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Odyssey of the Seas will cruise from Israel!
Until recently, we wrote the news about the launch of one of the most modern liners in the world - Odyssey of the Seas, by the Royal Caribbean International cruise company. But already on 03/01/2021, the cruise company announced that the port of embarkation (the beginning of cruises) would be Haifa (Israel), and the ship would only accept vaccinated guests! Let's figure it out together how this will affect cruises, and especially cruises for Ukrainian citizens.

In fact, this news has already spread around many forums and news sites, but there is no specific information yet. Many questions remain, since:
- Will cruises be available only for Israeli citizens or not ?;
- Will there be a possibility to land at other ports ?;
- And of course, what are the cancellation conditions if the first cruises are canceled?

Especially for you, we immediately requested all the information and answers to your questions from the cruise company. As soon as there are answers, we will definitely publish everything in an accessible form.

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And so what is known at the moment:
1. Cruises will be operated from Haifa (Israel) in May;
2. There will be 3 and 7-day routes (3 and 7 nights) with calls to Cyprus, the port of Limassol and the Greek Islands, ports: Rhodes, Santorini, Mykonos and Athens;
3. Prices and booking options the cruise company plans to open from 09.03.2021;
4. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Greek Minister of Tourism Mr. Haris Theocharis also expressed their support for cruises, which significantly increases the reality of these cruises;
Why did the cruise line choose Israel to launch cruises on its ultra-modern flagship?
Recall that one of the Royal Caribbean International liners already operates cruises from Singapore
The main factor, of course, is the level of vaccination. At the moment, more than 50% of the population in Israel is vaccinated, which is the highest rate! By the beginning of the start of cruises, this figure will significantly increase, which will expand the number of potential guests of the liner at times.
But do not forget about the economic component. Despite all the negative factors throughout the history of Israel, this country is one of the most developed and economically successful. According to some sources, the average salary is 10,000 NIS, which is approximately 3040.00 USD. Based on this, quite a few citizens will be able to afford cruises on the Odyssey of the Seas. And given the epidemic situation and travel restrictions to most countries of the planet, the demand for a cruise will be obviously high!
Of course, every positive news and new cruise will only positively reflect on the entire cruise industry and accelerate the resumption of cruises around the world. And for citizens of Ukraine, an increase in the geography of cruises and ports of the beginning of cruises will significantly increase the opportunity to travel!
We wish Royal Caribbean International only the best of luck with this project and the launch of our other liners. And, of course, we are waiting for the resumption of cruises for Ukrainian citizens !!!

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