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Home > News > Have you already heard who became the captain of the new ship Celebrity BEYOND?
Have you already heard who became the captain of the new ship Celebrity BEYOND?18.10.2021 14:53

The world's most popular captain will host Celebrity Cruises' new flagship ship.

The first female captain, Keith McCue, will become the captain of the new EDGE-class liner, Celebrity BEYOND.

The EDGE class liners are ultramodern PREMIUM class liners, which are distinguished not only by the highest service, one of the best kitchens on the sea, exclusive shows, but also by innovative solutions. Many of our tourists who visited the first EDGE class liners - Celebrity Edge 5 * 2020 and Celebrity Apex 5 * 2018 were delighted with the whole trip!

Keith McCue has extensive experience as a captain on Celebrity Cruises. Since 2015, she has been a captain on ships:

- Celebrity Summit 5 * Year of construction - 2001 (Renovation 2016)

- Celebrity Equinox 5 * Year of construction - 2008 (Renovation - 2014)

- Celebrity Edge 5 * Year of construction - 2018

As a captain, McKew has inspired many people. It is also worth noting that she became the most popular captain on social media, having collected almost 3.5 million subscribers on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Each cruise passenger has always had an interesting other side of the liner, the life of the staff and the peculiarities of working on the liner. And Kate was able to show it all.

Celebrity Beyond will not only be the largest, but also the most luxurious cruise ship.

The liner will start its maiden voyage on April 27, 2022 from Southampton (England) on a 10-day cruise around Europe with a visit to the ports:

- Bordeaux, France;

- Lisbon, Portugal;

- Seville, Spain .;

- Malaga, Spain .;

- Palma de Mallorca, Spain .;

- Barcelona, ​​Spain.

At the moment, sales are not yet open. But, soon you will be able to choose any cruise on this wonderful liner !!!


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