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Your own apartment on a cruise ship !?28.04.2021 11:23

The world has always evolved and changed, and the coronavirus only changed the vector of these changes and the speed ...

We have known for a long time about many cases when a room (apartment) is redeemed in our favorite hotels for themselves. Or even about projects that were originally made for the sale of apartments with the possibility of independent use or renting them out.

You can get acquainted with any hotels and apartments from all over the world by following the link.

What new things can you think of in this area? I have heard for a long time about the idea of ​​creating a full-fledged cruise ship with apartments (cabins) that will be owned by guests or private investors.

Imagine your own apartment with a permanent view of the sea or cities, islands that are always changing. Constantly a new city, a new country and a new port where you can go ashore for shopping, enjoy the local flavor, relax on the beach ... Anything you want !!! Not one, even the most expensive hotel will give you this!

And all this will be complemented by the extensive infrastructure of the liner and the highest service on board. This is not just a boat with its own cabin, it is a fully functional cruise ship that will have everything! Who was on the cruise knows what I mean.

And the cruise company Storylines decided to realize all this!

Despite the pandemic and other events, the cruise line has completed the design of the world's first condo liner. And so, a little specifics:

Liner name: MV Narrative

Cruise line: Storylines (official site here)

Planned commissioning date: 4th quarter 2023

You can get acquainted with all the newest and most innovative liners HERE.

Environmental friendliness: the liner will run on liquefied natural gas, which significantly reduces emissions. LNG, together with innovative reusable energy technologies, storage and energy recovery systems, makes the liner the most environmentally friendly at the moment.

Cabins area: from 22 to 224 m²

Cabins cost: from $ 300 thousand to $ 8 million (As of today, there are only cabins for $ 2.5 million)

If you do not have free time for a year-round vacation or an extra 2.5 million dollars, you can always contact the cruise experts of Four Gates Ukraine and book a cruise from 350 euros / person.

Insert contacts here.

Shipyard where construction will take place: Brodosplit in Split, Croatia

Service for cabin owners:

- food 24 hours in 20 different restaurants and bars

- all drinks in bars

- fast internet

- 24 hour room service

- separate culinary establishments where you can cook your own food

- TV

- tip

- entertainment on the ship

- laundries, both self-service and on call

- doctor's service and first-aid post

- fitness classes, yoga, fitness club

- maintenance of the ship throughout the year

- port dues

- reserve for unforeseen expenses

Also on board will be presented: an embankment, hydroponic gardens, an art studio, a mini-brewery and a helipad with a helicopter, and much more.

Additionally, cabin owners will have to pay an annual fee for maintenance and other services, which is approximately 4% of the cost of the cabin.

Also, each owner will be able to rent out their apartments through the specially developed Storylines service.

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Director of Fort Gates Ukraine
Nikolay Plohotnyuk
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