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Crystal Cruises
Crystal Cruises, a company founded in 1988, has become the embodiment of the concept of radically new conditions and standards for travel on water and on land. The unique design of the ships has become a kind of quintessence of the best design solutions of the past, as well as absorbed the cozy chic of a modern room - a luxury hitherto unattainable at sea.

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Launched in 1990, Crystal Harmony®'s first ship was critically acclaimed for its incredibly spacious onboard spaces, ballroom-like lounges, luxurious casinos and dazzling restaurants. The ship was almost the first among competitors for the size of cabins on board: exquisitely furnished cabins with balconies, stylish suites and ultra-modern penthouses. Particular attention was paid to the furnishings - the entire interior had to be made of hypoallergenic materials.
Today, Crystal Cruises has two of the world's best cruise ships: Crystal Symphony® (1995) for 922 passengers; Crystal Serenity® (2003) for 1,070 passengers. Crystal Harmony retired in 2005.
In 2016, Crystal Serenity will be the first luxury passenger liner to cross the Northwest Passage.
With a focus on service and innovation in the travel business, Crystal Cruises continues to improve. Individuality, variety and quality have always been at the heart of Crystal Cruises vacation concepts, but now is the time to step over even yourself, reaffirm your own prestige and be the first to set new standards for luxury and hospitality. To this end, at the beginning of 2015, Crystal Cruises joined the GHK group of companies, one of the leaders in the hotel business. It is planned that in 2018 the Crystal fleet will be replenished with another ultra-modern liner. In addition, every year new places and attractions are added to the excursion program of tours. And the innovative University @ Sea® computer system on board ships is unmatched, even among more modern competitors.
Crystal Cruises believes that gastronomic discovery is also an integral part of any journey. Cooking, no matter how intricate or simple it is, excites the taste and reveals the culture and life of world civilizations from the inside. Crystal Cruises were the first to invite internationally renowned chefs, not only for individual master classes, but also to manage restaurants on board. Denis Maer, Marcus Semuelson, Sam Choi, André Soltne - each of these culinary artists are ready to present their masterpieces to your taste.
Experts highly appreciated the Crystal Festival of Wine and Delicacies on the Sea. since 1996, this holiday of epicurean pleasures has attracted many connoisseurs of wine blends. Now, on each of the 3 Crystal ships there is a special Vintage Room, where rare and little-known wines are served for dinner, and a special menu for each blend only emphasizes the nuances of taste of rarities from vintage cellars.
In 2009, Crystal Cruises was able to bring the Experiences of Discovery® concept to life. Since that time, a whole collection of inspired themed cruises on several dozen routes has developed. The distinctive style that connects life on board and adventure ashore creates a special atmosphere from the beginning to the end of each such trip. Cruise themes are quite diverse:
The photo;
Antiquity Civilizations;
Randomness and Luck;
Rest for Mind, Body and Soul;
Festival of Theater and Cinema;
Marine Cabaret;
Big Band;
Ballroom Dancing;
and, of course, the Festival of Wine and Delicacies.
Excursions within the framework of Crystal Private Adventures® are not just trips to the most impressive places in the world, but first of all, it is an opportunity to tailor the route of the excursion according to the wishes of the group or even one of its participants.
At sea and on land, Crystal Cruises will do their utmost to satisfy your thirst for discovery and experience, creating the perfect harmony of total relaxation on board and active adventure on shore excursions.
Take a step towards meeting the journey and the whole world will open before you.
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Specifications Year of construction - 2020 Tonnage - 19800 t. Length 164.5 m. Total cabins - 100 Total passengers - 200 people
Specifications Year of construction - 2003. (Renovation - 2018.), Tonnage - 68870 t. Length - 250.0 m. Width - 32.2 m. There are 550 cabins in total Total passengers - 1040 people.
Specifications Year of construction – 1995. (Renovation – 2017.), Tonnage – 51,000 t. Length – 238.0 m. Width – 30.0 m. Total cabins - 480 Total passengers - 960 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 1991. (Renovation - 2015.), Tonnage - 3370 t. Length - 85 m. Width - 14 m. Total passengers - 152 people.
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