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The first tourists from Ukraine are already on board MSC Seashore!08.10.2021 15:28
As we wrote earlier, MSC Cruises opened its cruises for Ukrainian citizens for the first time after the pandemic. From 01.10.2021, anyone who meets the requirements of safety protocols can board the cruise ships that cruise the Mediterranean Sea.
Since the publication of our news, we have received a large number of calls not only from our clients, but also from other companies. Nobody believed that MSC Cruises would finally allow Ukrainian citizens.
Of course, the Fore Gates department carefully checks every information before publishing it. Thus, our clients and our readers could again be convinced of the correctness and veracity of the information we provide.
Recall MSC Seashore is one of the newest liners of the MSC Cruises cruise company. He joined the cruise line fleet in 2021! MORE about the liner.
Why is MSC Cruises attracting so many tourists? In addition to the fact that cruises are made on some of the best liners in the world, the cruise company pleases our tourists with a multitude of promotions, discounts and bonuses, which ... ATTENTION! ... TOTALIZE!
Thus, you have a unique opportunity to go on a cruise with a discount MORE than 50% of the face value !!!
What promotions are currently valid for MSC Cruises:
1. Cruise for half the price - in fact, the second person in the cabin does not pay the cruise fare! Only port dues are paid;
2. Discount for MSC Voyager Club members - get additional discounts on the loyalty program!
3. Prepayment only 50 euros / person. When booking for a later date, you do not need to pay the full amount. And you don't even need to pay the standard amount of the deposit - 30% of the cost. To pay for the cruise, only 50 euros per person is enough. If you are traveling together, it is only € 100 per cabin!
4. Unique opportunity to pay tip / service fee at a discount! Why pay more on board when you can tip in advance and save a lot.
All this and much more is available to you when booking cruises with cruise experts at Fort Gates Ukraine!
And most importantly, you do not need to pay anything extra for professional support, advice and support!
Does this happen !?
Yes, and many of our regular customers are already using all the conveniences of cooperation with Fore Gates specialists!

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Director of Fort Gates Ukraine
Nikolay Plohotnyuk
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