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Costa Smeralda is the first of its kind to be built according to a completely new design. The main difference and advantage of this liner is that it runs on the most environmentally friendly fuel - liquefied natural gas! Environmentally friendly fuel significantly reduces emissions of harmful substances into the environment. An increasing number of shipbuilding companies adhere to this concept, so such liners will soon completely fill the sea space.

General characteristics:
Year of construction - 2019
Displacement - 183900 tons.
Capacity - 6518 people.
Length - 337 m.
Width - 42 m.
Precipitation - 8.8 m.
Crew link - 1 682 people.
Number of passenger decks - 20
Speed - 17 knots
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Costa Smeralda and its cabins are designed in the best Italian tradition. Passengers can choose from the best rooms, made in the style of old Italian cities, with exclusive furniture from leading manufacturers such as Molteni & C.
All cabins are divided into standard categories:
Interrior - from 13 sq.m.
Ocen view cabins (with non-opening window) - from 17 sq.m.
Balcony cabins - 63.7% of all rooms - from 17 sq.m. main space and 3 sq.m. balcony
Suites: Suite with balcony - 28 sqm cabins. with a balcony of 3 square meters, which offers panoramic views and a jacuzzi.
Big Grand Suite - the best rooms at 42 sqm with a panoramic balcony of 10 square meters, which also has a jacuzzi.
Each premium cabin has a built-in TV, on the screen of which the landscapes of Italian cities will be shown. The bathrooms are finished with high quality marble, and in the shower stall glass takes up space from the floor to almost the ceiling to visually increase the space and add more light to the room.
Visitors to all cabins will be able to use a separate TV, safe, minibar, air conditioning, telephone and hairdryer. For the passengers of the ship, the service "Breakfast in the room" and access to Wi-Fi are also available (for a fee).
Описание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa Smeralda
Given the area of ​​the Costa Smeralda, it is not difficult to understand that there will be a lot of opportunities for recreation and entertainment on board. In addition to many events, concerts and performances in the liner's bars, you will also find:
The Sanremo Theater occupies the 6th deck of the Matera and the 7th deck of the Positano. The entrance to the theater is also possible from these two decks. A total of 915 places.
Mito Disco occupies Matera Deck 6 and Positano Deck 7. The Sanremo Theater also has a disco club for relaxation and dancing.
Colosseo occupies Matera Deck 6, Positano Deck 7 and Capri Deck 8, each of which has seats for comfortable viewing of shows and bars to serve guests. The Colosseum is specially designed for comfortable viewing of shows and performances by a variety of artists from musicians to acrobats.
My Moments Photo Store, 6th deck of Matera - professional photographers of the ship will capture the best moments of your trip and real, genuine emotions. And you can see all the pictures in the photo store, and, if you wish, buy them.
My tours, 6th deck Matera - excursion bureau from Costa Cruises. Here you can buy both group and individual excursions.
IMPORTANT: Costa Cruises is the only cruise company that offers excursions in Russian! Also note that it is better to book excursions in advance in your personal account (for more details, contact your manager). As a rule, there is no way to book the most interesting excursions on board. There are simply no places on them.
Shop Area at Costa Smeralda - Duty Free shops for branded clothing, perfumes, jewelry, drinks and souvenirs from the world's leading companies and Costa Cruises await you. The shops are located on Deck 7 of Positano and Deck 8 of Capri.
Personal Cruise Consultant, 7th deck Positano - will help solve any of your problems (if any), as well as answer all your questions. An important plus for all our tourists is the fact that there is a Russian-speaking consultant on board.
Reception Costa Smeralda, 7th deck Positano - here you can help you with any question. Also at the reception you can deposit funds to the onboard account and, at the end of the cruise, return the amount not spent.
Smoking Area - there are many areas for smokers on the ship, which makes it stand out from many competitors. Now you do not have to go around the entire ship in order to smoke, because smoking areas are located on the 7th Positano deck (in the bow, center and stern of the liner), on the 8th Capri deck (in the bow, center and stern of the liner), on 17th deck Bellagio (aft of the liner), 18th deck Torino (bow, center and aft of the liner) and 19th deck Cortina. In addition, there are smoking cabins on the ship.
Laguna Casino, 7th deck Positano is an indispensable attribute of every liner. It's always crowded here in the evening.
The CoDe Museum, Deck 7 of Positano, is the first Costa Cruises museum where you can learn about the history of the company and all of the company's ships.
Lungomare Riviera, 8th Deck Capri - Large open area around the entire 8th deck with areas for walking and relaxing on sun loungers.
Piazza Trastevere, 8th deck of Capri - the area in the bow of the ship, where performances also take place. There are several bars and eateries here.
Piazza di Spagna - located at the stern of the liner and actually occupies the 16th Como deck, 17th Bellagio deck and 18th Torino deck. There is a huge screen that broadcasts films, sports games and on-board events. Open air performances are also organized here.
Solemio Spa Beauty Wellness, 16th deck Como - a huge spa with many specialized and relaxation rooms, as well as beauty treatments. There are several types of saunas, massage rooms, a salt room, aromatherapy rooms and other relaxation procedures. Also, most of the territory is occupied by the thermo and hydro zones.
Virtus Gym, 16th deck Como - for those who are always trying to keep themselves in shape. And after the abundance of dishes and delicacies, it will be especially relevant.
Spiaggia Beach Club is located on Como Deck 16 and Bellagio Deck 17. A relaxation area under a large glass dome will make your stay as comfortable as possible. There is a swimming pool, jacuzzi, bars and eateries.
Описание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa Smeralda
have a passport valid for the period of the trip and for a certain period after the end of the trip in accordance with the requirements for the duration of its validity by the consular services of the countries along the route,
obtain a valid visa (s) of the host countries along the route for the entire period of the trip.
purchase a travel package, which includes an air ticket (s), a package of documents for a cruise, medical insurance,
additional services at will
for children inscribed in the passport of the parent (s), it is necessary to have a photo in the passport when they reach the age of 6 years.
original power of attorney from both parents (for children leaving without parents) or original power of attorney from the second parent (for children traveling with one of the parents).
We recommend purchasing travel cancellation insurance.
Your personal expenses in shops, drinks in bars and restaurants on the ship, use of minibars, ship communications (telephone, fax, TTY, internet), laundry and dry cleaning services. Also not included in the cruise price are the purchase of casino and slot tokens, video games, hairdressing, beauty treatments, shore excursions, nursing staff, tips to stewards and restaurant staff.
Attention: information about the services included in the cost of your cruise, specify when buying it.
Be especially vigilant in these places. Never lose sight of your luggage. Things should always be as close to you as possible and within your field of vision.
Do not change large sums of money, as you will not need them on the way to the hotel or on the ship. It is not customary abroad to demonstrate to strangers that you have money.
Do not allow anyone who is not a member of the ship's cruise team to take care of your luggage. KEEP DOCUMENTS, MONEY, VALUES, AIR TICKETS in the cabin SAFE.
All cruise lines offer excursions in English, which are booked on board at the tour desk.
Do not take more cash with you than you need for one day.
Do not be late for boarding the bus at the beginning and during the tour.
During the tour, during stops, arrive on time to the place designated by the guide.
Do not leave money or valuables on the tour bus. The driver is not responsible for them. At the end of the tour, remember to take your belongings from the bus.
You should not carry personal documents with you - they will be completely replaced by a cruise card and a copy of your passport, certified by the ship's stamp.
Do not give unauthorized persons the number of your cabin on the ship or your room in the hotel.
If your traveller's checks or credit cards are stolen or lost, void them immediately. To do this, you need to call your bank.
On the street, try to avoid street demonstrations and other large gatherings of people. The crowd is a favorite spot for pickpockets who, unfortunately, are everywhere. Prepare travel money in advance when traveling by public transport.
Don't let unauthorized persons remember the place where you keep your money and valuables.
Do not take large sums of money with you unless absolutely necessary. Try not to carry money in carry-on bags. If you are used to a bag with a shoulder strap, be sure to hold it firmly while walking.
Do not wear jewelry while walking outside.
If you are going on an excursion in a group, ask the driver not to leave the bus in the parking lots.
Wear camcorders and cameras only on a strap and over your shoulder.
Refuse all suggestions of flowers and other items, as such actions are intended to distract your attention and make the thief's job easier. Avoid street card and dice players.
When you go on a family or group outing, arrange in advance where you meet in case any of you get lost.
Do not buy jewelry and household appliances on the street.
On the terraces of bars and restaurants, do not hang bags on the back of the seat or place them on the floor.
When threatened with physical force, do not offer resistance. Try to remember the attacker's appearance (height, build, hair, eyes, nose, ears, special features, clothes, shoes, etc.), as well as the circumstances of the attack (time, place, direction in which the attacker disappeared; registration number and make his vehicle). Be sure to report the incident to the nearest police station.
Each boat has a therapist and a nurse, who are available around the clock during the voyage. Medical office opening hours are published in the cruise's daily newsletter. The office is equipped with modern medical equipment, but provides a limited range of services. Professional medical services and the provision of pharmacy services are paid. Medical services Guides for the elimination of symptoms of any disease are available in the clinical office.
If you have a special medical condition, please describe it to your agent when booking.
There are currency exchange offices at the Information desks of cruise ships. The exchange accepts convertible currencies (US dollars, Euros, pounds sterling, etc.), as well as travelers checks denominated in these currencies. A commission is charged on exchange transactions.
On cruise ships, meals usually take place in 2 shifts. Meal times are determined on board upon boarding.
Meal times can be changed depending on the cruise program. See the daily newspaper "Today" for your lunch and dinner times.
If during booking you indicated which shift is preferable to you, your wish will be taken into account. However, please bear in mind that the cruise administration has the right to independently determine the meal times on board for any passenger.
It is advisable to use telephone booths in the ports of parking, as well as phones in bars or restaurants, since it is much cheaper than calling directly from the ship (a call will cost at least 9 euros per minute of conversation).
The tip will be included in your final bill and payable on the last day of the cruise at a rate of approximately € 10 per day (depending on the duration of the cruise).
There is no specific “dress code” on the ships, but for your convenience we advise you to dress in a free and comfortable “casual” style during the day, sportswear is also possible, provide bathing suits for swimming, be sure to take comfortable shoes with you. Beachwear is not permitted in the main restaurants and lounges. For breakfast and dinner, we suggest you wear long shorts or skirts. For dinner you can wear something graceful and elegant (women - dresses or suits, men - a suit or shirt and trousers). We advise you not to go without shoes.
We advise you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes during the excursions. We remind you that a more modest and restrained style is needed to inspect and visit religious sites, monuments and temples.
We kindly ask you to check the availability of the following documents:
foreign passports for everyone who goes on a trip;
air tickets;
travel vouchers (vouchers);
insurance policies;
driver's license if you plan to rent a car;
powers of attorney from both parents (for children traveling without parents), or a power of attorney from the other parent (for children traveling with one of the parents).
Practice shows that your lack of sufficient cash (at least 50 Euro per person per day) may be grounds for deportation.
Your tour starts at the airport 3 hours before the departure time indicated on your ticket.
the company strongly recommends you not to be late for the airport at the appointed time, guided by the principle: "It is better to spend an extra hour in DUTYFREE duty-free shops than to be left without a paid vacation."
The tickets you received cannot be rewritten and cannot be returned to the ticket office.
To board a flight:
You need to go through customs.
If you do not have items and / or valuables subject to mandatory customs control, then you can skip filling out the customs declaration and go through the Green Corridor for registration.
Otherwise, you need to fill out a customs declaration, the forms of which are located in front of the customs line on tables or special counters.
Remember that cash in the amount of 3,000 to 10,000 US dollars (or the equivalent in other currencies, including hryvnia) is subject to MANDATORY customs declaration.
Customs control is carried out in the same wing where check-in for the flight is carried out. KEEP CUSTOMS DECLARATION UNTIL YOU RETURN TO ARRIVAL IN UKRAINE.
Customs regulations
The import of items for personal use is unlimited. If necessary, the customs office can obtain documents certifying the fact that the item was imported legally.
Duty-free import of the following goods (per person) is limited to the EU countries:
strong drinks (over 22%) - 1 liter; liqueurs and liqueurs (22% and below) - 2 liters; light wines (9-11%) - 3 liters; cigarettes - 200 pieces; cigars - 50 pieces; tobacco - 250 gr.; coffee - 500 gr.; tea - 100 gr.; perfume and cologne - 50 gr., or 1/4 liter. It should be noted that the duty-free import of alcohol and tobacco is allowed only to persons at least 17 years old, and coffee - to persons at least 15 years old.
Attention: we ask you to check with your agency the information in this section before traveling.
You need to check in for your flight at the check-in counter and receive your boarding pass.
The check-in counter number is indicated on the central board - opposite your flight number. All questions about your seat number are resolved only during check-in. If you are traveling with a child or want to have a specific
 If you have a seat on the plane, you should arrive at check-in early in order to get a seat that is comfortable for you.
Next, you should go through border control.
Boarding the flight is carried out after passing the above procedures through the EXIT, the number of which is indicated in the boarding pass you received during check-in.
Upon arrival:
You must go through passport control and customs area yourself. You must present your passport with visa at passport control. After passing through passport control you will find yourself in the so-called. The "customs zone" where selective inspection can be carried out.
While you are at the airport, you should very carefully monitor your personal belongings and do not change large sums of money unnecessarily, as cases of theft of money from tourists have become more frequent lately.
After everyone has gathered and checked into the list with their escort, the whole group, accompanied by an employee of the host side, goes to the appropriate bus. During the transfer from the airport, the attendant will provide the necessary information.
In the event of any problem related to your stay on the ship, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR agency IMMEDIATELY.
Upon arrival at the port, YOU WILL RECEIVE LUGGAGE TAGS, which must be attached to your luggage.
Do not forget to write your surname (in Latin), the name of the ship (in Latin) and the cabin number on each tag!
Usually the movers write it themselves! You need to check all the data! Your baggage will be delivered to your cabin door (usually no later than an hour after sailing). Leave with you only carry-on luggage with valuables and essentials. In case your luggage is delayed, go to the information desk in the central lobby of the vessel - your tags may have come off or were illegible.
Check-in usually starts 4 hours before departure and all passengers must be on board no later than one hour before departure. DO NOT CONFUSE REGISTRATION AND LANDING. Registration is a confirmation that you have arrived and are ready to cruise. The purpose of this act is to check your documents and issue the final passenger documents. Here it is appropriate to draw a parallel with the flight, there you also first check in, and only then you are invited to board the plane.
Upon entering the port terminal, follow the signs with the cruise line logo and your ship's name to the check-in area. In the registration area go to the information desk ("Information" or "GuestRelations") with your vouchers and passports.
Here you should receive your cruise tickets and an application form.
Then follow to the check-in counters. Desks REGISTER BY CABIN NUMBERS (for example, counter number 1 - cabin numbers 1101 - 1300, etc.). Therefore, you must go exactly to the check-in desk to which your cabin number belongs. There are also counters for VIP passengers. Usually these are passengers of grand suites, suites, mini-suites. AT THE REGISTRATION COUNTER you present your ZARANPASSPORT, CRUISE TICKETS, FILLED IN APPLICATION (the form is issued together with the ticket). When registering, you will be asked how you will pay your bills - in cash or by credit card. If in cash, then simply make the appropriate mark in the system and on your ticket. If by credit card (only cards of the following payment systems are accepted: Visa, American Express, MasterCard), then your card details will be entered into the system. Subsequently, all your payments on board will be debited from this card.
ATTENTION! THE CARD MUST BE ENOUGH CASH! Otherwise, the process of closing the account at the end of the cruise can be very difficult.
Go to boarding in accordance with the boarding queue number, which will be assigned to you at the end of check-in.
ATTENTION! Waiting in line for boarding can take from 1 to 2 hours! You can spend this time visiting duty free shops. To board, follow the signs.
When boarding the ship
You have to pass the ship's security post: present your documents and the Costa card to the ship's security officer (you will be given it upon registration). Then go to the front desk and hand over your passport and ask for a copy.
ATTENTION!!! Be sure to put the ship's stamp on the copy of your documents.
Immediately after boarding, you can eat at the buffet restaurant (lunch is usually served until 16-00).
When leaving the ship, you MUST present your cruise card to the security representative. ONLY AFTER THAT YOU CAN GO TO THE SHORE.
When returning to the ship, you must go through the metal detector by presenting your cruise card (CostaCard). In some cases, the security officer may ask you to show a copy of your passport.
When boarding, your guests must present their documents and you must sign in a special form. All expenses for receiving guests are borne by you. The guest cannot pay with his credit card, as it is not registered trated by the billing center of the ship and will not be accepted in bars.
Guests must be on the liner ONE HOUR before the ship leaves.
A tourist who does not show up at the cruise registration is considered a latecomer.
The tour of a late tourist is subject to cancellation, and the ENTIRE AMOUNT paid for the cruise is NOT REFUNDABLE !!!
If you are still late, then ALWAYS warn the accompanying person personally (by phone / fax, etc.) or through your agency that you will catch up with the ship at the next berthing port. Otherwise, the cruise administration reserves the right to sell an unoccupied cabin!
A tourist who does not appear on the ship in any port of the berth is considered to be lagging behind.
Each port of departure and anchorage of the cruise line has its representative office or authorized agency (phone numbers are listed in the on-board newspaper).
ATTENTION! The service of assistance in case of being late and falling behind is paid!
On European cruises, all prices are in EURO. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED on board! An analogue of a credit card is used for calculations, the so-called CostaCard cruise card. It is also a pass to the ship, and together with a copy of the passport certified by the seal of the ship - an identity card (for the duration of the cruise). All passenger expenses on the ship, excluding casino expenses, are recorded on this card. The card is issued upon registration for the cruise.
If you pay your boat expenses with a credit card, ONLY ONE CARD MAY BE USED. When paying bills from different (two or more) cards, ALL expenses incurred by you during the cruise will be debited FROM ALL cards. The refund process will take at least 6 months.
We recommend you RECEIVE and STORE ALL ACCOUNTS UNTIL THE END OF THE CRUISE. This will allow you to control your expenses and eliminate possible errors in calculations on the part of the cruise administration.
Euro cash is accepted on site. Currency exchange is available at the reception. There are ATMs on board for cash withdrawals.
At the end of the cruise, you can pay your shipping costs as follows: CASH, TRAVEL CHECKS, CREDIT CARDs of the following payment systems: Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Other means of payment WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
On the last evening, we recommend that you carefully calculate the costs and prepare the required amount in advance.
When making the FINAL CALCULATION, it is recommended that you HAVE ALL BILLS issued to you during the cruise.
In the morning, as early as possible, you should go to the reception, where the final payment should be made.
CASH PAYMENT. After making sure that there are no errors in the final invoice, pay the required amount. In case of your disagreement or doubts about the amount of the invoice, you should consult with the accounting manager, who is next to the administrator and has all the information on your invoices.
PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD. Make sure there are no errors in the final invoice and then sign the invoice. Don't forget to bring your copy of the invoice! The money will be automatically debited from the card.
After all bills have been paid, the administrator must close the Costa Card. You can now go ashore.
Attention! Don't forget to collect your passports at the end of your cruise!
On the last evening, luggage tags will be brought to your cabin, similar to those you had when boarding the ship. These tags must be stuck on your luggage and placed in the corridor by the door to your cabin no later than 1 am. Do not check in any valuables, including high value items
photographic equipment and electronics. Never leave any documents in your luggage - passport, return flight tickets, vouchers for accommodation after a cruise, etc. You will receive your luggage in the baggage claim area of ​​the port at the end of the cruise.
REMINDER TO THE ABROAD (this information applies to all countries of the world and may be useful to you on further travels abroad)
You are going on a trip abroad. In this case, you need to know that in a number of foreign countries there is a real possibility of infection with especially dangerous infectious and parasitic diseases that affect the vital organs of the human body, and can lead to the death of the patient.
Among such diseases, the most dangerous are cholera, plague, yellow fever, HIV infection (AIDS), malaria (a large number of deaths), hydrophobia (rabies).
Recently, in connection with the development of international tourism, cases of infection of citizens with the above infectious diseases have become more frequent, which is associated with their FAILURE TO COMPLETE OBLIGATORY PREVENTIVE MEASURES. Therefore, we recommend that you, while on a tourist trip abroad, observe the following simple rules for the prevention of the above infectious diseases:
use guaranteed safe water and drinks (boiled water, drinking water and drinks only in their original packaging);
wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly with safe water;
avoid food from trays and non-certified state-owned cafes and restaurants;
when swimming in ponds and pools, try to prevent water from entering the mouth;
follow basic rules of personal hygiene (wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before eating and preparing food, after using the toilet);
do not make contact with stray animals. If you inflict even a minor wound on your animals, see a doctor immediately. Untimely access to a doctor in contact with a rabid animal is fatal in 100% of cases;
beware of bites by mosquitoes, mosquitoes and other insects, using protective creams, aerosols, etc. For the prevention of malaria, you can purchase the drug DELAGIL at the pharmacy. It is necessary to consult a doctor about the method of its use;
beware of casual sex, use condoms and other protective equipment;
do not purchase items of clothing from random people (it is possible to get infected with diseases transmitted by contact);
it is not recommended to walk barefoot and in open shoes.
Some features and symptoms of the most dangerous infectious diseases
Recently, there has been an increase in the number of countries in the world where the incidence and outbreaks of cholera are recorded. The most unfavorable countries for cholera on the European and Asian continents are: India, Laos, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan. Cholera pathogens (vibrios) enter the human body through the mouth with water or food. The most dangerous foods are those that are not cooked - raw fruits and vegetables, liquid foods such as milk, etc. Infection is also possible through contaminated objects (dishes, bed linen, etc.). The incubation period for cholera is 5 days. The characteristic signs of cholera are diarrhea and vomiting, which result in dehydration. Cholera is fatal in case of delay in seeking medical help.
The carrier of the causative agent of the plague is fleas that parasitize on rodents. There are two types of plague:
Bubonic plague - infection occurs through contact (bite) with infected animals. Symptoms are swollen lymph nodes.
The pneumonic form of plague is transmitted by airborne droplets. Symptoms are a sudden rise in temperature, chills, severe headache, shortness of breath, and coughing up blood.
The incubation period for plague is from several hours to 6 days. Only with timely access to a doctor is the treatment of plague possible.
Acute viral disease. This virus is carried by mosquitoes. Accordingly, infection can occur both in nature and in the city. Symptoms are headache, high fever, rash. The incubation period is 3 - 6 days. The specified disease is common in 47 countries of the South American and African continents. When traveling to these countries, vaccination is required, which is the only and mandatory measure to prevent this disease. Vaccinations are carried out at least 10 days before departure. The vaccine lasts 10 years.
Distributed in almost all countries of the world, including the USA and Europe. In case of infection with the immunodeficiency virus, a person becomes a carrier of HIV infection and, while remaining outwardly completely healthy for a long time, can infect sexual partners. HIV infection leads to the development of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Today's medicine does not know effective remedies against AIDS. The characteristic signs of this disease are: sudden weight loss, chronic diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes, fungal diseases. The most reliable way of prevention is to avoid questionable sex. A fairly reliable means of prevention is the use of condoms, especially in combination with spermicidal ointments.
If you develop symptoms that may indicate your possible illness, you should immediately consult a doctor. Self-medication can aggravate your condition and lead to the most tragic consequences. If you feel unwell on your return to Moscow on the plane, be sure to contact the flight attendant. REMEMBER that COVERING an illness entails ADMINISTRATIVE and CRIMINAL LIABILITY.
Costa Cruises has also taken care of entertainment for young passengers. Thus, children will be able to visit interesting clubs by age (for kids, teenagers), a room with slot machines and a children's pool. Parents who want to spend time alone will have the opportunity to order babysitting services.
Children's clubs:
Luna Park - Squok Club, 16th deck Como
Luna Park - Baby Squok Club, 16th deck Como
Video Arcade, 16th Deck Como - The latest video game and video game room.
Aqua Park Smeralda is a large water park with water slides that occupy the three decks of the liner: Bellagio 17th deck, Torino 18th deck and Cortina 19th deck. The descent starts from the 19th deck.
Sport Area, 18th Deck Torino - sports field for volleyball, tennis, basketball and mini-football. Also, various competitions among the guests of the liner are held here.
Описание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa Smeralda
The restaurants are the epitome of Italian culinary tradition, and their names were taken from the characters in the Commedia dell'Arte.
La Colombina, 5th deck Taormina (978 seats) - located aft of the liner. The minimalist design of the restaurant was developed by the architectural company Rockwell Group. The restaurant is the largest of all the restaurants located on the cruise ship.
Il Meneghino, 6th Matera Deck (886 seats) - Located just above La Colombina restaurant, also aft of the ship.
L'Arlecchino, 6th Matera Deck (652 seats) - Located between Il Meneghino and the Colosseum. The peculiarity of this restaurant is its unique design. The restaurant is designed as an Italian villa with many rooms. Everyone will find their favorite place here.
Il Rugantino, 7th deck Positano (546 seats) - Located at the stern of the ship. In addition to the design and true Italian dishes, a big plus of the restaurant is the direct access to the open terrace TERRAZZA SUPERBA.
La Sagra dei Sapori, 8th Deck Capri (832 seats) - Buffet Restaurant with Swedish line. Unusually placed not on the upper decks, like on other Costa Cruises ships, but in the center on the 8th deck.
Panorama Elite Restaurant, 8th deck Capri (96 seats) - Located in the bow of the ship. This restaurant is the main restaurant for guests staying in the Suites and Grand Suites.
Bellavista Club, 8th deck Capri (100 seats) - a special restaurant that I would like to draw your attention to. For the first time on a cruise ship, the Costa has a restaurant that is intended for holders of loyalty cards of the Pearl Diamond level. In this way, the cruise line is paying tribute to its loyal customers and an added bonus for Costa Club cardholders.
Tutti a Tavola, 16th Deck Como (137 seats) - This self-service buffet restaurant caters for families with children due to its proximity to kids' clubs and entertainment areas, and has a special kids menu. It also has an outdoor area where you can enjoy spectacular sea views.
ALTERNATIVE RESTAURANTS / A la Carte (visit for an additional fee)
Puzzeria Pummid'Oro, 8th deck of Capri (96 seats) - here you can taste the original Italian pizzas of the classic Margarita, Napoli, Four Seasons, Calzone and newer and more original ones. All products are of the highest quality and freshness, right down to mozzarella cooked directly on board.
Teppanyaki, 8th Deck Capri (seating 54) is not just a restaurant, it is a whole show with a special cooking and seating method. Directly in front of your eyes, they will prepare dishes from the freshest products: beef, shrimp, scallops, lobster, chicken and vegetables.
Ristorante LAB, Capri Deck 8 (50 seats) - This is a new format restaurant where you can put your culinary talents to the test with the professional chefs of Costa Cruises. Create your unbeatable dish with the experts at LAB Restaurant.
Il Bacaro, 8th deck of Capri (45 seats) - Restaurant that serves classic dishes from the Venetto region (Venice). Here you can taste the famous Venetian Cicchetti. This is an appetizer in the form of meat, fish or vegetable cuts, which is always served with a glass of good wine.
The Salty Beach Street Food, 16th Deck Como (22 seats) - A small snack bar located in the La Spiaggia recreation area. It serves classic Italian street food and an international breakfast.
La Vetta Lasagna & Bruschetta, 17th deck of Bellagio (85 seats) - Italian zakuchino, which is located in the central part of the liner near the aqua park. On the menu: Italian lasagna, pasta gratin and bruschetta, as well as other dishes and snacks from Italian cuisine.
Settimo Ceilo Salad Bar, 18th deck Torino (36 seats) - located in the bow of the ship near one of the pools and solarium. Here you can make the best salad for yourself using fresh vegetables, sauces, cooked vegetables and other ingredients.
Quelli della notte, 6th deck Matera (163 seats) - This is not just a bar, but a jazz club, where connoisseurs of a relaxed atmosphere and jazz can get the most out of music, service and high-quality branded drinks.
Illy, 6th Deck Matera (80 seats) - This is the first themed bar of the world famous brand Illy on a cruise ship. Here you will be offered not only classic coffee drinks, but also exclusive ones for real coffee lovers.
Mastroiani Grand Bar, 6th deck Matera (472 seats) - the largest bar on the ship. Located in the bow of the liner in front of the Sanremo Theater. In this bar you can taste not only the widest selection of drinks and snacks, but also enjoy the performance of the Costa Smeralda performers ...
Superba Bar, 7th Deck Positano (142 seats) - Located on the large open deck aft of the ship. There are recreation areas, and the entire area is divided into two parts, for smokers and non-smoking guests.
Il cielo in una stanza, 7th deck Positano (108 seats) - this drunken bar is a real place of rest and relaxation for guests who are tired of the many bright shows and entertainment on board the ship.
Laguna Bar, 7th Deck Positano (51 seats) - A small bar that connects the Colosseo area and the Laguna Casino.
Camрari Bar, 7th Deck Positano (139 seats) - All cocktails here are based on or with the addition of Campary, and the service uniform was specially designed in collaboration with Campary.
Il Mattino, 7th deck Positano - a small, cozy bar located near the brand clothing stores.
Boliccine, 8th Deck Capri (197 seats) - This is the Cantine Ferrari brand store. Here you will be offered a wide selection of Cantine Ferrari and Cantine Lunelli sparkling wines, as well as signature cocktails. You will be treated not only with snacks that are ideal for the selected drinks, but also with other delicacies as an aperitif.
Gelateria-Cioccalateria Amarillo, 8th Deck Capri (50 seats) - a paradise for lovers of sweets and especially ice cream. Real Italian gelato will not leave anyone indifferent. And there are as many as 18 species of it! Amarillo is also located on Deck 17.
Bar Sport, 8th deck Capri (17 seats) is a classic sports bar where you can not only enjoy a variety of drinks but also watch the matches of your favorite teams.
Sole Bar, 16th Deck Como (20 seats) - A small bar in the Spiaggia Beach Club.
La Cascata Bar, 16th Deck Como (36 seats) is another bar to serve guests who are relaxing at the Spiaggia Beach Club.
Nutella at Costa, 17th deck Bellagio (28 seats) is a diner that serves a variety of desserts with Nutella.
Aperol Spritz Bar, 17th deck of Bellagio (61 seats) - focused on preparing a variety of cocktails.
Orizzonte Bar, 18th deck Torino (40 seats) - here you will be offered popular drinks and cocktails, any of which will bring you positive emotions, because the best panoramic view opens up here!
Settimo Ceilo Bar, 18th deck Torino (51 seats) - located in the bow of the ship, which makes it as convenient as possible for guests who relax on the upper decks and sunbathe.
Описание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa SmeraldaОписание лайнера Costa Smeralda
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Максим Кныш
24.04.2020 16:11
Немного фото с круиза.
Max Knysh
23.04.2020 17:56
Добрый день. Побывав на этом великолепном лайнере, хочу оставить о нём свой небольшой отзыв.

Круизный лайнер Costa Smeralda является одним из кораблей нового класса Helios, дизайн интерьеров которого полностью посвящен Италии. Особенностью нового лайнера является концепция «Green Cruising» – использование в качестве топлива сжиженного природного газа, позволяющее значительно уменьшить вредные выбросы в атмосферу.

Лайнер Costa Smeralda – самый большой лайнер во флоте компании Costa. Когда впервые его видишь в близи, он похож на большой утюг (как, впрочем, и ознаменовали лайнер в народе), но когда на нём находишься и чувствуешь всю эту мощь и необъятное пространство, то понимаешь, что факт остается фактом – класс Helios является вторым по величине после класса Oasis, а сам лайнер Costa Smeralda – 5-ый самый большой лайнер в мире!

Не заблудиться на лайнере – большое испытание даже для опытного круизера. На лайнере 20 палуб, 2612 кают (68% с балконом), небольшой театр в носу Sanremo, а в самом центре находиться «сердце» лайнера – “Колизей” (Colosseo) – трехпалубный атриум-зал, в котором по вечерам проходят феерические шоу-программы, а вокруг него расположены множество баров, предлагающих изысканные напитки и закуски (мой любимый – бар Laguna, в котором обслуживает замечательный бармен Пран из Индии ). Также на лайнере 4 бассейна, включая крытый и два детских бассейна и огромный аквапарк с горками.

Питание на лайнере более чем отличное, на нём расположены 19 баров и 11 ресторанов. Многие основные рестораны помимо ужинов также работают на завтрак и обед. Например, таким является ресторан Arlecchino на 6-ой палубе, в котором мы иногда завтракали и обедали, единственный нюанс – еду самостоятельно набирать в ресторанах нельзя, нужно подходить к понравившимся блюдам и просить работников наложить в тарелку. На 8-ой же палубе функционирует полноценный Buffet, в котором уже традиционно можно накладывать себе еды столько, сколько душа пожелает. Расположение буфета немножко сбивает с толку, поскольку на большинстве лайнеров он находится на высокой палубе, а на Costa Smeralda – в середине лайнера. Ужинали мы в ресторане Arlecchino в первую смену питания, обслуживание было достаточно быстрым (по сравнению с моим опытом на Costa Diadema), блюд было широкое разнообразие, ниже под названием блюда на английском был перевод на русский, что очень удобно. В целом, питание мне понравилось, вкусно и большой выбор самых разнообразных блюд: как мясных и рыбных, так и морепродуктов. Единственный минус – на шведской линии всегда очень много людей и зачастую найти свободный столик напоминает McDonalds на м. Вокзальная – ждешь, когда кто-то доест и занимаешь столик. Стоит отметить и вкуснейшую пиццерию на 8-ой палубе, покушать здесь можно за дополнительную плату, но цены более чем лояльные – 8-12 Евро за большую пиццу.

Из интересных инноваций – Costa перестала печатать все фотографии, которые делает на протяжении всего круиза. Если есть желающие распечатать фотографии, можно подойти в специальную зону на 6-ой палубе и воспользоваться одним из множества специально разработанных планшетах, которые работают на базе Face ID и выбрать любое понравившееся фото. Стоимость распечатки плюс-минус 20 Евро/фото. Также на лайнере есть собственный бортовой музей – CoDe Museum на 7-ой палубе, которым посвящен итальянскому дизайну. Есть 2 площади: на 8-ой палубе расположена площадь Trastevere, где расположено несколько хороших баров, можно попробовать вкусное мороженое и уличную еду (шаурмы нет, я узнавал); на корме расположена площадь Испании (Piazza di Spagna) – трехпалубный ступенчатый атриум, на верхнем уровне которого находится прозрачный пол с захватывающим видом на море (почти как на «мосту Кличко»). Нельзя не отметить и прогулочную дорожку, которая расположена на самой высокой палубе и с которой открываются изумительные виды на лайнер и море.

По каютам. Все каюты, по которым мы ходили, довольно стандартные, но есть несколько моментов, о которых стоит упомянуть. 4-5-ти местное размещение – очень спорный вопрос. Лучше взять 2 каюты рядом, если вы не хотите жить как в консервной банке. Если брать каюту с балконом даже при 4-х местном размещении – очень тесно, если же смотреть 5-ти местное, то доп. место – раскладушка, которую принесут в каюту и которая займет полностью все место в каюте и закроет доступ к балкону. Ещё один полный провал – каюты с террасой, которые почему-то стоят дороже обычных балконов. Момент №1 – в каютах практически постоянно темно и нужно включать свет, поскольку терраса, которая соединяет саму каюту с балконом, не пропускает дневной свет. Момент №2 – каюты находятся на нижних палубах (на 8 и 9 палубе), но если 9 палуба это ещё более-менее, то на 8 палубе балконы из этих кают выходят прямо на прогулочную палубу и расположенные там курилки. Таким образом, прогуливаясь вечером по палубе и наслаждаясь морским бризом, можно случайным образом стать свидетелем самых разнообразных сцен, которые происходят в данный момент в каютах с террасами. Таким образом, на мой взгляд, такие каюты вообще не стоят внимания, более того, когда вы просите забронировать каюту с балконом на гарантии – помните, что в случае апгрейда можете получить такую каюту. Очень понравилась наша каюта с балконом на самом носу лайнера. На ночь, как на большинстве других лайнеров, балкон не закрывался и можно было на него выйти – виды потрясающие, я не ожидал. Сам балкон – гигантского размера, есть специальный ветрозащитный козырек – очень удобно для курящих. Кстати, на лайнере очень много зон для курения, в том числе пепельницы стоят практически на каждом балконе.
Сервис. К обслуживающему персоналу в местах питания вопросов нет, работают быстро и всегда доброжелательные (особенно бармен Пран из Индии из бара Laguna, отличный парень). Из персонала попадаются работники из Украины: в фотобюро работает Александр из Кривого Рога, в магазине часов Владимир из Западной Украины. На ресепшене практически всегда есть кто-то из русскоязычных. Большие претензии к уборщикам, которые не убирают мусор в общественных зонах, на курилках часто забитые пепельницы, вдоль прогулочных палуб стоят оставленные бокалы, битая посуда после ночных гуляний и прочее. Казалось бы, логично – 6518 пассажиров и 1682 экипажа – не успевают. Да, но не только в этом дело. Не один раз мы были свидетелями, когда среди всего этого мусора стоял персонал и вообще ничего не делал, либо тоже курили, либо болтали о своем. Все это свидетельствует о том, что на лайнере не самый высокий уровень сервиса и об этом нужно помнить.
Вывод: в целом, лайнер мне понравился. По сравнению с Costa Diadema здесь очень неудобная навигация и человек, у которого внутренний компас работает плохо – это настоящее испытание. Иногда приходилось выглядывать в окна, чтобы понимать в каком направлении идет лайнер и уже тогда приходило понятие, где же нос, а где корма. Из плюсов – питание, из минусов – чистота и чересчур много людей. Рекомендую всем тем, кто очень любит большие лайнеры и тем, кто в круиз отправляется впервые. Педантичным тихоням рекомендовать не буду.