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More than 100,000 volunteers have already registered for the cruise free!30.11.2020 14:34
In less than a week, Royal Caribbean has already enrolled over 100,000 people on its new Volunteer of the Seas test cruise program!
The program, which is part of the new regulations approved by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), was introduced on October 30. It allows everyone to register and get the opportunity to go on a free cruise.
Previously reported in the news: Cruise for free !?
According to the new guidance, the CDC requires all cruise companies wishing to resume cruises from US ports to perform "test cruises" to test new health and safety protocols.
You can register for a free cruise on a dedicated website.
What these cruises are supposed to look like:
1. Duration.
Test cruises must be less than 7 days, according to CDC requirements. Also, it is understandable that cruise lines will not take risks and carry out longer cruises. Added to this is the fact that not all Caribbean countries are ready to accept cruise ships right now.
Most likely these cruises will last 4-5 days.
2. The liner will be spacious.
It is already clear that even with such a large number of those wishing to become volunteers, the loading of the liners will not exceed 50%. This is due to many factors, one of which is safety.
But, this will be an additional plus for the volunteers.
3. Free alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
Also, on the liners, it will be necessary to test security protocols, including in bars. Since it was not officially allowed to do any commercial activities without taking test cruises, cruise lines would have to provide drinks for free.
4. Longer embarkation and disembarkation.
This fact is due to the inclusion of new procedures in the registration and boarding process. Now, before boarding, each guest will not only measure the temperature, but also take a PCR test. It is logical that more time will be spent on these actions.
5. Modified entertainment activities.
Due to the implementation of security protocols, each event will be subject to changes:
- Chess seating in the theater and other halls;
- Reducing the number of visitors to events;
- Due to the decrease in the number of guests at events, there will be a need to re-conduct it;
- Cleaning and disinfection after each event;
- Changed program of events.
6. Restrictions on food in alternative restaurants.
Since cruise lines are not allowed to conduct financial transactions, alternative restaurants may be closed.
7. Buffet without self-service.
Now on the Swedish line all dishes will be provided by the chefs. This sounds unusual to most tourists, but some cruise lines existed before COVID.
8. Loyalty program.
Of course, Royal Caribbean International, when selecting volunteers for a free cruise, will give preference to members of its loyalty program - The Crown & Anchor®
9. Start of cruises in December.
Of course, there are many chances that the company will begin its test cruises in December. The number of applications from volunteers is quite large, so you can proceed to the second stage - the cruises themselves.
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