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Relaxing cruise restrictions!20.07.2022 09:24
In recent years, one of the biggest challenges to cruise planning has been COVID-19 related restrictions. So many who wanted to go on a cruise were forced to abandon the cruise because they didn't have a vaccine, or because they got a vaccine that wasn't approved by the EMA or the CDC...

But time passes, and we are faced with a constant relaxation of protocols and requirements.
Costa Cruises has greatly simplified security protocols. This allows you to go on a cruise on the liners of this company, even if more than 9 months have passed since the last dose. Also, if you have had a vaccine that is not recognized by the EMA, all you have to do is give a booster dose of the right vaccine and you can go on a trip!
But, besides this, even a certificate of recovery is suitable!
Updated Costa Cruises security protocols
MSC Cruises - Go even further. Now ALL VACCINES are suitable for cruises! Even those that are not recognized by WHO or EMA!!!
Who has had the Coronovac vaccine or other non-recognized vaccines? Now it's not a problem!
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Updated MSC Cruises security protocols
The CDC, the US Centers for Disease Control, has caused a lot of headaches for all cruisers who wanted to cruise from the US. Particularly frustrating was the fact that children as young as 5 needed a vaccine to board. But even here there are changes.
"New guidance for cruise ships on mitigating and managing transmission of COVID-19 will be available in the coming days," the CDC said in a statement.
While no specific details are available, the text of the message indicates that each cruise line may set its own vaccination and testing policies for ships that call at US ports. It is also reported that the CDC will stop tracking cases of COVID-19 on cruise ships.
We are waiting for more accurate information from the CDC and updated protocols in the regions: Caribbean Islands, Alaska, Hawaii and others, calling at US ports.
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