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New migration program from the USA!26.04.2022 17:22

Uniting for Ukraine Program
On April 25, 2022, the official USCIS website began accepting applications for the Uniting for Ukraine program, which allows you to obtain an entry and stay permit for a period of 2 years with the right to work for citizens of Ukraine and their immediate relatives, namely spouses or children 21 years old who:
 ⁃as of February 11, 2022 were residents of Ukraine and changed their place of residence in connection with the war in Ukraine (although it is possible to apply to those who have not left their residence in Ukraine)
 ⁃have a sponsor in the United States (not necessarily a relative) who will provide financial support during their stay in the United States and help with finding housing, work, the first documents, etc.
 ⁃have a valid passport (children can be registered in the passport)
 ⁃will make all necessary vaccinations required by the US government (measles, polio and COVID-19)
 ⁃Will pass a security check
‼ ️IMPORTANT: Children under the age of 18 are only allowed to enter the United States if accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian designated by the court!
STEP 1 in this program is for the sponsor to complete Form I-134 at and submit additional documents confirming the sponsor's financial status and immigration status (citizen, Green Card holder) , non-immigrant valid visa)
Financial documents can be - a certificate from the bank on the availability of money in the account with information about the date of opening the account, the amount paid, the balance on the account, the last tax return, a certificate from the employer with the specified position and salary.
Form I-134 is proof that the sponsor has enough money to support you. All previous fillings by the I-134 sponsor also affect the possibility of being a sponsor of the Uniting for Ukraine program and are taken into account when considering your application.
For example, if you and your wife sponsored a family reunion a year ago and now want to sponsor a sister or brother and family, you should have the means to cover the total number of people you sponsor.
How much money should the sponsor have?
The sponsor's income level must be at least 125% of the federal poverty level and is calculated according to the size of the sponsor's family and financially dependent people.
Details of the calculation can be found here
‼ ️It should be noted that the sponsor bears full financial responsibility for the sponsored person and guarantees to the state that the sponsored persons will not claim state aid and burden the United States.
* Form I-134 is FREE.
If the US government approves the sponsor's application, the sponsored person from Ukraine will receive an e-mail with confirmation and instructions on how to set up an online office on the USCIS website and confirm their details.
Confirm the following vaccinations: measles, polio and COVID-19.
If you do not have the vaccine, you will only be allowed to enter the United States after at least the first dose of vaccination.
After all the previous document checks and vaccinations, you will receive an email confirming that you have been granted entry into the United States and must enter the country within 90 days. You have to buy tickets at a nice price. Neither the US government nor sponsors pay for tickets. Additionally, you need to do a Kovid test (antigen or PCR) before departure to the United States for all persons over 2 years
Upon arrival in the United States at the airport of arrival you will be checked by the Border Guard
USA and in the absence of security clearance issues, you will be provided with a humanitarian password for up to 2 years during your stay in the United States. You and children from the age of 2 will also be required to be tested for tuberculosis within 14 days of arrival.
Obtaining a humanitarian password will entitle you to apply for a work permit by completing Form I765 and paying a $ 410 fee. Let me remind you that there is also an I912 form for those who are unable to pay the duty.
* The US government promises to process applications very soon, although I will note that people in America wait 6-12 months for a work permit with the usual applications, so I still very much hope that under the Uniting for Ukraine program people will be able to receive and start it quickly. get to your feet and don't hang around someone's neck.
The information will be adjusted and supplemented depending on official data from the United States government.

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