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There will be space tourism!12.07.2021 11:10
Recently, space travel and new space achievements are all associated with Elon Musk. But ... We forget about other, no less successful people! The most prominent representative of which is the billionaire and the main shareholder of the VIRGIN GROUP.
Recall that the young cruise company Virgin Voyages belongs to this group.
Yesterday 11.07.2021, Sir Richard Charles Nicolas Branson and his team showed that space tourism is not a fantasy !!!
Space travel kicks off with Virgin Galactic! How did it go?
08:30 EST (15:30 BST) - Mission start (flight preparation)
The flight was made on a Unity rocket plane.
The entire trip was carried out in several stages:
Stage 1 - preparing for the mission
Stage 2 - Ascent to an altitude of 15 km, where the rocket was disconnected.
Stage 3 - Ascent of the rocket using a specially designed engine to an altitude of 90 km. in just 60 seconds!
Stage 4 - Height up to 100 km. Lack of gravity and the most unforgettable views and sensations.

Stage 5 - Descent to the station in New Mexico, USA.
All stages took 1.5 hours. But it's an unforgettable experience, even for a sophisticated traveler like Richard Branson.
Unity is a suborbital vehicle that can reach the speed and altitude required for spacewalk. A similar device belongs to founder Jeff Bezos.
Sir Richard announced that this flight was a test of space tourism. It is planned that in 2022 space travel will begin for space tourists.
As Sir Richard stated: “I had a notebook with me and I wrote down 30-40 little things that will make the experience for the next person to go into space with us much better. Sometimes the only way to find these little things is to get on a spaceship, go into space and experience it for yourself. " In fact, the first steps in the creation of one of the VIRGIN GROUP companies, namely Virgin Atlantic Ltd., began with the recording of such trifles.
By the way, 600 people have already purchased tickets for their space travel!
Travel is becoming even more diverse and exciting. Everyone finds new types of travel for themselves, opens up new corners of our planet ...
The world is very interesting and exciting!
Travel and it will open to you in a new way!

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