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Crypto Cruise Ship. What is it?09.11.2020 14:32
Crypto currencies have long been an integral part of the lives of many people. Someone is engaged in mining, someone trades cryptocurrencies in Forex, while others make purchases around the world using blockchain technologies. We can say that cryptocurrencies have burst into our lives and are very strongly entrenched in it. Every news channel around the world has repeatedly mentioned Bitcoin and other altcoins.
On the "Wave of Cryptocurrencies", many diverse communities, businesses and completely new projects have appeared, in which like-minded people come together. These communities prefer to work together in more remote resorts where they can combine work, communication with like-minded people and relaxation in one place. Until "today" such places were popular exotic resorts, of which Bali is the most famous. But, needs change and with the advent of demand, the world's first Crypto-Ship appeared!
Ocean Builders, which is building houseboats in 2020, acquired the Pacific Dawn cruise ship from P&O Cruises Australia. The aim of this acquisition is to create the world's first cruise ship for everyone involved with cryptocurrencies!
The liner has been renovated and converted for a longer stay. He will not make classic cruises and, accordingly, it will not be possible to purchase a cruise on it. This liner will be unique also because the cabins are sold here on a permanent basis (like an apartment or a house). Thus, you acquire a cabin on a permanent basis and can live in it all the time! Why is it in demand? There are many reasons for this:
• Classic resorts are no longer a novelty and are tired of many;
• Due to quarantine restrictions in different countries, the ability to travel has disappeared;
• Isolation from the outside world to minimize the risks of coronavirus disease;
• Developed infrastructure: gym and gym, seminar rooms, restaurants, bars, open areas for sunbathing, swimming pools, etc. And of course, a cabin with a permanent sea view and clean sea air.
• A community of like-minded people, in which work will become more productive, and new business projects will develop more rapidly.
In connection with the re-profiling of the liner, Ocean Builders changed the name of the liner in honor of the creator of bitcoin - "Satoshi". Initially, the ship will be relocated and located off the coast of Panama You can get on board by shuttle that will pick you up from Panama City.
The onboard technology center is Ocean Builders' largest project. Its director, Chad Elwartowski, is an American bitcoin entrepreneur who is also known as the pioneer of the Seasteading movement, the concept of creating permanent dwellings at sea outside of government-claimed territory, as well as futuristic homes. Options for such dwellings and houses:
- Land Based Pod, cost 195,000.00 USD
- SeaPod, cost 195,000.00 USD
As for the cost of cabins on the Satoshi liner, they will be sold at an auction, registration for which began on 05.11. The starting cost of the cabins is:
• Internal cabins - 25,000.00 USD
• Cabins with window - 35,000.00 USD
• Cabins with balcony - 50,000.00 USD
You can go to the auction by the link: Ocean Builders
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