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Disney Cruise Line
Exclusive from 4 Gates Ukraine!
New wonders await you this year, as Disney magic is now available not only on land, but also at sea. Disney Cruise Line is part of the Disney Corporation, which is known for its unconventional approach and unique show programs. A fabulous vacation is guaranteed!
Disney Cruise Line was founded in 1998 to provide an even greater experience not only for fans of Disney cartoons and parks but also for fans of Marvel comics and Star Wars films. You and your children will have the opportunity to take part in grand shows with unforgettable animation.
All cruises to the Bahamas, in addition to their exceptional sunshine, have another highlight - a stop on the private island of Disney Castaway Cay! In this paradise, no one will bother you. And if you choose to sail in New York, you will have an exceptional opportunity to visit the luxurious Walt Disney World Resort.
The Western Caribbean, in addition to the traditional sun, beaches, surfing and historical ruins, this year offers not to lose heart on board Disney Fantasy, and plunge headlong into the atmosphere of Star Wars.
At the beginning of 2016, Disney Cruise Line will again go to the once beloved San Juan and Puerto Rico. Enjoy the beauty of the Southern Caribbean with Disney Wonder! Also stopping at French Martinique, this year's opening, indulge your senses with an explosive cocktail of the contrasts of aloof wilderness, the enchanting silence of small villages and the stunning grandeur of ancient cultures as you visit the shimmering fjords.
Mediterranean routes in 2016 will become more ambitious, covering not only the picturesque islands of Greece, but also the seductive beaches of Spain, France and Italy.
For the first time in the history of Disney Cruise Line, a truly magical tour of Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland and France will take place - a tour to a world where history and fairy tale come to life among legendary landscapes!
Native American identity, untouched wilderness at the last frontier of civilization - Alaska and a kaleidoscope of art and simplicity in Canada - that's what the Northern Disney Cruise Line is about.
The Disney Cruise Line fleet is not that big, but every ship in it is a work of art designed to captivate at first sight.
Disney magic
Magic at sea. Exclusively Family Ship, Disney Magic
conceived as a high-speed yacht where everyone will find their own. Like the high-speed AquaDunk slides, funny pools and themed cafes for kids, a Brazilian restaurant, nice lounges and the Phantom nightclub for adults.
Disney Magic combines nostalgia for those beautiful classics of the past with all kinds of progress. Disney's benchmark service and spacious cabins will delight you, while Broadway entertainment will simply grab your attention and keep you busy until the end of the show.
Disney wonder
Where miracles never end. Like Disney, Magic has 11 decks and 875 beautifully appointed cabins.
Imagine a place where families can truly reunite, where adults can take a break from routine, and children can experience the fantasy worlds of Disney. Moderately bizarre atmosphere in which you want to go to the most exotic countries - even to the ends of the world!
Disney dream
A dream come true. The third ship in the Disney fleet. Disney Dream strikes not so much with its size (14 decks and 1,250 cabins), but with the most modern innovations and Art Deco interiors.
Set sail with your dream and feel like a real celebrity in the beams of the spotlights and in the company of Broadway stars. Themed restaurants here also match the bohemian way of life. Step aboard Disney Dream for an unforgettable voyage and remember that this yacht is the only one to dock at the private island of Disney Castaway Cay!
Disney fantasy
A fantasy that turned into reality. A ship for longer journeys with its own unique character. The elegance of the Art Nouveau era envelops all the halls. The masterpiece design makes you forget that this is a modern vessel, although the technology on board is the embodiment of the most advanced engineering thought.
When you take a cruise with Disney, you can be sure that your family will have an unforgettable vacation. There will be a variety of extraordinary Disney-themed entertainment for kids, unique recreational programs for adults, and stunningly fun shows and activities for the whole family. Every Disney ship has something for everyone, so you don't have to waste time looking for compromises. Only joy, comfort and a little magic await you! Somewhere among the seven seas ...
Liners Cruises Security protocols Helpful information Памятка Cabin categories
Specifications The year of construction is 2025. Tonnage – 208,000 t. The length is 342 m. Width - 47 m. There are 2,500 cabins in total The total number of passengers is 6,000.
Specifications: Year of construction - 2024 Displacement - 140,000 t. Length - 341 m. Width - 39 m. Total cabins - 1250 Passengers - 4000 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 2022 Displacement - 144,000 t. Length - 341 m. Width - 39 m. Total cabins - 1254 Passengers - 4000 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 2012. (Renovation - 2017.), Tonnage - 129,690 t. Length - 340 m. Width - 38 m. Total cabin - 1458 Total passengers - 4000 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 2011. (Renovation - 2015.), Tonnage - 129,690 t. Length - 340 m. Width - 38 m. Total cabin - 1458 Total passengers - 4000 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 1999. (Renovation - 2016.), Tonnage - 85,000 t. Length - 294 m. Width - 32.2 m. Total cabin - 875 Total passengers - 2750 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 1998. (Renovation - 2015.), Tonnage - 84,000 t. Length - 294 m. Width - 32 m. Total cabin - 971 Total passengers - 2700 people.
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Anti-crisis conditions for booking cruises
FCC - Future Cruise Credit. A certificate for a cruise, according to which you can pay for a cruise in the future with this cruise company.
Deposit amount
For how many days extra payment Penalties
Conditions apply
Disney Cruise Line 30% of full price 60 days before the cruise
59 days before the cruise - no penalty
58 days or less before the cruise - standard penalties.
* Payment is refunded by the FCC.
Also, you can reschedule the cruise free of charge to another date no later than 15 days before the cruise departure date.
For cruises departing before 31.05.2021
* When booking before 11/30/2020.
Promotional conditions for all cruise lines:
Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the cruise. Passports less than 6 months after the end of the cruise, as well as expired passports are not accepted. To visit most countries, you need to take care of obtaining an entry permit in advance, i.e. visas. The passenger is responsible for having the required visas.
Your ticket is a cruise contract. All forms necessary for your cruise are filled out online. Please read your cruise contract carefully as it contains important terms and conditions that affect your legal rights and determine your vacation. The contract must be signed by all guests at check-in before boarding the ship.
Passengers under 18 years of age without parents or must be accompanied by an adult 21 years or older living in the same cabin. A parent or guardian of a minor who is traveling without a parent or guardian must appoint an adult to supervise and supervise the minor and contract on his own behalf in connection with the Disney Cruise Line vacation.
A minor clearance form (available on the Disney Cruise Line website) must be signed by a parent or legal guardian prior to boarding the ship.
Passengers must confirm that their physical condition and other medical conditions do not interfere with travel. If your medical condition requires you to take any medication, prescriptions or medical care you need while on vacation, you should consult your personal physician prior to cruising.
Disney Cruise Line offers comfortable cabins and suites equipped for guests with disabilities. Cabins' features: flat sill to the bathroom, open bed frames, additional telephone in the bathroom, handrails in the bathroom and shower, folding seat in the shower room, removable shower hose, lowered towel rails and in cupboards.
Pregnant women aged 24 weeks or more at the time of the cruise start will be denied boarding due to safety precautions. Medical approval by a physician or disclaimer is not accepted by the company. In addition, Disney Cruise Line cannot be held responsible for any complications related to pregnancy at any stage. Children under 3 months old are not permitted to travel on board Disney Cruise Line ships.
Each guest can bring a certain amount of clothing and personal belongings on board for free, not exceeding 2 bags per person. All luggage must be in the guest cabin and be marked with Disney Cruise Line luggage tags. Dangerous or illegal items such as weapons, oxygen, explosives, flammables and explosives may not be brought to Walt Disney World or taken on board.
Any of the items listed must be checked in at boarding. Personal valuables should be under your personal control. Disney Cruise Line is not responsible for damage or loss of these items.
The boarding time is indicated on your cruise ticket. Registration usually starts at 13:00. Guests are required to be on board at least one hour before scheduled departure.
Do not use refrigeration containers. An exception is the need to store medicines, baby food, and diet products. Refrigeration containers containing food such as snacks or sodas should not be brought on board. Homemade preparations, semi-finished products or other perishable foods plus any open canned food with snacks are also prohibited from being carried on board the ship. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prepare, cool or store personal food and drinks.
Disney Cruise Line may refuse carriage or drop off at any port a guest who is infected, infectious, ill, or whose presence may cause discomfort and danger to the guests and crew around them. There may also be exceptions when landing at destinations by immigration or government authorities. In such cases, the passenger is not entitled to a fare refund or compensation at all.
TRAINING Coast Guard and international safety regulations require all passengers on board to participate in mandatory safety training prior to sailing. The ship's crew will notify you of this drill.
The presence of all passengers is required! Simply put on your lifejackets in the cabin after the training session begins and follow the instructions you
hear over the loudspeaker on the ship. Once this short training session is over, the ship will be ready to sail.
The crew of the Disney Cruise Line ship is always ready to help you with your questions, needs and requests during your cruise. The Reception (Guest Services Desk, 3rd Deck, middle of the ship) and a telephone line are available 24 hours a day to take care of you and your family, provide services and guarantee a hassle-free vacation.
While sailing with the Disney Cruise Line, enjoy shopping at the duty-free shops on board. Check store opening hours, special offers and events daily. Mickey's Mates (Deck 4, middle of the ship) - Disney merchandise, toys, T-shirts, swimwear, towels, etc. Treasure Ketch (Deck 4, middle of the ship) - Watches, jewels and stones, collectibles, branded clothing, chic European fragrances and tropical fashion. Radar Trap (Disney Wonder, Deck 3, Bow), Up Beat (Disney Magic, Deck 3, Bow) is a duty-free shop with a wide selection of perfumes, cigars and liqueurs. Please note that the purchased liquor cannot be consumed on board, it will be delivered to your cabin on the last evening of your cruise.
An expert on board will advise and guide you to the best shops, markets and malls in each port. Attend seminars or watch on TV in your cabin. The time and place of the seminars held are indicated in the daily programs.
A full range of laundry and dry cleaning services are at your service. Your washed items will be returned the next day or earlier after they have been collected from your cabin. 24-hour launderers are located on Decks 2, 6 and 7, center of the ship. Automatic washers and dryers at Disney Wonder are coin-operated.
Nurses and doctors are always available to help if you need medical attention during your stay on board. The Health Center is located on Deck 1, bow of the ship. Opening hours from 9.30 am to 11 am in the morning and from 4.30 pm to 7 pm in the evening.
Disney Cruise Line offers a variety of activities that all family members can take part in. The programs are designed for children from 3 years old who are able to independently go to the toilet up to 12 years old who will feel comfortable in groups with a teacher (one group for 15 children aged 3 to 4 years old and another for 25 children from 5 to 12 years old) ...
For the health of guests, only children who can independently go to the toilet are allowed to enter the pool on board. Children in diapers and bathing diapers cannot use the pool. However, children in bathing diapers can splash in the dedicated fountain (next to Mickey's pool).
Disney Cruise Line photographers are ready to capture the highlights of your cruise from the moment you step on board. Photographers can be on board or ashore during your cruise. You can get information on the location of the studios from the daily programs or at the reception (deck 3, middle of the ship). Do not hesitate to smile for the camera - photo shoots are free and do not oblige you to purchase.
You can view the results of photo sessions, get information and find out prices in the Shutters Gallery (deck 4, aft of the ship), which is open from 17 to 23 hours. Photos taken during the day are ready for demonstration after 17:00, photos taken after 17:00 will be ready the next day.
No pets are allowed on board the ships with the exception of service dogs.
Disney Cruise Line cruise ships are non-smoking for guests' comfort. However, some passengers do smoke and smoking areas have been designated to create a welcoming atmosphere, which include designated outdoor deck areas and private balconies. Disney Cruise Line strongly urges all passengers to maintain order in non-smoking areas and to refrain from smoking pipes and / or cigars in any public area.
The ships have Internet access through which you can keep in touch with your family and friends during the cruise. You can check your mail, browse your favorite sites, play games in the Internet cafe in the Promenade Hall (deck 3, aft), where about 16 computers are installed. We draw your attention to the fact that in the Internet cafe you cannot connect any equipment to computers, incl. cameras, open / send attachments or download / download programs. An additional adult Internet café is located at Cove Café.
The ship has 10 wireless Internet access points that can be connected from your laptopukov
Disney wonder
Cadillac Lounge (Deck 3, bow)
WaveBands (Deck 3, bow)
Rockin 'Bar D (Deck 3, bow)
Promenade Lounge (Deck 3, aft)
Studio Sea (Deck 4, center of the ship)
Cove Café (Deck 9, Ship Center) -
open decks (9, 10)
Atrium (decks 3, 4 and 5, center of the ship)
Disney magic
Sessions (deck 3, bow)
Promenade Lounge (Deck 3, aft)
Studio Sea (Deck 4, center of the ship)
Cove Café (Deck 9, Ship Center)
open decks (9, 10)
Atrium (decks 3, 4 and 5, center of the ship)
The tariff plan can be used both on a laptop and on a computer everywhere on the ship. It should be noted that the purchased tariff plans cannot be changed, the credit for unused minutes is not refundable.
Making phone calls and sending messages while you are at sea is not only possible, but also convenient. Cellular services can be used in the same way as on the ground. Do not forget that international roaming rates will change during your trip. You can find out the details of the tariff plan by contacting your provider.
Disembarkation Procedure On the evening before disembarkation, you will receive paper tags. Indicate on them your name, home address and attach to your luggage. Late in the evening, put your luggage in the corridor outside your cabin door. It will be collected and unloaded at the pier upon arrival at the port of disembarkation.
Do not put in your luggage any fragile items, valuables, toiletries you need to wash your face in the morning, or items you plan to wear the next day. All things that remain in the cabin, you will have to take out on your own as hand luggage.
Current Disney Cruise Line Caribbean Safety Protocols:
As of 07/10/2022, for flights departing from Florida, guests are no longer required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination.
Guests who choose to provide proof of vaccination are exempt from testing requirements.
- Full vaccination is not required, but highly recommended;
- Testing of fully vaccinated guests is not required;
- To be exempt from testing requirements, fully vaccinated guests must upload their proof of vaccination to the Inspire Diagnostics Safe Passage website by midnight prior to boarding day;
- Testing of unvaccinated guests is required;
- Unvaccinated guests must provide a COVID-19 test result taken 1-2 days prior to departure date. The test may be an antigen test via a controlled service with digital results, a rapid or laboratory PCR test, or a nucleic acid amplification test.
- Full vaccination is not required, but highly recommended;
- Testing is not required.
Based on CDC and World Health Organization recommendations, Disney Cruise Line accepts the following types of vaccines for guests aged 5 and over: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Covishield, Novavax, Sinopharm BBIBP-CorV (VeroCell), Sinovac- CoronaVac and Covavaxin (Bharat Biotech).
Face masks are optional for most guests on our ships. We continue to strongly recommend that unvaccinated guests wear a mask in all areas. In the US, face coverings are not mandatory on the bus and at the Disney Cruise Lines terminal, but may be required at ports of call and cruise terminals outside the US, as required by local governments.

Disney Cruise Line Navigator App
Download the latest version of our app on your mobile device with location services and notifications enabled.
Help maintain physical distancing with these helpful features in the new and improved Disney Cruise Line Navigator app:
• Live Chat for Guest Services: Chat directly with members of the Guest Services team—in addition to our Dining and Port Adventures teams—using our new live chat feature.
• Virtual Queue: Use our new Virtual Queue to easily disembark a vessel at all ports of call.
• The details you need: View digital menus, event schedules, place and location descriptions, and more.
• Explore the ship: Find what you're looking for with deck plans showing restaurants, shops and more near you.
If you haven't already, be sure to download the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app today!
Available for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ smartphones. Message, data and roaming charges may apply. Availability is subject to mobile phone limitations and features and may vary by mobile phone or service provider. Coverage and app stores are not available everywhere. If you are under the age of 18, first get parental permission.

Online registration
Be sure to complete your online check-in at least one day before your departure date. This step-by-step process includes filling out important cruise paperwork as well as choosing your port arrival time, which you will need to complete before heading to the terminal. Please note that all guests, including Platinum members, must select a port arrival time before proceeding to the cruise terminal. Checking in online early helps with physical distancing and shortens the time spent at the cruise terminal before boarding the ship. Please note that Guests will not be allowed to enter the terminal or car park until the scheduled arrival time. Guests who arrive early will be asked to return at their scheduled arrival time, and Guests arriving after their scheduled time may be delayed and asked to wait after those who arrive at their scheduled time. Start online registration.