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Cruises are now available for us!17.05.2021 11:49
Greece opened its borders to Ukrainian citizens, and our partners, the cruise company Celestyal Cruises, allowed boarding without a vaccine! But these are not all the advantages! Let's take a look at everything in turn, as there is a lot of information.
Conditions of visit
You don't need a vaccine to visit the cruise! A PCR test is sufficient, which is done 72 hours before boarding.
Detailed security protocols.
Cruise prices
Super cruise prices are in effect until the end of June!
• Short cruises (3 nights / 4 days) - from 640 from 299 euros / person;
• Short cruises (4 nights / 5 days) - from 800 from 369 euros / person;
• Weekly cruises (7 nights / 8 days) - from 1,300 to 599 euros / person;
• Weekly cruises (7 nights / 8 days) on the Celestyal Olympia - from 1,139 from 879 euros / person;
* The price includes port dues and port taxes.
All Celestyal Cruises
All inclusive meals
Yes, indeed, most cruise lines do cruises that include food and some drinks.
The cruise company Celestyal Cruises is one of the few that has not only food included in the price, but also all drinks (including alcoholic ones)!
Tipping (service fee)
If you have already been on a cruise, then you know that an additional tip / service fee is paid on board. As a rule, it is 10 euro / person / night or 12 usd / person / night.
But they are already included in the price of the cruise company Celestyal Cruises!
So if you book a cruise for 7 nights, you save another 70 euros per person!
But that's not all! The cruise company gives its guests 2 excursions on a cruise! Considering that the cost of one excursion is from 60 to 150 euros per person, this is also more than a pleasant bonus.
Cruise start port
It is possible to start your cruise not only from Greece, but also from Turkey! We were often asked for cruises starting from Turkey, as this country is more popular. But there have never been such cruises. Now you have the opportunity to book such a cruise!
There are several flight options to both Athens and Kusadasi. As for flights to Athens, at the moment, there are not so many of them, and this is predictable. Greece opened up, which few believed. Now the demand for air tickets will start to grow, which will entail an increase in direct flights to Greece!
There are some inconveniences that are not related to the cruise line. They are due to the requirements of local authorities:
- As for Europeans who travel on board other cruise ships, port visits are part of a group tour.
- The wearing of masks is required on board.
Learn more about security protocols
But the cruise company Celestyal Cruises went to meet its guests as much as possible! In addition to the excursion, a group accompanying service is provided. Thus, it is possible to go ashore accompanied by a representative of the cruise company for only 10 euros / person.
Important: during an excursion or a walk with an accompanying person, you cannot leave the group! If such a situation arises, the cruise line has the right not to put you on board.
The wearing of masks is only required in public places. In fact, the same conditions apply in Ukraine. For example, we put on a mask in a store, theater, etc.
With all this in mind, Celestyal Cruises has given us a unique opportunity to cruise the Greek Islands on the best terms.
Many tourists, choosing a tour, understand that there is a risk of contracting the coronavirus before the cruise and not only not getting on board, but also getting involved in a refund through insurance. If you book a tour to Turkey or Egypt and buy additional insurance, then if you are unable to travel due to covid, the insurance company will compensate you for all the money. The hotel does not return anything.
But, the cruise company Celestyal Cruises will take care of the refund for the cruise! If you are unable to fly due to covid disease, the cruise line will reimburse the cost of the cruise. Now you do not need to insure the entire tour, but only air tickets and hotel (if you want to stay in Greece).
Please note that after Greece opened the borders for Ukrainian citizens, the demand for these cruises has skyrocketed. Only our tourists from Ukraine receive new reservations every day, and free cabins disappear before our eyes. Why is that?
- The cruise company Celestyal Cruises is the only one that allows tourists to board without vaccine but with negative PCR. Yes, there are also MSC Cruises, but these cruises are available for EU citizens only;
- Cruises from Celestyal Cruises are popular all over the world. It is highly sought after in the United States;
- Quite small liners, which are designed for 1200, 1450 and 1800 people. For example, MSC Seaside is designed for 5,179 guests;
- Limitations on the number of passengers. Due to the requirements of the Greek authorities, the liners cannot be fully loaded.
For all questions, please contact our cruise managers.
Good luck and good health.
See you aboard Celestyal Cruises!
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