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Important information from Costa Cruises!08.10.2021 09:51
The Promotion "Free Cancellation 15 Days Before Departure" has been extended: cruises booked from 10/1/21 to 10/18/21 for departures before 11/30/22 are added to the promotion.
Please note that summer cruises in Turkey on Costa Venezia will be eligible for free cancellation when booked by 10/18/21.
When booking cruises before 10/18/2021, you can cancel without any loss at any time, at least 15 days before the cruise.
IMPORTANT! Information on cruises from Dubai and the Caribbean
We have received information from Costa Cruises that cruises in the Persian Gulf and the Caribbean will require mandatory vaccinations.
List of vaccinia:
- Caribbean cruises - Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneka, J&J
- Cruises from Dubai - Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneka, J&J, SPUTNIK V
Dubai: Children under 12 years old (11.99) are allowed on board with the PRC test. All guests aged 12 and over must be vaccinated. COVID coverage is MANDATORY! If there is no vaccine and tourists will not be vaccinated, they will be able to cancel their booking 15 days before departure without penalties.
Landing procedures are being finalized and will be announced shortly.
On Mediterranean cruises, there is currently no change in boarding procedure (vaccine is NOT required).
New Costa logo in a more modern style to match the digital world!
With the new logo, Costa's historic "C" will be refreshed to become more modern, dynamic and suited to the digital context that is increasingly prevalent in communication today.
First of all, the logo fully reflects the new positioning of Costa. The new "C" represents the union of two elements in an enveloping and winding embrace.
• ground, represented at the bottom of the yellow logo
• the sea, represented by the upper blue section, which reflects the experience of being at sea on a Costa cruise.
It is also a vision of the journey itself, which allows cultures to meet and unite and grow continually through the enrichment experienced on cruise travel.
Costa renews its unique qualities that make them stand out and allow them to offer Costa cruises with confidence: guests will return home enriched and see the world through different eyes.
- The longest and most authentic excursions
A renewed and rethought proposal to spend more time discovering the most beautiful places on the routes. They redesigned the offer to allow guests to explore hidden and little-known gems, and explored itineraries that, thanks to longer docks in ports, will allow full days of discovering destinations and making the most of the cruise. Tours become a real event at the heart of every place you visit, so that you can enjoy the most authentic traditions, flavors and colors.
- Food of the highest quality
Learning new cultures also means discovering new flavors, and for this reason, three internationally renowned chefs have been exclusively chosen: Bruno Barbieri, Angel León and Hélène Darroz. To better enjoy your culinary journey, we have introduced two new treats: the Archipelago Restaurant and the Destination Dish. The new Archipelago Restaurant (available on the Costa Smeralda and soon other ships in the fleet) allows you to have a unique culinary experience with three menus to choose from: one from each chef!
- Sustainable development
Costa is attentive to the environment and to people: they protect the sea using a technologically advanced fleet, avoid food waste and care for local communities. All of these principles are summarized and summarized in the Valuable, Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism Manifesto, a handbook that summarizes their drive to grow with their destinations and their vision for local communities.
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