribbon for crossing the Atlantic Ocean (final destination - New York) in 4 days 19 hours 52 minutes;
- The design of the ship made it possible to use the Lusitania for both peaceful and military purposes. The ship could be equipped with full armament, and the speed of 25 knots made it possible to outrun the submarines.
On May 1st, 1915, Lusitania left New York for Liverpool. She had 1,959 civilian passengers and crew on board. On May 7, a torpedo fired from a German submarine crashed into the starboard side of the ship off the southern coast of Ireland. The liner bent down and sank in just 18 minutes. 761 people were saved, others were less fortunate.
Liner Queen Victoria is about to pay tribute to this "floating palace" 100 years after the tragic events of the First World War. Queen Victoria will visit the Cove, near which the sunken giant lies.
Liners Cruises Security protocols Helpful information Памятка Cabin categories
Specifications Year of construction - 2024 Tonnage - 113 000 t. Length - 323 m Width - 36 m Total cabins - 1397 Total passengers - 3000 people
Specifications Year of construction - 2010. (Renovation - 2016.), Tonnage - 90,900 t. Length - 294 m. Width - 32 m. Total cabin - 1046 Total passengers - 2172 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 2007. (Renovation - 2017.), Tonnage - 90,049 t. Length - 294 m. Width - 32 m. Total cabin - 1007 Total passengers - 2172 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 2004. (Renovation - 2016.), Tonnage - 148,528 t. Length - 345 m. Width - 41 m. Total cabin - 1296 Total passengers - 3090 people.
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A cruise is a combination of new experiences and carefully preserved cruise traditions.
Here are some tips to help you prepare for your trip.
Features of boarding the liner
The boarding will start at 13.00.
For passengers in Britania class cabins (A1 - D8), the optimal boarding time depends on which deck your cabin is located on:
8 deck - landing after 12.00
7 deck - landing after 13.00
6 deck - landing after 14.00
5 deck - landing after 14.45
4 deck - landing after 15.00
1st deck - landing after 15.30
For passengers staying in cabins of the Queens Grill and Princess Grill categories, boarding is carried out from 12.00 to 15.00.
What clothes to take with you?
In the afternoon: aboard the QV, you will immerse yourself in an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere of luxury. You can visit restaurants and salons in any casual clothing you like. Swimwear, short shorts and tracksuits are recommended for visiting the SPA salon and relaxing by the pool.
In the evening: going out is one of the most memorable events. Evening dresses are recommended for a gala dinner (as if you went to a good restaurant at home).
You will find clothing recommendations in the daily cruise program.
We advise you to bring three types of clothing with you:
Formal - a tuxedo or dark suit and tie for men, cocktail or evening dress for ladies.
Formal (semi-formal) - a jacket and tie for gentlemen, a dress or suit for ladies.
Free (elegant casual) - skirt, blouse, trousers, jacket, jumper for ladies, trousers, shirt, jumper for gentlemen.
During shore excursions, you will need summer or warm clothing (depending on the route). Remember that in many countries it is forbidden to visit temples and cathedrals in shorts, tops with bare shoulders, short T-shirts. Also, do not forget to bring an umbrella and a light jacket with you on your trip, as well as comfortable shoes for walking around the city. If you wear glasses, take a spare pair with you.
Laundry service
On board you can use the laundry and dry cleaning services. The cost of the services will be debited from your account on the ship. You can also wash and iron your clothes yourself
Luggage and valuables
The liability of the Cunard cruise line for lost or damaged baggage and other personal belongings of passengers is determined by the Agreement. The company is not responsible for photo and video cameras, jewelry, cash and other valuable, fragile and fragile items. It is recommended to pack these things, as well as the medicines you need, in your hand luggage. For security reasons, all passengers and luggage are checked. On board you can use the safe for free.
Cunard Line has won numerous awards for its fine dining and service.
Traditionally, it offers a different level of food and service according to the accommodation of passengers on the ship.
In the main two-story restaurant "Britannia", dinner is held in 2 shifts.
The cozy restaurant "Princess Grill" on deck 11 is designed for passengers of the Princess Suites.
The exclusive Queens Grill on Deck 11 awaits guests in luxurious suites and apartments for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
At the Todd English Restaurant, located on Deck 2, you can sample Mediterranean cuisine from the chef. Advance booking is required. There is an additional charge of $ 20 for lunch and $ 30 for lunch per person.
The 24-hour restaurant "The Lido" offers a buffet breakfast and lunch.
You can visit the traditional English Golden Lion Pub or the Broadwalk Café for a variety of grilled dishes. In addition, passengers can use the cabin service around the clock, as well as have tea in the Winter Garden.
The staff compensation is deducted from your account on board and subsequently divided equally among the staff. Tipping to staff in bars, restaurants in the amount of 15% is also included in the bill for drinks and is subsequently distributed equally. You can also directly reward someone from the team in reward for the special services rendered to you.
Communication on board
You will always stay in touch with your friends and colleagues using the phone or the Internet on board. You will receive your own email address, as well as complete information about this service on board the ship.
English is the official language on board QV. All written and oral announcements are made in English.
Medical services
There is sufficient basic medical equipment to care for sick and injured persons. No equipment is provided on board to treat pre-existing conditions. If you require special care while traveling, you must notify Cunard Cruise Line in writing at the time of booking. Due to the fact that the range of medical services on board is limited and medical care is not provided ashore, women in the last trimester are pregnant Awns are not allowed on the cruise.
Financial services
There is a financial center on board where you can exchange cash or travel checks for any local currency. When boarding the liner, you will be asked to register your credit card and your personal account will be opened. Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express checks, JCB, Discover are accepted. You can also deposit $ 300 in cash or in the form of travel checks. All your expenses on board are automatically debited from your account, except for postage stamps and casino chips. All prices on board are quoted in US dollars. For your convenience and safety, we recommend that you keep your savings in travel checks, which can be cashed on board. Personal checks and letters of credit are not accepted.
Liners of the Cunard company fully comply with international requirements and are among the safest in the cruise fleet. Before the liner embarks on a cruise, a general training alert for passengers is conducted on board. Participation in the drill is compulsory for everyone. You will find information on safety and emergency behavior in your cabin. Children's life jackets are available from your maid.
In those ports of call, where the liner is anchored away from the coast, the boat will take you to the pier and back.
For safety reasons, visitors are not allowed on board.
To ensure the comfort of all passengers, smoking is prohibited in restaurants, elevators and some public places. Many public places have designated smoking areas. Smoking cigars and pipes is allowed exclusively in Chirchhill's Cigar Lounge.
Disabled passengers
Passengers with disabilities are allowed on board, however, due to the design features of the liner, the movement of passengers in wheelchairs and with visual impairments may be limited. For safety reasons, we recommend that passengers with disabilities travel with a companion. In those ports of call where the liner is on the tender, passengers in wheelchairs will not be able to go ashore. At the special request of a passenger with a disability, the company provides a detailed description of the cabin space, indicating the size of the doorways. If you need to be accompanied by a service animal, you must notify the cruise line when booking. In some countries, local legislation prohibits service animals from going ashore. The passenger is obliged to provide all the necessary documents.
Passengers requiring constant medical care must obtain a health certificate and an official travel permit from their doctor. Passengers on special diets must notify Cunard at least 6 weeks prior to cruising.