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Home > News > Did you know that these liners were cut in half to enlarge?
Did you know that these liners were cut in half to enlarge?
Cruise companies not only build completely new and innovative liners and renovate old ones, but also completely rebuild the liners!
This is the fate that awaited several liners of the world's leading cruise companies, which we will discuss below.
Cruise company MSC Cruises / MSC Crociere - Lirica class liners
Italian cruise line MSC Cruises has a global approach to many issues. She also reacted to the renovation of her liners.
From 2014 to 2015, all Lirica class liners were completely refitted and enlarged! And this, just imagine, 4 liners:
MSC Armonia - built in 2001.
MSC Sinfonia - 20012 built.
MSC Lirica - 2003 Built.
MSC Opera - 2004 Built.
During 15 months of work at the Fincantieri shipyard, the cruise company MSC Crociere has invested about 200 million euros. The liners were cut and a 24-meter-long section was added to the central part. As a result, each of the cruise ships received 194 additional cabins, new entertainment, lounges and more!
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Enchantment of the Seas - Royal Caribbean International cruise line
It was built in 1997 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
In 2005, it underwent a complete renovation and enlargement by cutting the liner and adding a new section in the middle of the liner. Due to this conversion, the liner increased by 22 meters and became the largest at that time. And most importantly, it has 150 additional cabins and new recreation areas, as well as a new water park with an interactive fountain! And the most interesting thing is that it was all saddled at the same shipyard in Rotterdam (where the liner was built) in just 2 months!
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Balmoral - Fred Olsen Cruise Line
The cruise company Fred Olsen is not popular with our tourists, but nevertheless, we could not mention the renovation of the Balmoral liner.
The liner was built back in 1988, making it the oldest liner listed in our review. It was renovated in 2008 at the Blohm + Voss shipyard in Germany. A 30-meter section was added, which increased the liner infrastructure and added 186 passenger cabins and 53 staff cabins.
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Silver Spirit - Silversea Cruise Line
Silversea is a luxury cruise line that provides the highest level of service on board its ships. But, for VIP guests, not only a high level of service, cuisine, etc. is important, but also infrastructure. In this regard, the cruise company in 2017 decided to increase the liner.
The liner increased by 15 meters, which made it possible not only to add and increase the favorite elements of the liner, but also to accommodate 34 suites on board. The work took place at one of the most popular shipyards - Fincantieri.

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Cruise company Windstar - Star class liners
Our review ends with a unique luxury cruise line. What makes it unique? This cruise line has in its fleet both mega-yachts and some of the world's largest sailing cruise ships!
Windstar Cruises have launched a project called the Star Plus Initiative, which plans to fully renovate and expand three Star class sailboats. A total of US $ 250 million was invested in the project.
The first ship that went for renovation was the Star Breeze. Already in October 2019 at the Fincantieri shipyard in Palremo (Italy), work began on the expansion and reconstruction of the sailing vessel.
I plan to send Star Pride and Star Legend for renovation in 2021.
Upon completion, all three vessels will be 25 meters longer, allowing for an additional 50 suites, two new restaurants, swimming pools and a completely redesigned recreation and entertainment area. As for the technical part, the vessel will be equipped with two new engines.
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