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The cruise ship Enchanted Princess is the 5th Royal class vessel in the Princess Cruises fleet among the predecessors of the Royal Princess (2013), Regal Princess (2014), Majestic Princess (2017) and Sky Princess (2019).
Year of construction - 2020
Length - 330 m.
Width - 47 m.
Displacement - 143,700 tons.
Capacity - 3668-4402
Number of cabins - 1834
Speed ​​- 23 knots
Number of decks - 18
The inauguration ceremony of the ship Enchanted Princess - October 1, 2020.
The vessel impresses with its style and luxury. Get ready for delicious and unique dining experiences. More pools and jacuzzis than other ships. World-class entertainment venues hosting great shows. As well as the unique new Sky Suite with breathtaking views from the largest seafront balcony.
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Compared to the Royal Class Princess ships, the Enchanted Princess has a new Wakeview pool (located aft), as well as 2 plunge pools on the upper deck and Retreat Pool (adults only), more Jacuzzi. The expanded Sanctuary area offers a new design and twice as many private cabins as other ships. Vista Lounge has also been redesigned. The Princess Live! and Cafe is a new restaurant serving quick snacks, specialty teas and coffees. This venue offers premium drinks and live performances.
List of halls, clubs and other entertainment facilities of the Enchanted Princess for children, teens and adults:
Piazza Atrium (3-storey open area with entertainment program and Piazza lobby bar);
photo gallery and shops;
photo studio Limelight;
Princess Enchanted Theater (2-level musical and show performances; master classes, seminars, game shows are held);
Princess Casino (game room and bar);
Lotus Spa complex (beauty salon);
fitness center (with aerobics studio);
wedding chapel;
films under the stars (LED screen, open-air cinema);
The Game Lounge (arcade video game);
teenage and youth centers;
Remix Disco & Lounge (teenage club);
The Sanctuary (open area for adults only);
SeaWalk (glass bottom walks with panoramic views, length 18 m / 60 ft);
pool with a fountain;
Princess Sports Central (volleyball, basketball, European football);
tennis tables;
virtual games Game Lounge;
The Greens golf course;
laser shooting;
Take 5 is the world's only jazz theater at sea. The new jazz-themed lounge bar features chic backdrops, live performances by renowned jazz musicians (including celebrity singers), handcrafted premium cocktails (designed by Rob Floyd - the high-end bartender), guest performers, and theme nights. Custom multimedia content is displayed on TV screens in the living room.
The Experience Center (Deck 18) has a capacity of 6 people and has no age restrictions. This is the Escape Room that hosts the Phantom Bridge game. It combines physical and virtual / digital elements for unique puzzle solving. The attraction is part of the program aboard Princess Cruises (Discovery at SEA) and offers interactive (real + virtual) adventure games with over 700 different outcomes. Phantom Bridge game sessions last 23 minutes each and will allow you to navigate the virtual cruise ship, watch the generated simulations change, reveal clues and solve puzzles.
Описание лайнера Enchanted PrincessОписание лайнера Enchanted PrincessОписание лайнера Enchanted PrincessОписание лайнера Enchanted PrincessОписание лайнера Enchanted PrincessОписание лайнера Enchanted Princess
IMMIGRATION RULES Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the cruise, expired passports are not accepted. To visit most countries, you must obtain an appropriate permit (visa) in advance. The passenger is directly responsible for the availability of visas required for the cruise.
Travel on a liner
Accommodation in a cabin of the selected category
24-hour meals on board (excluding alcohol)
Entertainment programs on board
Programs for children and children's menu
24-hour cabin and steward service
Every night musical performances - shows, live music, discos
Use of the gym, sauna, jacuzzi.
Port dues
A tourist, going on a sea cruise, must have with him:
a foreign passport, which must contain the necessary visas;
voucher or cruise ticket;
medical insurance policy.
Contact your agent and order a transfer from the Airport to the seaport. In case you travel on your own, do not forget to ask your agent for a seaport diagram.
The tourist is advised to arrive at the seaport 2 hours before departure.
ATTENTION! THE LINER IS NOT WAITING FOR LATE! Tourists bear full material and moral responsibility for the consequences that have arisen due to their delay in departure of the vessel.
Baggage is checked in at the port and delivered to the cabin (tip for baggage delivery is approximately $ 2 per item, paid upon check-in). Beforehand, it is necessary to stick luggage tags with the name and number of the cabin.
We kindly ask you to fill in your baggage tags yourself (cabin number and deck number).
After passing through customs and border formalities, the tourist surrenders his passport (for the duration of the cruise), and receives a "Personal card", which is an identity document for the duration of the cruise, a key to the cabin, a means of payment on board, etc. If you are going to pay in cash at the end of the cruise, then you will be asked to put a deposit of at least $ 300 per person on your "Personal Card".
Then the tourist goes on board the liner, is accommodated in the cabin (the number and category of the cabin are indicated in the voucher or ticket). Please note that for safety reasons visitors are not permitted on board.
Each cabin contains information about the location of services, the ship's plank chart, and a telephone directory of various ship services. Each cabin is equipped with air conditioning, telephone, TV, 110 volt and 220 volt sockets.
There is usually a "drill" before sailing, you can take a life jacket and take part in the drills. The plan of the exercise is indicated on the door of your cabin.
What is Purser'sdesk?
This is a guest service (analogous to “Reception” in a hotel), located on one of the decks of the liner (see the diagram) and helping passengers to receive information on all issues: receiving and sending correspondence, paying bills, searching for lost things, information services.
Staying on a cruise is like relaxing in a luxury resort.
When packing your suitcase, please note that your luggage must contain 3 types of clothing: loose, formal and formal:
Free style: trousers, slacks, skirt, jumper, blouse, shirt. (In shorts, short T-shirts, "ripped" jeans, with bare legs - the entrance to the restaurant is prohibited).
Formal style: suit or dress - for ladies; jacket, tie - for men. (As if you went to a good restaurant at home.)
Formal style: evening dress or cocktail dress - ladies; a tuxedo or dark suit with a tie - for gentlemen. For such evenings, you can rent a suit on the ship.
Be sure to take into account the requirements for clothing in a number of countries: you will not be allowed into the ancient temples of Italy and Malta with bare knees and shoulders, in the countries of the East the restrictions are even stricter - consult your agent.
In restaurants on board ships, there are usually 2 meal times for dinner: 18:30 / 20:30. You can choose which one you prefer and inform the agent about it when booking, and we will do our best to make you comfortable. Also specify in advance for how many people the table is preferable for you. On Princess ships there is a third option: Personalchoice (own choice). It gives you the freedom to decide where, when and with whom you dine every night. On the ships of Princess companies, in addition to the main one, there are themed restaurants where you can enjoy the national cuisine of Italy and America, paying only for a table reservation ($ 15-20 per person); cafes, bars and pizzerias, as well as a buffet restaurant on the upper deck.
For passengers in need of dietary meals, there is always a selection of low fat, cholesterol, sodium, sugar, vegetarian and kosher meals.
All ships use only fresh selected products, shipped at the nearest port.
Room service and drinks are available on all ships at an additional cost. An exception is the RoomService menu - ordering certain meals and drinks (you will find the list in your cabin).
You can also order breakfast in your room for free, you have a form in your cabin, you must fill it out and hang the handle on the door from the outside (you can also indicate the time when it is convenient for you to bring it).
Take your kids with you! Special programs for children of different ages on board each ship will not let them get bored, and in the kids club they can make friends with their peers from different countries. The children's menu and early meal changes allow the whole family to dine together in the restaurant. Thus, you can spend as much time with your family as you want.
You should only pay attention to the age restrictions of children: 6 months - for companies Crystal and Princess (European and Mediterranean routes, Caribbean, Mexico, Australia, Alaska). Both companies reserve the right to limit the number of children under 3 years of age on board.
Children should be accommodated either in the same cabin with their parents or in a communicating cabin. Unaccompanied children under 18 are not allowed on the cruise.
According to American laws, children under the age of 21 are prohibited from playing in casinos and drinking alcoholic beverages.
Doubts about the age of the tourist are resolved using the ID.
On PrincessCruises, access to the Spa, Jacuzzi and Gymnasium for children under 18 is only permitted with an adult.
All these measures are dictated by the desire to ensure a high level of security.
On the ships of the PrincessCruises company there are special children's centers for children of different ages: 3-7, 8-12 and 13-17 years old, in which events are specially designed for each group. What they have in common: the constant presence of staff, a playground, a shallow pool, an ice cream kiosk, a computer, an abundance of board and video games, ping-pong tables, videos. For teenagers, there is even their own jacuzzi bath and a section of the deck that belongs to them. All Princess ships have a special children's menu.
Visiting kids' clubs is free. Additionally paid ($ 5 / hour per child) only lessons from 22.00 to 0.00 and during the stay of the liner in the port.
Solo travelers won't feel lonely
When traveling alone, you will not feel lonely as you continually participate in daytime and nightly activities such as Let's Get to Know and Cocktail Parties. However, if you want, you can relax and enjoy the solitude.
During the cruise, all your additional expenses (on board the ship) will be credited to your Personal Account (according to your cabin number), since according to customs laws, cash payments are not accepted on the ship. To open this account, a guarantee in the form of a credit card or a deposit of at least $ 300 per person is required.
To pay expenses, you only need to present your "Personal Card" and sign receipts. At the end of the cruise, you will be presented with an invoice indicating your expenses on board, which you will need to pay in cash or by credit card to Purser'sDesk. On the ships of "PRINCESS CRUISES" the following cards are accepted: VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, Diners Club, Carte Blanche and American Express / Optima. You can also pay in dollars (US and Canadian), British pounds and traveler's checks (issued by banks in the USA, Canada and the UK).
Tipping is the norm all over the world, as 90% of staff salaries are tips.
On PRINCESSCRUISES liners, tips to waiters, your stewart and other service personnel are automatically credited to your "Personal Card" daily, at the rate of $ 14.50 per day, for guests of the category of cabins mini-suites $ 15.50 per day, and for guests of the category suite $ 16.50 per night. CALCULATED IN ADDITIONAL TO YOUR EXPENSES and are PAID on board on the last day of the cruise. If you wish to thank you for a different service, you can additionally add a certain amount to your account. If you are dissatisfied with the service provided, you can refuse to tip the staff, explaining the reason to Purser’sDesk.
Gratitude to the casino and spa staff on Princess ships is not regulated.
Shore excursions.
The excursion program at the ports of call is not included in the cruise price and is paid additionally. To order individual or group excursions with a Russian-speaking guide, full payment is required in advance of the cruise. On board the liner orders are accepted for participation in group excursions conducted in English.
On the day of boarding, you have a special form in your cabin - an order for shore excursions, if you wish, you must fill it out and return it to a special "Shoreexcursion" counter, where you can get information about the proposed excursions at the ports of call and purchase tickets. Tourists, not nThose wishing to participate in excursions can independently manage their time in the port.
Medical services.
Each liner has a trained doctor and nurses on board who are available around the clock in case of emergency. Medical services provided on board are subject to additional charges.
Some people who are sensitive to even the slightest vibration of the ship can use special pills.
Laundry and dry cleaning services.
Our liners are equipped with excellent laundry and dry cleaning services. You only need to fill out an order form before 9.00 am (it is in your cabin) and give it to the steward along with the things in a plastic bag. Your order will be fulfilled on the same day 50% surcharge for urgency or the next day. The price list and a plastic bag for things are in the drawer of your cabin table. You can also iron or wash your own clothes. A laundry (Laundromat) is located on deck.
Duty free shops.
There are duty-free shops on board, where goods of world famous companies, souvenirs with the symbols of a cruise company, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, clothing, perfumery and cosmetics, jewelry, and medicines are widely presented. The shops on board are only open while the vessel is in motion in accordance with international customs regulations.
International telephone, telefax, telex, internet
While the vessel is moving, you can use the services of international telephone communication (from the cabin), facsimile or telex communication (from the ship's radio station). There is also an Internet cafe on the liner. While the vessel is at the port, local communication systems can be used. The cost of an international telephone call from the ship is on average $ 15 per minute.
Sauna, massage center, beauty salon.
There is a sauna, massage center and beauty salon on board. Services are provided for an additional fee. If you wish to use these services, we recommend that you schedule an appointment in advance.
Services in the cabin.
For your convenience, there are soft drinks in the cabin, which are paid additionally.
You can contact Guest Service any time of the day or night to order an extra pillow, blanket, snacks in your cabin and much, much more. Drinks (juice, coffee) and snacks indicated in the RoomService menu are served in the cabin free of charge.
Radio and television in the cabin.
All cabins on the ships are equipped with radio and television. Television includes a satellite news channel from various countries, films, music programs and an in-house TV channel covering the on-board program, ports of call, etc.
The day before the end of the cruise, customs declarations and luggage tags will be delivered to your cabin. After collecting the suitcases, remove the old ones and place the new filled tags on the luggage, remembering their color. Baggage must be left in the corridor until 23.00. Leave hygiene items, medicines, valuables in your hand luggage. On the day of arrival at the final port, you must pay with your card before 07.00, receive a passport. Please note that large cruise ships line up for the Purser'sDesk on the day the cruise ends.
For your convenience, Princess invites you to register your credit card upon boarding or during the first days of the cruise. In this case, the money will be withdrawn from it automatically after you sign the final account.
Even the smallest guests will be delighted with the entertainment. TheTree house is a whimsical forest-themed world that inspires play and invites you to explore. Children ages 3 to 7 can dance, enjoy nightly movies in their pajamas, create art projects such as Animal Planet ™ dolls and masks, or participate in a Lego® boat building competition (renowned manufacturer of children's construction sets).
Step into the Lodge. This inviting center for outdoor walks encourages children to play, dance and compete. Exciting events such as talent shows, theme nights and treasure hunts call for meeting new people and family reunification. Children from 8 to 12 years old.
The Beach House. This modern lounge is a place for teens (ages 13 to 17) - perfect for hanging out and chatting with nightly movie watching, hip hop dance lessons, video game tournaments and sports such as dodgeball and basketball.
Описание лайнера Enchanted PrincessОписание лайнера Enchanted PrincessОписание лайнера Enchanted PrincessОписание лайнера Enchanted PrincessОписание лайнера Enchanted Princess
Every hour the chefs are busy baking, grilling and preparing delicious meals from scratch. The Enchanted Princess offers unparalleled dining options throughout the ship, with a wide range of culinary delights to suit all tastes, from an endless buffet selection to gourmet pizza, cold treats, delicious desserts and more.
Restaurants and bars on the ship Enchanted Princess:
Sabatini's Restaurant (Italian à la carte restaurant: offers an Italian 3-course / seafood menu; advance booking recommended). This establishment combines the spaciousness of modern surroundings with classic Italian accents, offering pasta courses in collaboration with Los Angeles chef Angelo Auriana;
La Mer by Three-Michelin. Star Chef Emmanuelle Renaud offers casual French bistro-style cuisine with a modern twist, inspired by the flavors of the French Alps and contrasts from the ocean;
Symphony Restaurant (there is a "Wine Cellar" area, serving "Winemaker's Dinner", capacity - 12 guests);
Pizzeria Alfredo (121 seats; largest free pizzeria on board);
Concerto Restaurant (offers "Anytime Dining" from 17:30 to 10:00);
Allegro Restaurant (aft dining room; offers formal dinners and two fixed dining rooms, as well as a private Chef's Table Lumiere for 12 guests);
Ocean Terrace (specialized bar with seafood);
Crown Grill (160-seat steakhouse / seafood restaurant, reservation recommended; British lunch served on select days, free);
Salty Dog Grill & Alfredo's Pizzeria (self service, free fast food bar). The Salty Dog Gastropub space is a new place where passengers can watch sporting events while savoring small snacks and drinks, and take part in the Ernesto Burger from chef partner Ernesto Uchimura, founder of the original Umami Burger and owner of the new Electric Restaurant and Bar. Owl in Los Angeles;
Calypso Cabana (food bar serving picnic baskets, desserts, champagne and wine bags);
World Fresh Marketplace (self-service buffet restaurant, free);
Horizon Buffet (indoor buffet) and Horizon Terrace (outdoor);
Swirls Bar (bar serving ice cream).
Описание лайнера Enchanted PrincessОписание лайнера Enchanted PrincessОписание лайнера Enchanted PrincessОписание лайнера Enchanted PrincessОписание лайнера Enchanted PrincessОписание лайнера Enchanted Princess
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