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Cruise Lines and States War with CDC14.05.2021 10:37

For more than six months, cruise lines and some US states have been fighting the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).


To put it simply, the CDC in the United States is exactly the organization that gives permission or prohibition to the operation of various establishments (including cruises) for reasons related to pandemics, etc. Of course, the capabilities of this organization are much greater, in fact, it is the "US Department of Health". But we are interested in exactly everything related to cruises from the USA.

Background: Back in October 2020, the CDC published a set of requirements that cruise lines must follow in order to resume cruises from the United States. These requirements, to put it mildly, differed from the requirements for the operation of ground-based establishments. While a variety of hotels are fully functional for all tourists, and restaurants are welcoming visitors without any problems, cruises are virtually prohibited. In this regard, cruise companies, along with the senators, began to act as a united front for the resumption of cruises from the United States!

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Why are US senators interested in resuming cruises?

It should be understood that certain senators were elected from their states. Their activities are directly aimed at the well-being of not only the entire United States, but also their state and their voters, in particular.

Cruises are a big engine of the economy of states, cities and ports that host cruise ships. Especially those ports from which cruises start. Why? There are several factors:

- Jobs in the port. It is logical that for the ports to work, many skilled workers are needed who support the entire infrastructure. Unfortunately, the cruise ban has left thousands of people unemployed. By the way, only Miami is the largest cruise port in the world !!! This is not counting other ports such as: Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, ports in Tampa and so on. Do not forget about the ports in states such as: Alaska, California and Texas!

- Food suppliers. As you understand, in order to at least feed such a number of tourists who go on cruises, tons of food are needed every day. And all this was provided by companies from the United States. After the cruises stopped, they went bankrupt, which also caused a string of layoffs and a blow to the state economy.

- Suppliers of fuel and components for ships. This niche has also been hit hard. The constantly growing demand for fuel for cruise ships has ended abruptly! Of course, these companies supply fuel and cargo ships, but the drop in sales is very noticeable.

- Urban infrastructure. Most tourists who arrive or come to the city from which the liner departs for the cruise arrive a day or two or three earlier (sometimes more than 7 days). This is due to many reasons that we explain to our tourists.

Before the cruise, we book hotels for our accommodation and comfortable rest, go on excursions or even a full-fledged tour of the country, visit restaurants, museums and other attractions, rent cars and much more. All this gave a very large turnover of finance, created additional jobs and much more ...

Tours in the USA

These are just a few of the factors that strongly affect cruise states. For this reason, not only for US tourists, but also for many residents and workers, it is vital to resume cruises as soon as possible! For this reason, the senators are using all possible means to resume cruises. Moreover, the level of security on board the liner is much higher than in a hotel, restaurant or plane (which work all the time).

Despite the proven safety of cruises, the CDC is in no hurry to approve resumption of cruises with adequate requirements. This unjustified bias towards the cruise industry cannot be explained!

It is for this reason that a class action lawsuit was filed against the CDC from the cruise states. Texas has recently joined this lawsuit. The Texas Attorney General has filed a motion to join the state in Florida's lawsuit against the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Health and Human Services, an effort to resume cruises from the US right away. At the moment, this lawsuit has already been filed from three states: Florida, Alaska and Texas. Others may soon join them.

Why are cruises from the USA so important and how can their resumption be cut off on us?

First of all, it should be understood that the United States is the largest cruise market.

! The largest number of tourists from the United States.

! The largest number of liners is also sent from the United States.

The resumption of cruises from US ports will give a strong impetus to the recovery of the cruise industry around the world!

For tourists from Ukraine, this is also important news, because the United States has been and remains open to Ukrainian citizens all this time. Visas are issued for 10 years, and it is possible to stay in the country within one trip for up to six months!


Registration of a visa to the United States.

As we wrote above, the resumption of cruises from the United States will entail a complete restart of cruises around the world! Europe has already announced its intention to fully open borders for tourists. Some European countries open their borders even before summer. As for cruises, we have available cruises from the cruise company Celestyal Cruises.


IMPORTANT: For Celestyal Cruises, a vaccine is not required, a PCR test is sufficient. Also, the cruise company offers exclusive booking conditions and very pleasant prices for All Inclusive cruises!

Cruises from Greece and Cyprus on the ships of the American cruise companies Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises are also possible. Vaccinations are required for these cruises.

Since the fall of 2021, cruises on the Persian Gulf (from the ports of the UAE) and, for the first time, cruises from Saudi Arabia along the Red Sea on the MSC Magnifica liner have been announced.

Read more about a cruise from Saudi Arabia.

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