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Important cruise news for December!20.12.2021 16:24
Due to the changing epidemic situation and many additional factors, changes in cruises often appear.

All the latest news and the most important news below:

Changes due to the closure of Italy until 01/31/2022 for Ukrainian citizens.

Flights to Italy for Ukrainian citizens for tourism have been suspended until 31.01.2022.

But, at the moment, it is possible to get into the country by land (albeit with risks). The countries that border Italy are still open.
Cruises in the Mediterranean with Costa Cruises.

Unfortunately, all cruises in the Mediterranean Sea, calling at the ports of Italy, are closed for Ukrainian citizens. It does not depend on the port of embarkation.

* For example, if your cruise starts and ends in Barcelona, ​​then it will not be available to you either. We recommend that you contact the company where you purchased the cruise for a voucher or return.
Cruises in the Mediterranean with MSC Cruises.

MSC Cruises are also forced to amend the conditions for Ukrainian citizens:

1. Cruises on the Mediterranean Sea starting from the ports of Italy will be canceled for Ukrainian citizens.
If you have booked a cruise from Italy, it will be canceled. The cruise line will hand over a voucher that can be used on any other cruise.
2. Mediterranean cruises from the ports of Spain and France are available, but the ports of Italy and Malta are closed.

In this case, the cruise company offers two options:
- Will go on a cruise without the ability to sail in the ports of Italy and Malta;
- Cancel the cruise and get a voucher.
Change of routes in the Persian Gulf on MSC Virtuosa.

Due to visa requirements and an unfavorable epidemic situation, MSC Cruises were forced to change the cruise route in the Persian Gulf.

The route that was:

Day Port Arr. Send
1 Dubai, UAE - 23:00
2 Abu Dhabi, UAE
07:00 21:00
3 Sir Bani Yas, United Arab Emirates 07:00 17:00
4 At sea - -
5 Saudi Arabia 07:00 18:00
6 Doha, Qatar
07:00 17:00
7 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 09:00 23:59
8 Dubai, UAE - -
New route:

Day Port Arr. Send
1 Dubai, UAE
2 Dubai, UAE 18:00
3 Sir Bani Yas, United Arab Emirates 07:00 17:00
4 Abu Dhabi, UAE
07:00 21:00
5 At sea - -
6 Doha, Qatar
08:00 22:00
7 Dubai, UAE 13:00
8 Dubai, UAE
* Previously, for tourists who have booked a cruise from Abu Dhabi, the cruise company will provide a free transfer to Dubai. And also, after the end of the cruise - a free transfer from Dubai to Abu Dhabi airport.

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