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Home > News > The best restaurants in the world in 2020 at hotels!
The best restaurants in the world in 2020 at hotels!14.05.2020 12:31
Gastronomy has a special place in any journey. One of the main tasks of any tourist is to try a traditional dish or enjoy the delicious cuisine of this or that country. Some people prefer fast food, and some prefer dinner in a gourmet restaurant, but nevertheless, we think that many will be interested to know which hotel restaurants received awards in 2020 and became the best according to various criteria.
Below are the best restaurants in the world in 2020 at hotels according to the authoritative restaurant rating La Liste (Source -
One of the leaders in the rating is Le Louis XV - Alain Ducasse - the most prestigious restaurant in Monaco. Le Louis XV is a French restaurant in Monte Carlo, which is honorably rated by the Michelin Guide - 3 stars. Le Louis XV is located in the luxurious five-star Hotel de Paris 5 * with its own wine cellar, in a building built in 1864, next to the De Monaco casino in Monte Carlo.
The Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee restaurant with 3 Michelin stars is considered to be one of the most beautiful and luxurious restaurants in Paris and around the world. However, his fame is associated not only with the luxurious decoration, but also with the excellent cuisine, the fame of which has spread far beyond the borders of the French capital. And this is not surprising: the most titled chef of France, owner of 19 Michelin stars and simply legend of the world restaurant business Alain Ducasse is in charge of the cuisine here. The restaurant is located in the Hotel Plaza Athenee 5 * in a luxurious palace on the fashionable Avenue Montaigne in Paris.
Don Alfonso 1890 restaurant, located in southern Italy, in the village of Sant'Agata sui Douai Golfi, near the Naples Riviera resorts Sorrento and Positano, reflects its unique innovative philosophy, respecting the local food culture and old traditions of the Amalfi Coast. The restaurant is famous for its wine cellar, where more than 25,000 brands of elite alcohol of the highest quality are stored, there is also a small cheese factory. The restaurant is located in the five-star Boutique Hotel Don Alfonso 1890 5 *, made in the classic style of a Neapolitan building of the 19th century.
T'ang Court Restaurant is a legendary Hong Kong restaurant with three Michelin stars, ranked in the world for its authenticity, and serves authentic culinary delights of Cantonese cuisine, one of the eight culinary traditions of Chinese cuisine. The restaurant is located in the luxurious five-star hotel The Langham Hong Kong 5 *, which embodies the standard of timeless European elegance. The hotel is located in the vibrant Tsim Sha Tsui area, and boasts an excellent spa and conference facilities.
Mathias Dahlgren has a consistent place in the ranking of the best restaurants, thanks to its design with natural materials and eco-style. Mathias Dahlgren is the most popular and unusual establishment in Stockholm, chef Mathias Dahlgren is one of the most famous chefs in Sweden and has 3 prestigious Michelin stars. The restaurant is divided into two conceptual zones - Matsalen & Matbaren. Matsalen is distinguished by a more refined and luxurious atmosphere, which is created by expensive Hungarian-style parquet floors, velvet sofas and an abundance of gilding. Matbaren is undoubtedly more democratic, it is a lively place with a predominance of natural materials in the interior - wood paneling on the walls, ceramic tiles and shiny metal surfaces. The restaurant is located in the Grand Hotel Stockholm 5 *, which has been home to celebrities, grand events and just ordinary life lovers since 1874. It is located in the very heart of the city, on the waterfront opposite the Royal Palace and the Old Town of Stockholm.
And finally, the OBAUER restaurant, which is the best restaurant in the wine cellar category. Obauer Restaurant has received numerous awards for numerous achievements. Much attention is paid to the naturalness and environmental friendliness of products, chefs with creativity approach the composition of the dishes, and creatively combine traditional and modern cuisine. The restaurant is located in the four-star hotel Restaurant-Hotel Obauer 4 *, in the city of Werfen, Austria. The hotel is surrounded by the Alpine mountains with incredible views and clean air.
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