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Traveling is a rich source of new impressions for us, it is a new experience and memories of it that make us truly happy ...
FOUR GATES UKRAINE LTD is a travel operator for organizing recreation and outbound tourism. The experienced team of our company will help you in choosing and implementing your wishes related to tourism and travel. We adhere to the principles of an individual approach to our clients, which will allow you to experience the most comfortable journey and an unforgettable vacation.
The world wants you to admire it - so hug it! Let your picture of the world be complete, and leave the details to specialists ...
Benefits of organizing holidays from FOUR GATES UKRAINE:
1) Sea cruises and river cruises:
Cruises - presented as a rapidly developing segment of the tourist market. Every year the number of cruise ships is only growing, providing more and more sophisticated entertainment for their guests on board, and the cost of such a respectable type of vacation is only decreasing, which cannot but please us. Our team of professionals in the cruise business with more than 6 years of experience will help you to find the most profitable and reasonable cruise that suits you best. We are confident that with our help cruises will become an unforgettable and integral part of your life, which will bring only joy and pleasant emotions to the whole family. The tour operator FOUR GATES UKRAINE LTD is always happy to answer all questions and help with the choice of a cruise company and a cruise ship, as well as provide assistance in creating a combined tour with a beach vacation and a megaliner cruise, holding conferences on a cruise, etc.
2) Individual tours:
We are always happy to help with the choice of the type of rest and will be happy to advise you on the tour you are interested in. Having partners in many countries of the world Tour Operator FOUR GATES UKRAINE LTD will provide the most optimal rates in order to make your vacation not only pleasant but also profitable. Among the areas of land tourism and services that we provide are:
- beach vacation;
- group excursion programs;
- individual group programs;
- air tours;
- hotel booking;
- booking air flights;
3) Consulting services and assistance in obtaining visas:
Obtaining visas is a complex and voluminous process that requires careful preparation. Our experienced specialists will take care of all the issues related to visa processing, analyze your specific situation, help to collect and execute a package of documents. You will receive visas quickly, easily and hassle-free!
4) Providing the best price when booking hotels around the world.
The staff of our company provides only the best prices when booking hotels, while consulting absolutely free of charge regarding the choice of the location of the hotel and the hotel itself, discussing with our clients all the features of the hotel and the wishes of the client.
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How to choose a cruise:
Sea and river cruises are becoming more popular and affordable. Many tourists are increasingly choosing cruises for themselves as the best type of vacation, because a cruise combines all types of tourism.
To choose the best cruise, taking into account all promotions and tariffs, it is better to use the free cruise selection service by our specialists. Thus, you save a lot of time and bypass all the "pitfalls", especially since For Gates Ukraine provides prices for cruise companies without any additional payments.
But still, if you decide to choose a cruise yourself, then you need to rely on the following selection criteria:
1. Cruise company.
At first glance, choosing a cruise line doesn't really matter, but we put this criterion first. There are several main categories of cruise lines:
- STANDARD class;
- PREMIUM class;
- LUX class;
- MEGYACHT class;
- River cruises.
More information about the classes of cruise lines:
Depending on your age, family composition, priorities and the desired intensity of the holiday, different classes of cruise lines should be considered.
Thus, if you like a fun and eventful vacation in which you simply will not have the opportunity to get bored, then you should choose the Standard class.
For lovers of a more measured rest, a relaxed atmosphere on board, a higher level of service and cuisine, it is better to consider the Premium class. This class is the "golden mean" between the Standard and Lux ​​class.
The LUX class is chosen by tourists who have already been on cruises and want maximum service on board, the highest level of cuisine, exclusive routes, exquisite interior and decor on a cruise ship, and many additional options that are included in the cruise price. But it is also worth paying attention to the average age of tourists who choose the Luxury class (about 60 years old).
MEGYACHT cruises combine Premium and Lux ​​classes. The main criteria for tourists when choosing cruises on large yachts are a calm, relaxed atmosphere on board, an individual approach to each tourist caused by a small number of passengers, non-standard routes and ports of call that cannot be entered by large liners, and much more. By choosing a cruise on a megayacht, you can take a break from all worries and at the same time visit the most secluded corners of our planet.
What could be more romantic than sailing cruises ..? This question is difficult to answer. It is impossible not to fall in love with sailing ships. Once you go on a sailing cruise with your soul mate, you will no longer be able to live as before, these positive memories and impressions will remain with you forever. Sailboat cruises are best for a couple looking for the most romantic getaway of their life. Often a sailing cruise is timed to coincide with a significant event in life: a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday ...
River cruises have their own specifics due to the small size of motor ships, since it is impossible to accommodate such a large amount of entertainment on such ships. This vacation is suitable for tourists who like a calm measured vacation, admire the scenery and prefer the minimum number of passengers. The most popular are river cruises in Europe and the rivers: Danube, Rhine, Seine.
2. Cruise itinerary.
The second, no less important, factor is the choice of the cruise route. At the moment, the number of liners and, accordingly, cruise routes has increased significantly and covers all continents:
- Europe: Western Mediterranean, Eastern Mediterranean, Around Europe, Mediterranean and Canary Islands, Norwegian Fjords, Baltic Capitals, Northern Europe from St. Petersburg, Around Great Britain, river cruises.
Cruises to European regions are in demand from mid-spring to late autumn. And while Mediterranean cruises are available all year round, Northern Europe cruises are only available from late spring to mid-autumn.
- Caribbean and Bahamas: Western Caribbean, Eastern Caribbean, Southern Caribbean, Bahamas.
Caribbean cruises operate all year round, but the most comfortable time for the region is from mid-September to May. Other times of the year, the Caribbean is very hot and few people will enjoy such high temperatures. Cruises to the Western and Eastern Caribbean islands are usually 7 nights / 8 days, Southern Caribbean cruises from 10 nights and cruises to the Bahamas are the shortest - from 2 to 5 nights.
- Mexican Riviera. Small cruises that operate in western Central America are called Mexican Riviera cruises and start from ports in California. Tourists often combine cruises on the Mexican Riviera with vacations in the United States (Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco and other equally famous places).
- Hawaii cruises start both from Hawaii and from the mainland of the United States. In the case of a cruise starting from the ports of Hawaii, you will need to fly to Honolulu, and only then will sendtake an eight day cruise. Cruises from Hawaii operate all year round, with only one cruise ship PrideOfAmerica, owned by NorwegianCruiseLine. Cruises from ports located on the mainland have a duration of 14 days, from which from 8 days at sea (4 days on the way to Hawaii and back).
- Alaska is one of the most beautiful places in the northern hemisphere. There is no person in the world who has not heard of Alaska. Few consider visiting Alaska until they consider traveling on a cruise ship. The landscapes that you will see from the cruise ship will not be replaced by any analogue of travel. Take a cruise to Alaska on comfortable cruise ships visiting British Columbia and you will love cruises forever. For these cruises, US and Canadian visas are available.
- Panama Canal cruises are less popular than other routes, but for travelers looking to combine California and Florida travel with a cruise, this is the perfect choice. So you can fly to Miami, have an unforgettable time in Florida and take a cruise from Florida ports to Los Angeles or San Diego aboard a cruise ship. The Panama Canal cruise passes through ports in the Caribbean and the Mexican Riviera.
- South America has always attracted tourists from all over the world, but it is very expensive and uncomfortable to visit the main cities of South America. Cruises around South America are another matter. In one cruise you will visit Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and other countries, as well as see the Chilean fjords and many other famous places. Cruises in this region are visa-free for citizens of Ukraine (with the exception of certain countries).
- Southeast Asia. There are a lot of different combinations of routes in this region from 3 to 40 days or more. The region includes the countries: Singapore, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines. When choosing cruises in Asia, we strongly recommend considering options in which group excursions in Russian are declared. Also, do not forget about visas. Since these cruises open up to 7 visas, the opening and availability of which on the cruise has its own specifics. When buying a cruise in Southeast Asia from Four Gates Ukraine, you can always count on the help of our company's specialists. At the moment, some of the best liners in the world operate in Asia and the competition is constantly growing: MajesticPrincess, DiamondPrincess, SapphirePrincess, NorwegianJoy, OvationOfTheSeas and many other liners of all classes of cruise companies.
- Cruise ships start operating in the Persian Gulf from November and leave the region until May. Standard cruises last 7 nights / 8 days, with anchorage in Dubai for two days. Liners call at ports: Dubai (UAE), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Sir Bani Yas (Abu Dhabi, UAE), Khaur Fakkan (Sharjah, UAE) Muscat (Oman), Khasab (Oman), Manama ( Bahrain), Doha (Qatar). All season in this region there are liners of the cruise companies MSCCrociere, CostaCruises, RoyalCaribbean International.
 - Cruises on the Indian Ocean are not in strong demand, and therefore are represented by few cruises. The most popular route is a cruise to the islands of Mauritius, Seychelles, Madascar. In one tour, you will see and feel the atmosphere and beauty of all three islands, traveling absolutely safely and comfortably on a cruise ship. Also cruises include "ferry routes". Depending on the seasonality of the routes, cruise companies send liners from Europe to Asia or vice versa, which pass through the Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean and go to Asia or the Australia and Oceania region.
- Australia, Oceania and French Polynesia are very beautiful and interesting regions for cruises. The only and significant disadvantage for tourists from Ukraine is the duration and cost of the flight. But, if you decide to go to such wonderful places, you are unlikely to be stopped by the duration of the flight. Cruises in the region are very diverse and can start not only from Australia, but also from America and Asia, which makes the cruise options even more extensive and versatile. Thus, you can visit the most distant corners of the world: Easter Island, Kiribati Islands, French Polynesia Islands (Papeete, Nuku Hiva, Rangiroa, Bora Bora, Moorea) and other unforgettable places.
- Transit or ferry and round-the-world cruise segments have become popular with tourists who have already been on cruises many times and want exclusive itineraries. Depending on the season, cruise companies change the regions of "navigation" of cruise ships and ferry them in the spring from the South to the North and vice versa in the fall. Thus, you can go on exciting journeys in the fall from Europe to the USA, Brazil, Argentina, the United Arab Emirates, Australia and the cities of Southeast Asia. As a rule, the prices for such routes always delight tourists.
3. Cruise cost.
Cruise lines divide the cost of a cruise into cruise fare, port taxes and port taxes. European cruise Companies combine port dues and taxes into one amount.
A cruise line's goal, like any other, is revenue. Based on this, the specialists of the companies develop their own system of pricing, promotions and discounts. The cost of a cruise is influenced by many factors:
Cruise line class. As mentioned in point 1, cruise lines are divided into classes. Accordingly, the higher the class of the cruise company, the higher the cost of the cruise. Thus, the cost of a cabin with a balcony for a week cruise on a Standard liner will cost from 600.00 euros per person, and on a luxury company liner from 2000.00 euros per person. These prices are given as an example and may vary….
But the most expensive option is not always the best. The managers of our company will select exactly the option that suits you the most.
Date of construction of the cruise ship. The fact that a cruise on a new liner will cost more for many reasons. This is, first of all, the desire of each person to have a rest at newer facilities (hotels, resorts, cruise ships), fly new planes or drive new cars. In particular, the price of an inaugural cruise will be high, because everyone wants to be the first on a new ship, especially considering that they are being built more and more innovatively and better. Cruise companies also invest a lot of money in the construction of new liners and, accordingly, want to recoup their costs as soon as possible.
Cruise itinerary. The itinerary of the cruise plays an important role in the choice of the cruise, therefore the exclusivity of the route plays an important role in the cost of the cruise. The number of visited ports and countries also affects the cost. The cheapest cruises (based on the cost per day) are “ferry cruises”. Cruise companies, depending on the season, ferry liners to other regions. Thus, there are: Transatlantic cruises; Cruises from Europe to the Middle East and Asia; cruises Around Europe (North to South or vice versa); cruises from Asia to Australia and New Zealand; as well as cruises from America with a call to Easter Island, the islands of French Polynesia, Kiribati and others.
The duration of the cruise. It is logical that the longer the cruise, the higher its cost. This is the case in most cases, but not always. So a weeklong Norwegian Fjord cruise will likely be more expensive than a 10-day Transatlantic cruise from Europe to the Caribbean.
Early booking. All cruise lines position early booking prices as the lowest, but this is not always the case. If, for premium companies, as a rule, prices increase closer to the cruise date. For Standard class companies, everything directly depends on sales and prices can go up and down. Thus, if cabins for a certain cruise are not sold, then the cruise company accordingly lowers the cost of the cabins.
Your age and personal preference. This factor is fundamental for many reasons. It is very important that you like your vacation, what type of vacation is more preferable to you and the preferred level of service. Thus, the standard class is suitable for young people who love fun, dancing and a large number of the same cheerful people. If you are older and prefer a measured rest with a limited number of people, a high level of service and exquisite cuisine, then the Lux class will suit you.
These are some of the main points when choosing a cruise. But, as you can see, there are a lot of nuances. Choosing a cruise on your own, you will spend a lot of your time and will not always make the right choice that is right for you or your family.
Four Gates Ukraine has many years of experience in working with cruises. We will select the best option for you, taking into account your wishes, promotions and prommo tariffs from cruise companies.
Why waste your precious time and nerves, especially since you book with us at the price of a cruise company and receive our service absolutely free of charge, because according to contracts with cruise companies we have no right to increase the price of a cruise by a cent.
We are always glad to help you,
Best regards, Four Gates Ukraine team.
What is a sea cruise:
Sea cruises are the most successful way to visit many countries and cities in the most comfortable conditions, both on sea megaliners and on river ships. Many tourists who have previously been on a cruise remain fans of this type of vacation for life.
Going on a cruise, you must have the following documents with you:
1) Foreign passport with required visas;
2) Cruise ticket;
3) Vouchers for accommodation and booked services (excursions, transfers ...);
4) Medical insurance.
Cruises start from the ports of call of the ship, which you have to reach on your own. You can also pre-book transfers, which will help you save time on travel to the port.
Registration for the ship:
Registration for a cruise ship starts, on average, 5 hours and ends 1 hour before the departure of the liner (more detailed information will be stated in the cruise ticket).
Please note that the sea liner departs exactly on schedule and does not delay to wait for latecomers. According to the rules of the cruise companies, if the tourists did not show up for boarding and did not report on time that they would try to catch up with the liner in one of the following ports, their cruise will be canceled with a 100% penalty, and the unoccupied cabin is subject to sale!
Tourists who are late must urgently notify their agency about the delay, so that they, in turn, inform the liner that their tourists will catch up with the ship in one of the following ports. In this case, you have to independently and at your own expense get to one of the following ports according to the chosen route.
To register you need:
- Fill in luggage tags in Latin letters, indicating: name, surname, cabin number. Put all documents, tickets, customs forms, necessary medicines and other valuable and important things in your hand luggage, which you will take with you. Remember that your luggage should not contain valuables, documents or breakable items.
- Check in luggage with luggage tags attached (employees of the cruise company will deliver luggage to your cabin).
- Go to the check-in counter, present your passport and cruise ticket.
- Give your passport for safekeeping and receive an onboard card, which is your ID, payment card and cabin key during the cruise. During the day, you need to make a deposit to the onboard card. (Payment for all services on board is made only with the help of the onboard card)
An alert will be triggered within 24 hours after the cruise ship departs from the port. This is a must for all passenger ships. After the sound signal, you have to get a life jacket from the closet, put it on in the cabin and go out onto the boat deck. There will be a safety briefing.
If you have any questions, you can contact the reception for clarification.
The cruise price includes:
1) Meals at the main restaurants of the cruise ship.
2) Entertainment program on board.
3) Accommodation in a cabin of the selected category.
Alcoholic and bottled drinks, as well as freshly squeezed juices are paid additionally.
As a rule, Russian-language excursions are not organized on board ships. Check the availability of the Russian-speaking group in advance, when booking. In this case, excursions are booked and paid in advance.
There are smoking areas and smoking areas on the cruise ship. If you smoke, pay attention to the information signs.
Every evening you will be delivered to your cabin with the daily schedule of tomorrow's events and a list of services that are provided on board. This "program of the day" includes useful information:
- information about the visited port;
- time of anchorage and departure of the liner;
- information about work on board the SPA zone: ship saunas, massage center, beauty salon;
- Laundry and dry cleaning services;
- information about promotions and goods in Duty Free shops;
- about access to the Internet, the possibilities of using an international telephone, fax, radio and television channels in the cabin;
- about all kinds of entertainment and leisure activities planned for this day.
Depending on the cruise company and the class of the ship, some of the services provided on the ship may be paid.
The cruise company is not responsible for your belongings, therefore we recommend that you put all your valuables in the cabin safe.
The day before the end of the cruise (in the evening), luggage tags will be brought to your cabin. For the convenient distribution of tourists into groups on board the ship, tags of several colors are used. To avoid the queue, tourists go out in groups, depending on the color of the tag. You need to fill in these tags, attach them to your luggage and put the luggage in the corridor until 22-00, while the tear-off part from the tag remains with you.
On the last day of the cruise, you need to close the onboard account in the ship's accounting department and pick up your foreign passports.
What is included in the cruise price:
Most people consider cruises a very expensive type of vacation. It really was a few years ago, but now many tourists can afford to go on a sea voyage on new megaliners with a visit to the most famous cities in the world. The increase in the number of cruise ships creates more competition and, accordingly, decreases the cost of cruises. Comparing the cost of a weekly air tour with a visit to two or three cities with an eight-day cruise on a 4 - 5 * liner and with a visit to at least five cities in different countries, we cannot fail to note the benefits and comfort of a cruise trip.
The following main advantages of cruises can be distinguished:
- visiting more cities;
- comfort of movement;
- entertainment program on board (theater performances, discos, shows ...)
- meals in the main restaurants of the ship.
- the infrastructure of the liner (bars, restaurants, casinos, theater, gym, swimming pools, jacuzzi, saunas, spa area, discos, sports ground).
- there are conference rooms on board for seminars.
The cruise price includes:
1. Accommodation in the chosen category of the cabin;
2. Meals at the main restaurants of the cruise ship. Breakfast and lunch buffet, dinner at the restaurant (à la carte menu). As a rule, dinner takes place in two shifts. You can reserve a meal change in advance;
3. Cabin cleaning takes place every day;
4. Visiting the gym, sports competitions;
5. The entertainment program runs both in the afternoon and in the evening;
6. Children's club in which the employees of the company organize the most varied and exciting activities for children;
Additionally paid:
1. medical insurance;
2. travel cancellation insurance (purchased at the request of the client);
3. registration of visas depending on the cruise route;
4. air travel;
5. transfers along the tour route;
6. alcoholic beverages in the restaurants and bars of the ship;
7. excursions in ports of call;
8. sauna, massage, SPA procedures;
9.Tips on board (about 7 EUR / person / night or 10 USD / person / night).
Based on all of the above, a week-long cruise on a five-star cruise ship with meals and many free services is more profitable than staying in European hotels, the price of which includes only accommodation and meals - breakfast.
Rest and entertainment on board the cruise ship:
An integral part of a cruise journey is life on board the cruise ship. And what can life be without entertainment? A rhetorical question, of course.
At all times, cruise ships have attached great importance to entertainment programs and entertainment infrastructure. Another thing is that due to the rapid development of technology, the emergence of innovations in the field, the changing interests of people and the increase in the size of cruise ships, the number and variety of entertainment tools has only grown.
You will not surprise anyone with the theater on the liner, swimming pools, jacuzzi, spa areas, animation, kids clubs, casinos, gyms, a jogging track, a sports ground, water slides and much more. All entertainment, and not only, you can study in the description of the liners and choose for yourself what you like.
Enjoy the most exciting, innovative and exclusive entertainment and attractions on board cruise ships:
Let's start with the slides:
Most people know the Disney company from cartoons, movies and amusement parks, but few people know about the Disney Cruise Line. Rest assured that your kids' lives will never be the same when you cruise with the whole family on Disney ships. Among the many onboard activities, we highlight the 233 meter long transparent AquaDuck waterslide that runs around the family pool. The slide is located on the 12th deck of cruise ships: Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.
The highest slide The Ultimate Abyss on the world's largest liner. In particular, Royal Caribbean International already has three such liners (Oasis Of The Seas, Allure Of The Seas, Harmony Of The Seas) and, of course, Symphony Of The Seas, which will be launched in April 2018. But at the moment such a slide is only on Harmony Of The Seas. The slide looks like a closed tube with lighting and visual effects inside, and is located on the 17th deck of the liner. The height of the slide is 30.5 m.
Norwegian Cruise Line is always trying to stand out with new and exciting attractions, and the new Norwegian Joy with a water park and a new water slide that literally hangs in the air above the sea is no exception. Lovers of new, extreme sensations will love it.

What does MICE mean?
MICE is an abbreviation of the first letters of the four main directions: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions.
Meetings - meetings, meetings, negotiations.
Incentive - rewards, incentives, employee motivation.
Conferences - conferences, meetings, congresses.
Exhibitions - exhibitions, corporate events.
Deciding to host your next conference at a luxury resort or exotic location? A wonderful choice! However, there is a more attractive, creative and economical alternative - the cruise ship. The organization of business events at sea is gaining momentum in the MICE industry more and more. Christine Duffy, President and CEO of the International Cruise Lines Association, touts corporate bookings on cruise ships as "a cost-effective way of holding meetings that are radically different from any other gathering."
The advantages of holding conferences at sea are many: from ports of call, which allows meetings to be held in a different location every day, to shore excursions focused on completely different interests of people. Most of the ships, especially the new ones, are equipped with specially equipped conference rooms for group events. By some estimates, corporate meetings on cruise ships are 30% cheaper than meetings held ashore.
More details in the presentation >>>
Travel insurance
Buy a policy that covers the costs of problems that could ruin your trip, including coverage for COVID-19 treatment.
Travel insurance online
- When traveling abroad, take care of life and health insurance.
Insurance for Schengen countries
- Covering adversity that could spoil the journey.
Travel insurance for active tourists
- Covers the risks associated with outdoor activities.
New opportunities

We have increased the age range from 1-75 to 0-85.
And most importantly, we cannot allow our clients to be left without quality medical care abroad. That is why we lift the ban on issuing a Travel policy online from abroad
If you purchase travel insurance for the first time while already abroad, then your policy will be subject to a temporary deductible for 3 days from the date of purchase of travel insurance for some requests:
- Provision of emergency outpatient care in medical institutions or a certified physician;
- Payment for medicines intended for emergency treatment or removal of an acute condition;
- Emergency dental care.
The temporary drug deductible applies only to drugs that are covered by emergency outpatient care at a medical facility or by a licensed physician.
The rest of the risks below are covered from the date specified in the policy, without applying a deductible:
- Ambulance first aid;
- Provision of emergency inpatient care in medical institutions;
- Medical transportation;
- Medical evacuation/repatriation.


FOUR GATES UKRAINE offers international travel starter packages TravelSIM.
TravelSiM starter packages are of three types:
The cost of the start-up package consists of the cost of the TravelSimka itself (the recommended price is $ 3) and the balance you need (from the minimum $ 5 and more). For example, a Starter Package with $ 25 in the account will cost $ 28 in a travel company.
Attention! Start TravelSiM packages require activation by the seller.
1) TravelSiM Starter Package "Start".
Classic Travel Sims. Works in over 190 countries, free membership in ~ 140 countries, useful bundles and value-added services.
2) Start Package TravelSiM GSM-1900 "Start +".
Works like a classic TravelSimka and additionally:
- Has a universal SIM card size suitable for any 3-in-1 telephone (mini + micro + nano).
- Includes special rates GSM-1900, lower in the USA, China, Puerto Rico: incoming - $ 0.00, weekends from the host country from $ 0.25.
Attention! The Start + Starter Package works in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico only in phones supporting the GSM-1900 standard.
3). TravelSiM Online Starter Package - Internet to Tablet
Designed specifically for active Internet users in roaming, the following advantages:
mobile Internet using GPRS, EDGE, 3G technologies;
per megabyte billing from $ 0.25 / Mb;
package Internet from $ 0.05 / Mb, tariffication interval from 1 Kb;
calls from Canada and the USA only $ 0.29 / min.
TravelSIM official website: