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Hapag-Lloyd Cruises
When passion becomes a destination
The Hapag-Lloyd Cruises fleet is like a family: each representative has its own characteristics, character and its own philosophy. Nevertheless, they are united by one common desire, which has remained unchanged throughout the history of the cruise company - the desire to always present new surprises to their guests, to find something exclusive and unforgettable for everyone. From a passionate desire to achieve the impossible, the modern concept of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises arose. Essentially Nordic, Hapag-Lloyd has always been and will always be at the forefront of the industry, providing its guests with access to all sorts of novelties in the travel market.
It all started 125 years ago, when the legendary AUGUSTA VICTORIA was launched into the water with the light hand of the inspired innovator and part-time president of HAPAG Albert Ballin. It was the world's first recreational cruise, and despite the chilly January Atlantic winds, the "unusual kind of entertainment" was a stunning success. Since then, it is the expensive long excursion cruises that have become the main area of ​​interest for the shipping company HAPAG. But resting on the laurels of the "floating palace" AUGUSTA VICTORIA is not at all in the spirit of Hapag-Lloyd, and therefore the management of the company strives for innovations again and again: the world's first exclusively cruise ship, the first indoor pool on board, the first expeditionary cruise ship with high passability in ice , the most spacious liner ...
The Hapag-Lloyd Cruises fleet consists of four versatile ships:
MS EUROPA - or "the most beautiful yacht in the world" - the flagship of the cruise line of the 5 * + class. Perfect in its simplicity, this ship is designed for just 400 passengers, just enough for everyone to experience the distinct style of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises.
MS EUROPA 2 - elegance, clarity and perfection of form combined with optimal size, spaciousness and abundance - this ship is the embodiment of freedom and modernity! Since its first launch in May 2013. EUROPA 2 has a specific goal - to give passengers the feeling of unlimited freedom at sea and on land. You are the center of the world and it's up to you to decide what your day and your vacation will be! And EUROPA 2 will provide you with all the possibilities of a modern active cruise, as well as all the benefits of a small resort at sea.
MS BREMEN is the best choice for expeditions. If you are driven by a thirst for adventure, just join a team of professionals and they will take all the extra worries on themselves, and you will only have to enjoy the experience.
MS HANSEATIC is the most far-reaching ship in the Hapag-Lloyd fleet. On board this yacht you can get to the hitherto untouched corners of the planet, because the saturation of cruises on board HANSEATIC is measured not by knots and miles, and not by ports of arrival, but by your desire to see something new, your desire to become a part of an exciting expedition.
Expeditionary ship routes stretch from the tropics to the poles themselves, offering the most incredible travel experiences.
Are you sure that it is cold and dark in the Arctic? Then, at least once in your life, you should go with HANSEATIC to the sun-drenched shining islands of Diomedes, where seals and sea birds rule the ball. And no discomfort for you - just the cozy atmosphere of a luxury yacht surrounded by an ice extravaganza.
Can't you surprise you with "beach exotic"? But in our globalized world, there is still a place of secrecy, there are small islands of untouched nature without crowds of tourists, hotels and stamp entertainment. A small agile HANSEATIC climbing up the Amazon is able to get into the heart of the jungle. With the new Zodiac boats, even the shallows or narrow branches of the river will no longer be an obstacle to the hidden flooded Igapo forests, where the trees are half in the water so that even the plants and animals that live in their crowns are visible at eye level. Exciting, isn't it? But that's not all: every day the ship's crew can make changes to the general route of the expedition, depending on the preferences of the HANSEATIC guests.
But wherever your chosen route takes you, a gastronomic feast awaits you aboard each of the Hapag-Lloyd yachts. You can try any contrasts: from haute European cuisine to rich Asian delights. Traditional, hearty, light, or fresh from the grill - everything and even more for true gourmets and lovers of quality healthy food. For example, EUROPA 2 has at its disposal as many as seven diverse fashionable restaurants: a spacious conceptual design restaurant Weltmeere at the stern of the ship, Tarragon - a French restaurant in art deco style, Restaurant Elements is a kind of symbiosis of various Asian traditions, the Italian restaurant Serenissima, yacht club open-air restaurant, ultra-modern sushi restaurant Sakura and Grande Reserve with one of the best wine collections.
The modern concept of the sea cruise has transformed the passenger ship from a simple transport into a real scene of action. With Hapag-Lloyd Cruises you are more than just a You move from one beautiful place to another, you yourself find yourself in the very center of events. The company not only plans unusual itineraries, but also pays special attention to the thematic highlights of each individual cruise. Themed cruises include Expedition, Around the World, Family, Music, Sports, Wellness, Entertainment, Social, Educational, Art Cruises, Gourmet Cruises and even Golf Cruises.
Each theme cruise has its own spirit. The ship becomes not just a stage where some events take place - an atmosphere is created on board that allows you to plunge headlong into your chosen theme, without imposing, but only offering. But would you miss an exclusive opportunity to be practically face to face with world stars and masters of the art sphere? Or miss the chance to visit fashion2night aboard the EUROPA 2? After all, fashion2night changes the entire space of the ship - the podium by the pool, shine, beauty in the lively company of famous world designers. Fashion megalopolises find their corners on the deck: Paris enchants with macaroon pastry shop, New York lures you to the Jazz Bar, London lavishes glamor through a video installation based on Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.
After such busy days on board and on land, a good rest is a must. Tastefully furnished interiors, multi-level pleasant lighting and even your own minibar with free soft drinks - all this creates a feeling of comfort even in the middle of the ocean depths. Balconies and large panoramic windows allow you to always fully enjoy the unique views. When a ship arrives at a new harbor, the built-in front-facing camera automatically takes several pictures and transfers them to the screen. These postcard images can be immediately sent to family or acquaintances via a private wi-fi network.
Cabins are serviced around the clock. Your personal butler can handle any errands you need, from unpacking luggage to ironing and cleaning clothes.
EUROPA 2 also features the spacious OCEAN SPA, complete with everything you need for total relaxation, plus spectacular ocean views.
The concept of "cruising behind the clouds", once proposed by Albert Ballin, later became the cornerstone for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. Each cruise is always thought out to the smallest detail, finding its own unique atmosphere. Each guest brings something different into this atmosphere. Perhaps you will soon become a part of the welcoming Hapag-Lloyd Cruises family.
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Specifications Year built - 2021 Tonnage - 15540 tons Length - 138 m. Width - 22 m. Total cabin - 120 Total passengers - 199-230
Specifications Year of construction - 2019 Tonnage - 15540 tons Length - 138 m. Width - 22 m. Total cabin - 199 Total passengers - 120
Specifications Year of construction - 2019 Tonnage - 15540 tons Length - 138 m. Width - 22 m. Total cabin - 199 Total passengers - 120
Specifications Year of construction - 2013, renovation 2015 Tonnage - 39,500 tons Length - 225 m. Width - 27 m. Total cabin - 251 Total passengers - 516
Specifications Year of construction - 1999, renovation 2013 Tonnage - 28437 tons Length - 199 m. Width - 24 m. Total cabin - 102 Total passengers - 204
Specifications Year of construction - 1991, renovation in 2009 Tonnage - 8378 tons Length - 123 m. Width - 18 m. Total cabin - 92 Total passengers - 184
Specifications Year of construction - 1990, renovation 2012 Tonnage - 6752 tons Length - 111 m. Width - 17 m. Total cabin - 82 Total passengers - 164
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