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Canada visa and CUAET visa.10.04.2022 12:23
A CUAET visa is not just a visa, but a permit for official work, education, provision of temporary residence status to citizens of Ukraine and much more!
The Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET) is one of a number of special efforts by the Government of Canada to support the people of Ukraine until they can safely return to their homeland.

Who can apply:
- Citizens of Ukraine
- family members of citizens of Ukraine (of any nationality)

Family members are:
- husband/wife or partner in a civil marriage of a citizen of Ukraine;
- their dependent child;
- a child supported by a spouse or partner in a civil marriage;
- dependent child of their dependent child.
- Benefits and features of the CUAET program
- Ukrainians and members of their families who come to Canada from abroad.

Need help with filing appointments, biometric appointments, and other CUAET visa related matters?

Learn more about the benefits. Citizens of Ukraine:
- can apply for a free visitor visa and are allowed to stay in Canada for 3 years as opposed to the standard 6-month stay permit for regular visitors;
- are able to apply free of charge for an open work permit together with an application for a visa, which allows them to find a job in the shortest possible time;
- in standard cases, without complications, the term for consideration of an electronic visa application is 14 days from the date of receipt of the completed application;
- are exempt from COVID-19 vaccination requirements to enter Canada, however, they must comply with all other tourism related health requirements such as quarantine and testing. With certain exceptions, all tourists who come to Canada, in particular those arriving under the CUAET program, must also use the ArriveCAN application;

- Under certain circumstances, are exempted from having to undergo a medical examination for immigration from abroad, but may be required to undergo a paid medical diagnostic examination within 90 days of arrival in Canada to check for the presence of infectious diseases that must be reported (X-ray or an acceptable alternative examination and blood test).

Ukrainians and members of their families who will receive or have already received temporary resident status in Canada,
- can apply for an extension of their temporary resident status for 3 years;
- can leave Canada and return at any time during the validity of the visa;
- can renew their work or study permit free of charge;
- can apply for a new work or study permit free of charge;
- have the right to attend junior or high school;
- may be required to undergo a medical clearance for immigration if they did not do so when they first entered Canada.
- For all Ukrainians and their families
- most of the visa application and processing fees have been abolished, including the visa fee, the fee for collecting biometric data, the fee for applying for a work and study permit, the fee for renewing a residence permit, work and study;
- IRCC applications are considered on a priority basis;
- it is possible to apply for permanent residence under many different immigration programs and streams, if they meet the criteria;
- Access to a dedicated IRCC service channel is provided.
- All CUAET visa applicants must
- to meet visa and tourist requirements;
- Pass a standard background check (including biometrics) and a background check.

Additional information about the program

The CUAET program is for Ukrainians and their families who wish to temporarily relocate to Canada due to the crisis over President Putin's invasion of Ukraine and then return to their home country when it is safe. It does not cover the flow of refugee immigration.
Unlike refugee relocation applications and permanent residency flows, there are no limits on the number of visa applications and work and study permits that will be accepted under the CUAET program.
Ukrainians and their families working and studying in Canada will be able to gain invaluable experience of working or studying in Canada, which will be useful in the future if they want to move to permanent residence under the IRCC immigration programs and streams.
We have stepped up our operational readiness in Europe in anticipation of an intense influx of applications. In particular, personnel and additional logistical support, such as portable biometric data collection kits, have been made available. In addition, we are adjusting the work in our global network offices to ensure the continuity of service to Ukrainians. Most applications can be submitted online.
For persons without a passport or with an expired one, the IRCC can issue a document giving the right to a one-time trip and permission for the foreigner to obtain temporary resident status. Such an opportunity may be granted in exceptional individual circumstances, depending on the situation of the applicant. In addition, IRCC has discretion to provide applicants traveling to Canada with assistance in obtaining missing documents.
Recognizing that close and extended family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents can start a new life in Canada, IRCC is developing a special permanent residence sponsorship program aimed at family reunification. Detailed information about this application will be available in the coming weeks.
Employers wishing to support Ukrainians with job offers can register available vacancies on the website of the Job Bank for Ukraine. The Job Bank is a free, bilingual website that provides employers with thousands of potential employees. In addition, there is an opportunity to post job ads for free and securely.
IRCC will continue to engage with provincial and territorial communities and other partners to secure their assistance and support, including services for the displaced. More information will be available in the coming days and weeks.
Detailed information about the CUAET program and how to apply for special visas, permits, and extend the validity of documents is available on the IRCC page at the Immigration Events for Ukraine link.
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