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Home > News > Biden signed the cruise law!
Biden signed the cruise law!26.05.2021 10:43

Now one of the most beautiful regions will become accessible not only for US citizens, but also for tourists from other countries! That's right, since a PCR test is enough to visit the United States.

Earlier we announced information about the resumption of cruises from cruise lines.

As you know, most of the ships are registered in countries with minimal taxes or offshore countries.

The essence of the law is that cruise ships with foreign registration are allowed to cruise in Alaska bypassing Canada. Canada has a law restricting cruises due to the pandemic until 03/31/2022. The law will remain in effect until Canada lifts the restrictions on the cruise ship ban or March 31, 2022, according to a White House statement.

As a rule, cruises in Alaska included Canada in their itinerary, because of which it was required to open not only a US visa, but also a Canadian visa. Now the US visa is enough!

You can learn more about the US visa from our visa experts or by the LINK.

Two weeks ago, the US Senate passed a bill created by Alaska Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan. The bill was then passed on to Congress, which approved it last week, and Joe Biden signed it into law on Monday evening (5/24/2021).


The law opens up the possibility of cruising most of the cruise ships of the world's leading cruise companies:

Carnival Cruise Line;

Princess Cruises;

Holland America Line;

Royal Caribbean International;

Celebrity Cruises;

Norwegian Cruise Line.

Do you have a US visa? Then you should definitely take advantage of this offer!

Out of your US visa? Find out how to renew your US visa for 10 years without an interview and in person!


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Oleksandr Bodnar
26.05.2021 12:10
Учитывая, что виза США на 10 лет, то у многих будет возможность полететь в США и дальше в круиз. Плюс в США можно бесплатно сделать вакцину
26.05.2021 12:12
Ну и если вдруг виза закончилась ее можно обновить и для этого не нужно ехать в посольство.