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Free cruises from Disney Cruise Line!?02.06.2021 11:54

Cruise line Disney Cruise Line said it will conduct a test cruise for volunteers. This decision was made due to the requirements of the CDC.


Like other American cruise line Royal Caribbean International, Disney Cruise Line decided to conduct a test cruise for volunteers. The main purpose of such an event is to test a new cruise format with safety protocols. This is especially true after a long hiatus associated with covid.


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It is planned that the cruise will take place in accordance with all CDC requirements and safety protocols on the Disney Dream liner. The cruise will start from Port Canaveral, USA. It will be completely free, but short enough. Its duration will be only 2 nights.


Cruise dates: from 06/29/2021 to 07/01/2021.


Thomas Mazlum (President of Disney Signature Experiences) stated in his letter:


“We now have the green light to conduct a two-day test cruise aboard Disney Dream from June 29 to July 1 from Port Canaveral. The ship will sail with volunteers and test our newly developed health and safety protocols, which have been adapted to current public health conditions. All of these protocols are essential for a responsible cruise, and Disney Cruise Line cannot be more committed to fulfilling the vacation dream as it prioritizes the well-being of everyone who steps on board our ships. "


What do cruise experts at Four Gates Ukraine think about this?


As you know from our cruise news, Royal Caribbean International announced volunteer cruises last year. Our cruise managers have helped many who wish to register for them. But, the cruises never took place ...

The reason for the cancellation of cruises for volunteers was the unreasonably strict requirements of the CDC.


Now, after the trial, which took place on 05/12/2021, the CDC went to a meeting and relaxed the requirements.


We also remind you that the President of the United States, Joe Biden, also signed the cruise law.


Despite this, we believe that the cruises will only be available to US volunteers. And preference will be given directly to those tourists who have already been on board the liners of the Disney Cruise Line and registered in the loyalty program.

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Nikolay Plohotnyuk
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