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Описание лайнера Celebrity Apex
Celebrity Apex is the second liner of the most modern and luxurious EDGE class. On board you will be greeted not only by the best service, exclusive interior design, unique cabins and much more, but also by a well-developed infrastructure with the introduction of the most modern technologies that will make your trip unforgettable!

Year of construction - 2020
Length - 306 m.
Width - 39 m.
Displacement - 129,500 tons.
Capacity - 2918 - 3373
Number of cabins - 1467
Speed ​​- 22 knots
Number of decks - 15
The series of these ships is equipped with an automated system for monitoring the main characteristics of the room: lighting, air temperature, room service, etc. The control will be carried out through a touch screen, which can be found in each cabin.
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Celebrity Apex will feature a selection of new cabin categories designed for the Edge series liners, which will be the first choice for Celebrity Edge passengers in fall 2018.
Among them:
Iconic Suite is a comfortable suite for guests who prefer to travel with all the amenities. The suite is 176 sqm and the balcony is 64 sqm. It has two bedrooms, each with a private bathroom with ocean views. There are only two such numbers on the ship.
Edge Villa is a duplex suite with luxurious floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows. It occupies 69 sq.m. plus 20 sq.m. balcony with sun loungers and a sofa for relaxation. Guests of these suites, and there are only 6 of them, can also enjoy a small private pool on the terrace.
Penthouse Suite is a spacious penthouse with a living area of ​​130 sq.m. and a balcony of 19 sq.m. On such a vast territory, there are two bedrooms, two bathrooms with showers and a jacuzzi, a large veranda, a dining room, a dressing room and huge panoramic windows offering beautiful views of the ocean.
Royal Suite - Royal suite with personal butler service, bedroom, dining area, free minibar and extended room service menu. The suite is 64 sq.m. plus a balcony of 7 sq.m.
The Celebrity Suite is a modern spacious suite for up to 4 people with 43 sqm living area. and a balcony of 5 sq.m. Guests of such a room will be able to enjoy all the privileges of a suite-passenger: butler service, free minibar, shoe shine, luxury furniture and plumbing, etc.
Sky Suite is a one-room suite with an area of ​​28-39 sq.m. with a balcony of 8-15 sq.m., designed for a comfortable stay of a maximum of 4 people. The balcony has a dining table and chairs for al fresco dining with the most incredible views.
Aquaand Concierge Balcony Cabins - comfortable and spacious cabins for people with disabilities with an area of ​​19-28 square meters. with balcony 4-6 sq.m. Additional perks include access to the Concierge lounge and dining area, exclusive dining in the central dining room and personalized concierge service.
External cabins with “endless balconies” (doors are completely hidden at the push of a button, and the room becomes 23% more spacious) - 13-28 sq.m. with balcony 4-6 sq.m.
External with balcony - 21-27 sq.m. living area with a balcony of 4-8 sq.m.
External Ocean View - 19-32 sqm
Internal - 17-21 sq.m.
Guests in cabins of all categories will find a private bathroom with a shower or a bath, a safe, a mini-bar and an interactive panel for setting the necessary characteristics in the room (lighting level, air temperature, etc.), ordering room service or booking excursions, films , restaurants, etc. For an additional fee, you can access the Internet via Wi-Fi and a mini-fridge.
Описание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity Apex
Celebrity Apex will surprise its passengers with a moving glass platform - the Magic Carpet - which will change its purpose throughout the day. It is located on the starboard side of the ship. A huge elevator with panoramic walls offering beautiful views of the ocean will descend to the 2nd deck every morning and receive guests. Then, within a day, the platform will begin to rise higher and higher:
on deck 5, guests can dine in the open air at a special restaurant;
at 14 - enjoy the performances of musicians on the terrace by the pool;
at 16 - dine "under the stars" in another establishment.
Also, visitors to the ship will be able to visit the real botanical garden, which is located on the upper deck, where a panoramic view of the water opens, and favorite films are played on a large LED screen in the evenings. At night, the terrace with live greenery turns into a stage for the performance of street musicians.
The liner will house several pools on different decks and for different categories of guests. Spa zones, beauty salons, massage therapist services - all this will help each passenger to relax as much as possible and find the strength to inspect the entire territory of the ship.
Traditionally, the ship is simply filled with all kinds of souvenir shops, boutiques, street food cafes and coffee shops. This creates the atmosphere of a separate island, which has everything you need to live.
Celebrity Cruises is renowned for its premium cruises and luxury service for a reason. The company really cares about the comfort of passengers and this time has developed a special application "Virtual Concierge". With the help of it it will be possible to gain access to the management of all indicators in the cabin, remotely place orders for attending show programs, book tables in any institution, order food in the cabin and even set a "soft" alarm clock for the morning so as not to miss an event ...
Описание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity Apex
Going on an international sea cruise, we advise you to make sure you have not forgotten:
a foreign passport, in which the necessary visas must be affixed;
cruise documents; medical insurance policy;
related documents.
We recommend that you arrive at the seaport 4 hours before the departure of the liner.
ATTENTION! THE LINER DOES NOT WAIT FOR LATEURS! The rest of the tourists bear full material and moral responsibility for the consequences arising from their delay to the departure of the vessel.
Please note that baggage is checked in at the port and delivered to the cabin (the recommended tip for baggage delivery is approximately $ 2 per item, payable upon drop-off).
During customs and border formalities, you hand over your passport to the emigration service of the liner (for the duration of the cruise), go on board the liner, are accommodated in the cabin, the number and category of the cabin are indicated in the cruise documents.
Each cabin contains information about the location of services, a plan-map of the liner, a telephone directory of various ship services. Each cabin is equipped with air conditioning, telephone, TV, safe, 110 volt and 220 volt sockets. Some cabins have a hairdryer. Each cabin has a bathroom with a shower, while the suites have a bath.
If you are hungry, there is a buffet cafe on the upper deck, the opening hours are indicated in the ship's newspaper CruiseCompass.
There is always a “drill” before the liner departs, you must take a life jacket and take part in the exercise.
The CruiseCompass day program is delivered daily to the cabin with a detailed indication of the place, time and content of the activities on board, the start time of the excursion program, air temperature, as well as general information about the port of call, recommendations for choosing clothes, etc.
We urge you to keep your luggage safe. It is recommended to keep valuables and money in safes.
On board our ships there are: swimming pools, which are located on the upper deck, you can also use a jacuzzi, a solarium, a beauty salon and massage room, a hairdresser, a library, a slot machine room, a casino, several bars, a disco, duty free shops, cinema, children's entertainment center and much, much more.
Ladies are advised to take evening, cocktail dresses, men - a suit and tie. During the cruise, solemn receptions will be arranged on the liner, one of which is arranged by the liner captain.
The cruise price includes all types of meals on board (with the exception of dinners in alternative restaurants), accommodation in a cabin of the selected category, use of the gym, swimming pools, as well as an entertainment program, port taxes and duties.
Additional payments: bar products, reservations in alternative restaurants, laundry services, beauty salon, SPA, casino, shore excursions, sports activities in groups, ordering food and drinks to the cabin from 00:00 to 05:30 in the morning.
For the convenience of calculations, all passengers receive a so-called Sea Pass credit card upon check-in, to which all additional expenses on board during the cruise are credited. You will need cash and credit cards for payments at the ports of the ship's parking.
What is a SeaPass card?
Credit card on the liner (with this card you can shop in shops on board the ship, purchase tickets for shore excursions, take part in a lottery, order alcoholic drinks and cocktails in bars, pay for visits to a beauty salon, massage parlor, photos, laundry services, etc. dry cleaners, etc. Casino chips and tokens are purchased with cash or credit cards.
Pass to the liner (the map shows the name of the cruise company, the name of the ship, the name of the restaurant, the number of the table).
Your ID for the cruise (last name, first name on the map).
Key to the cabin.
The SeaPass card must be activated on the day the cruise starts. You can present your credit card at check-in, after which, all expenses will be automatically read or inform that you wish to pay in cash, in this case, contact Pursers Desk / GuestRelations and make a deposit of $ 250 per person, the amount may vary depending on the duration of the cruise. After that, an account will be opened in your name and all you need to do to pay expenses on board is to show your card and sign checks. The day before the end of the cruise, you will be presented with a general invoice detailing the expenses on board, which must be paid the day before by 23:00 or from 06:00 to 07:00 on the day the cruise ends.
The tourist is always obliged to use the Sea Pass have with you.
All over the world this is the norm, since 90% of the salaries of service personnel are tips.
Optionally, you can pay the tip when booking your cruise at an authorized office either on board in cash or by depositing to your in-flight account
The amount of tips is approximate and may vary depending on the cruise company and the category of the cabin (per person per day):
When accommodated in a cabin without a window, with a window, with a balcony (Standard Room): $ 14.50 / person per day;
When accommodated in a Concierge & Aqua Class: $ 15.00 / person per day;
When accommodated in a Suite Class: $ 18.00 / person per day.
In your cabin you will find an order form for shore excursions, if you want to take part in excursions, it must be filled out and returned to the “Shore Excursions” counter, where you can get information about excursions in ports of call and purchase tickets. The cost of excursions is not included in the price of the tour. Before entering the port, the Cruise Director and Lecturer have talks about local attractions and excursions on board, as well as shops and bargains.
Tourists who do not want to participate in excursions can independently manage their time in the port.
All ships of Royal Caribbean International, CelebrityCruises and AzamaraClubCruises have trained doctors and nurses who are available around the clock in case of emergency. Medical services provided on board are paid additionally, tariffs correspond to European ones. We recommend that you take the necessary medications with you. If you are sensitive to the slightest hesitation of the liner, we advise you to use special tablets, which can be obtained free of charge from your doctor or at the GuestRelations counter.
Our liners are equipped with excellent laundry and dry cleaning services. The price list for this type of service is in your cabin. With a standard order, things will be delivered the next day. If you need to receive things during the day, you must return the completed form and things in a special package to the steward by 09:00, the surcharge will be 50% of the total cost of the order.
There are duty-free shops on board the ships, where a wide variety of goods are widely presented: souvenirs with the symbols of Royal Caribbean, CelebrityCruises, and AzamaraClubCruises, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, clothing, perfumery and cosmetics, jewelry, and basic necessities. Stores are closed during port stops. When buying alcohol, it will be delivered to your cabin only on the penultimate day of the cruise, so that you could take it with you.
By phone from your cabin, you can make international calls, the cost of 1 minute of conversation is on average $ 15.
Our ships are equipped with WiFi, which ensures virtually uninterrupted cellular communication on board.
All ships have Internet cafes, communication services are paid.
There is a sauna, SPA and beauty salon on board. Services are provided for an additional fee. If you wish to use these services, we recommend that you schedule your session / procedure in advance.
In the cabin, for your convenience, there are soft drinks, which are paid additionally.
You can contact HouseKeeping at any time of the day or night and order an extra pillow, blanket, snacks in your cabin and much, much more. Drinks (juice, tea) and snacks indicated in the Room Service menu are served in the cabin free of charge, with the exception of the night time from 00:00 to 05:30 at (a tip must be paid - $ 2-5).
All cabins on Royal Caribbean, CelebrityCruises, and AzamaraClub have radio and TV. Television broadcasts a satellite news channel from various countries, films, music programs and an internal TV channel reporting on the program on board, ports of call, etc.
For those who prefer a dietary meal, our chefs will prepare meals that are low in fat and sugar. We also offer vegetarian and children's menus. No matter what time of day you get hungry, you will always find something tasty.
When you make a cruise booking, you can choose the table size in the restaurant that will be assigned to you for the entire cruise, as well as inform your agent of your preferred dinner time (first or second shift): Change - 18: 15-20: 00, II shift - 20: 30-22: 00. We are also pleased to offer you the opportunity to dine at any time convenient for you by choosing the MyTimeDining (RCI) / CelebrityCelect (CCL) meal change. Also, guests traveling with children under 13 years old can book the MyFamilytimedining option (with a confirmed meal change), in which case their children will be fed in about 40 minutes, after which a de
tskogo club for quiet games or watching cartoons and parents will have the opportunity to devote more time to each other. The child must be registered with the AdventureOcean Kids Club on the first day of the cruise.
Smoking is prohibited in cabins and most public areas. Also, there is a ban on smoking at the gaming tables in the casino, however, smoking is allowed near slot machines. In addition, each ship has designated smoking areas, both indoors and on the open decks on the starboard side of the ship. Smoking areas are marked with an inscription and are equipped with ashtrays. Passengers staying in cabins with a balcony can smoke on the balconies. Please note that smoking is strictly prohibited on RCI liners balconies overlooking Central Park / CentralPart and Boardwalk. The fine for violation of the rules of smoking is $ 250. On board CCL liners, smoking is prohibited both in the cabins and on the balconies.
Alcoholic drinks brought on board will be seized by security and returned to the owner the day before the cruise ends.
Persons under the age of 21 are strictly prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages, this regulation is strictly observed by the service personnel, at the request of the bartender / waiter, the passenger is obliged to present the SeaPass, which contains information about the age of the passenger. Violation of the rules for drinking alcohol, as well as antisocial behavior can lead to arrest, forced disembarkation from the liner at the next port of call and transfer to law enforcement agencies.
Pregnant women are allowed to travel if the pregnancy at the end of the cruise does not reach 24 weeks. We strongly recommend that pregnant women have a certificate from a gynecologist, confirming that the pregnancy is proceeding without complications, and there are no contraindications for traveling.
The minimum age for children accepted for carriage is 6 months, however on some cruises the minimum age is 1 year. Please check with your agency. All RCI and CCL ships have children's clubs, which are divided into 5 age groups and accept children from 3 to 17 years old inclusive.
Passengers under the age of 21 are considered minors and must live in a cabin with a parent / proxy during the cruise, and the proxy must carry a parental power of attorney when boarding. The power of attorney must be translated into English and certified by an apostille.
On one of the days of the cruise, special forms will be delivered to your cabin - DisembarkationForm. Fill in them, indicating the time of departure from the ship. In accordance with the specified time, luggage tags of a certain color will be delivered to your cabin, which will need to be filled in and attached to the luggage on the penultimate day of the cruise. Also, the day before the end of the cruise, customs declarations will be delivered to your cabin, which must be filled out and carried with you to go through passport and customs control.
Filled luggage tags are attached to suitcases, bags. Luggage is put on the corridor until 24.00 on the penultimate day of the cruise. On the day of arrival at the port, you must pay with your SeaPass card (by 7.00 am) and receive your passport! (Pursersdesk / GuestRelations). You will receive your luggage at the port based on the color of the luggage tag.
Celebrity Cruises expands children's programs with each new ship. Liners from the new Edge series will offer their young passengers several clubs, divided by age:
from 6 months to 3 years - ToddlerTime club
3-5 years old - Shipmates (FunFactory club)
6 to 8 years old - Cadets (FunFactory club)
from 8 to 11 years old - Ensigns (FunFactory club)
12 to 17 years old - XClub
Each age has its own event program. If educators play with the kids that develop certain skills and abilities, then older children will be able to take part in sports games and even sing karaoke. For adolescents, the program is aimed more at bringing peers closer together through joint movie watching, listening to music and, of course, discos.
In order for the parents to be able to spend some time alone, the administration took care of the opportunity to invite a nanny for a fee. Also, couples with children can purchase whole packages of services in advance for unimpeded attendance of any children's activities and to receive discounts on babysitting services.
Описание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity Apex
The cruise line in each new ship offers an even greater choice among catering establishments. As a rule, these are the best representatives from the restaurant business. Thus, Celebrity Apex passengers will have a unique opportunity to taste the masterpieces of the Michelin star - Chef Cornelius Gallagher. A two-level restaurant with panoramic windows on the ceiling is being built especially for him.
There will be several main establishments on board offering free breakfasts, lunches and dinners:
Cova® CafediMilano
And, of course, for a fee, visitors on board will be able to taste the most popular European and Asian cuisines in numerous restaurants, cafes and bars.
Описание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity ApexОписание лайнера Celebrity Apex
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