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MSC Cruises announced a massive resumption of cruises
One of the most popular cruise lines announced the resumption of cruises on 10 ships.
As you already know from our news, the cruise company MSC Cruises was the first to start safe cruises with the implementation of safety protocols. The first liner MSC Grandiosa started its cruises on 16.08.2020 and proved the effectiveness of the safety protocols of MSC Cruises.
04/15/2021 MSC Cruises CEO Gianni Honorato announced the resumption of cruises on 9 more liners: “Today we have clarity on which European destinations and ports will be open this summer, and we have fully reflected this in new and updated routes on the upcoming season so that guests can book the cruise with confidence. The entire MSC Cruises team and I look forward to welcoming both regular and new guests aboard one of our ships.
What routes and liners will be launched this summer?
MSC Grandiosa - will continue its seven-day cruises calling at the ports: Genoa, Italy - Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy - Naples, Italy - Palermo (Sicily), Italy - Valletta, Malta. Also, calls are planned to the ports of Barcelona (Spain) and Valencia (Spain) after their opening.
Video review of the liner MSC Grandiosa
MSC Seaside will start cruises from 01.05.2021 from Genoa (Italy) with calls to the ports: Syracuse (Sicily), Italy - Taranto, Italy - Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy - Valletta, Malta.
Also, calls are planned to the ports of Marseille, France after its opening. Also, guests will be presented with relaxation on the private beach of Taranto as part of the excursion program MSC Cruises.
the port of Marseille, as soon as its availability is confirmed, the company said. In addition to a range of guarded excursions designed for the MSC Seaside itinerary, MSC Cruises will introduce a special private beach experience in Taranto exclusively for ship guests.
MSC Seaside liner video review
MSC Seashore will join the MSC Cruises fleet at the end of July and will offer seven-day cruises from August 1 to October 31, calling at the Italian ports of Genoa, Naples and Messina, as well as Valletta in Malta, Barcelona in Spain and Marseille in France.
After 10/31/2021, the liner will leave for Miami (USA), where it will cruise around the Caribbean and Bahamas, with a call to the private island of MSC Cruises - Ocean Cay.
MSC Seaside liner video review
MSC Orchestra embarks on its first cruise since the June 5 pandemic. The start of the cruise and boarding will be carried out:
In Venice, Italy - on Saturdays;
In Bari, Italy - on Sundays.
The cruise itinerary will also include ports: o. Corfu, Greece - about. Mykonos, Greece - Dubrovnik, Croatia.
MSC Orchestra liner video review
MSC Splendida starts on June 12th. Cruises can be booked from ports:
Trieste, Italy - Saturdays;
Bari, Italy - Tuesdays;
The cruise itinerary will also include ports: Dubrovnik in Croatia, Corfu in Greece and Kotor in Montenegro.
Video review of the MSC Splendida liner
MSC Magnifica will cruise on June 20, offering boarding at ports:
In Venice, Italy - on Sundays;
In Bari, Italy - Mondays;
In Piraeus (Athens), Italy - on Wednesdays.
The cruise itinerary will also include visits to the Greek island of Mykonos and Split, Croatia.
Video review of the MSC Magnifica liner
MSC Virtuosa, the newest MSC Cruises liner, will start cruises from 06/12/2021 UK.
We wrote earlier about this cruise in more detail.
Video review of the MSC Virtuosa liner
MSC Seaview will depart from 19.06.2021 to the port of Kiel, Germany, for cruises in Northern Europe.
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MSC Seaview liner video review
MSC Preziosa will cruise from June 21st from Hamburg, Germany (If Germany and port are open for cruises).
MSC Preziosa liner video review
MSC Musica - June 20th from Warnemünde Port, Germany (If Germany and the port are open for cruises).
MSC Musica liner video review
All these cruises can be made available to us. It all depends on the situation with the coronavirus not only in Europe, but also in Ukraine. When the borders are opened, all trips will be available to us!
Four Gates Ukraine wishes you good health and resumption of cruises!
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