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Home > News > Turkey will cancel PCR test 2 days later!
Turkey will cancel PCR test 2 days later!14.05.2021 18:15

Earlier, the Turkish authorities confirmed their decision to cancel mandatory PCR tests for passengers from Ukraine from 05/15/2021. But, the date of cancellation was postponed!

PCR tests will not be needed for tourists who travel to Turkey on 05/17/2021 from 00:00 Kyiv time.

Initially, the Turkish Ministry of Health issued a document according to which tests were not needed from May 15. However, in the official message for flight personnel NOTAM No. A2526 / 21 dated May 12 for the flight information regions of Istanbul and Ankara, the Turkish authorities fixed a new date for canceling the tests.

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Updated: On May 12 at 17:57 UTC (20:57 Kyiv time), the Turkish authorities published a new NOTAM №A2530 / 21. It indicates the date on which the requirements for PCR tests were lifted, approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health - from 00:00 on May 15 in Kiev (21:00 on May 14 UTC).

The new policy will affect all passengers from Ukraine, regardless of their citizenship.

Travelers flying from Estonia, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Great Britain, Latvia and Luxembourg will also be exempted from the need to take tests.

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Added: Israel was excluded from the list in the new NOTAM.

Travelers from other countries heading to Turkey must still undergo a PCR test for coronavirus. No more than 72 hours should pass from the moment of the analysis to the moment of departure.

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Passengers who travel with a transfer at Turkish airports to third countries and do not go to Turkey are exempted from the need to take the test. Also, tests are not needed for any passengers before the age of 6.

Turkey introduced a mandatory coronavirus testing requirement for all air passengers 6 years of age and older at the end of December 2020. A few days later, travelers who traveled with a transfer to third countries were exempted from this requirement.


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