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Launch of cruises in the Red Sea!23.04.2021 08:57

While Europe is closed and in the US the cruise industry is pushing the CDC to relax cruise requirements, other countries are seizing the opportunity and contracting cruise lines to start cruises.

So we wrote about the resumption of cruises from the port of Haifa, Israel.

Now cruises on the Red Sea are resumed! For the first time, the cruise will start from a port in Saudi Arabia! The global situation with the coronavirus has greatly influenced the geography of all travel. If before the epidemic the routes were more monotonous, especially for Standard class cruise lines, now we see the first steps to change the situation.

Cruise Saudi is a company owned by the state investment fund of Saudi Arabia, striving to maximize the speed and strength of cruises in their country. For this, an agreement was concluded with one of the most popular cruise companies in the world - MSC Cruises.

Fawaz Farouki, Managing Director of Cruise Saudi, and Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman of MSC Cruises, have signed a landmark agreement in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh.

According to the terms of the agreement, MSC Magnifica will operate cruises at the port in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) in the fall of 2021!

* Let us remind you that to visit Saudi Arabia you need a pre-issued tourist visa.

Jeddah is one of the largest cities in Saudi Arabia and also the second largest port in the Middle East. And the historic center of the city has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

MSC Magnifica will operate seven-day cruises in the Red Sea from November 2021 to March 2022. The exact cruise itinerary will be available at a later date.

MSC Magnifica liner video review

An important event that guests of MSC Magnifica will be able to visit as part of their cruise is Formula 1, which will take place directly in the city of Jeddah from December 5, 2021!

* You can also book cruises or tickets for Formula 1 with our experts.

In addition to cruises on the MSC Magnifica in the Red Sea, the newest MSC Cruises, MSC Virtuosa, will call at another port of Saudi Arabia! As part of the Persian Gulf cruise, the liner will call at the popular port of Dammam. While at the port, you can visit the Al-Ahsa Oasis, another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Speaking about the signing of the agreement, Farooqi said: “We are delighted to work with MSC Cruises and are looking forward to a long-term partnership. We look forward to exploring the possibility of increasing the number and size of ships operating on Saudi routes in the future. Saudi Arabia has a lot to offer visitors and the new partnership will open doors for intrepid travelers from around the world to be among the first to experience the rich Saudi heritage and warm hospitality. Meanwhile, welcoming foreign tourists to these new destinations will create new sources of income for local communities. ”

For his part, Vago said: “I have personally witnessed the richness of the local heritage and am impressed with Saudi Arabia's ability to preserve its traditions and culture and make them available for everyone to see. I am delighted that MSC Cruises will be able to contribute to the opening of the Kingdom to foreign visitors by becoming one of the best cruise destinations, and I look forward to helping tourists from all over the world, as well as from the Kingdom, discover the incredible wonders this country has to offer. offer, including the unspoiled beauty of the coast and historic sites. "

Both companies expect up to 170,000 to explore the historical, cultural and natural treasures of Saudi Arabia aboard two MSC Cruises in the upcoming 2021-2022 winter season. her wonders with the comfort that only a cruise ship can provide.

There are no direct flights from Ukraine to the city of Jeddah. The best option is Turkish Airlines flights with a transfer in Istanbul.


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