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The female captain of the cruise ship!18.05.2020 11:33
Today, we want to tell you about an incredible woman - the captain of a cruise ship! That's right, you heard right ... the woman is the captain.
Captain Keith McCue is the captain of the Celebrity Edge cruise ship, the premium cruise line Celebrity Cruises. In 2015, she became the first American female cruise ship captain. Then she was entrusted with managing the Celebrity Summit liner. She went on to lead Celebrity Equinox, and today she is the captain of Celebrity Cruises' most innovative flagship, Celebrity Edge.
Kate got on her first cruise at the age of 12. It was a family trip to the Bahamas. And she was so fascinated by the world of cruises that she came to her father and said that she dreamed of becoming a cruise director when she grew up. To which her dad told her that she could become a cruise director, or maybe become a captain.
3 months a year, Captain McKew manages the cruise ship and supervises the robot of all services on the ship, 3 months after that he rests. But according to Kate, she loves her job so much that she would gladly work for 5 months and rest for a couple of weeks. It is very difficult to leave the ship and the crew.
According to McKew herself, the profession of a liner captain can be compared to the work of a managing administrator. Most people think that the captain is the person who sits on the bridge and gazes thoughtfully at the horizon, sometimes marking something on the maps. The officers are looking in the distance, and the captain is indeed the administrator of the ship. Keith is in charge of all departments on board, from engineers to food. So most of the time Captain McCue spends at meetings with the hotel director, then with the chief security officer of the liner. Of course, she appears on the bridge and monitors the navigation of the liner, but in this she is helped by a whole staff of officers.
It is very interesting to watch Captain McCue on her Instagram account. We advise you to subscribe to it. Kate manages to share her life, as well as the unusual world of cruises with her subscribers.
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