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The capital of the United Arab Emirates is the richest and at the same time the largest emirate among all the members of the UAE. One of the most luxurious cities in the world with a population of almost a million.
Abu Dhabi is located on several islands in the Persian Gulf, which are connected by a network of highways. Billions of dollars have been spent on building and equipping the city. The area of ​​the city is 67 thousand square kilometers, and each of them is filled with luxury. The city of Abu Dhabi is separated from the mainland by a strait, the temperature in the capital is several degrees lower than outside the city, also due to the large number of green spaces.
Port Zayed is located near the center of the UAE capital. The portal provides easy access to the main attractions and entertainment venues of the city, as well as hotels and resorts in Abu Dhabi.
Port Address: Abu Dhabi Ports, Headquarters. Gate 1, next to Zayed Port, Al Mina Street. Nearest Landmark: Zayed Port
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The liners dock at the cruise terminal in the Mina Zayed cargo port, which was commissioned in 2015. The terminal is capable of simultaneously serving two large cruise ships and one small ship.
- From the port to the World Trade Center Souk, a free bus will take you to your destination in 15-20 minutes. Buses run every 30 minutes from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.
- It is most convenient to take a taxi from Abu Dhabi airport to the port (travel time is about 30 minutes).
- There are several buses from the airport to the city, but this is not convenient since you will still need to take a taxi to the port. Therefore, to save money, time and your own nerves, it is better to use taxi services.
To move around the city, the easiest way is to use taxi services, of which there are a lot in the city, and travel is inexpensive. Taxis can be stopped on the street, taken from the parking lot, or ordered by phone. They are all equipped with counters and tipping is optional. Most taxis have yellow roof lights, some have pink ones - they are only for women. Many drivers speak English. Just do not sit down to local "private traders". Get an official taxi, their price is often 2 times less.
There are several large car rental companies operating in Abu Dhabi, but none of them has a presence at the cruise terminal. However, you can order the delivery of the car to the terminal parking in advance online, and later it will be picked up from the same parking lot. Driving in Abu Dhabi is easy, but care should be taken when choosing where to park. It is permitted on black and white pavements and limited to yellow and black and reds. You have to pay for parking on the blue and black markings. Find the nearest meter to find out the cost of parking. Paid parking places are monitored around the clock, except for Fridays and holidays.
The Big Bus bass tourist runs around the city, but its cost is much higher than several taxi rides, which will be cheaper anyway.
Arriving in Abu Dhabi, you must definitely take a walk along the Corniche. This is a ten-kilometer comfortable embankment along the Persian Gulf. Local residents love to visit here, and tourists are attracted by fountains, of which there are many. The embankment is especially beautiful in the evening.
To see what Abu Dhabi was like just a few generations ago, it is worth stopping by the Heritage Village. Here, Bedouin life in the desert is recreated with absolute precision. Everyday life, classes - everything that does not look so much like the capital of the Emirates now. In the village you can try yourself in pottery, work on a loom and in a smithy.
The country greatly revered the first president, Sheikh Zayed, who over forty years of rule made the richest and most prosperous state out of a poor village. To see how the president himself lived, you can visit the Al Ain Palace. The house is similar to a castle; it consists of several courtyards, which were previously divided into male and female parts. There is a hall of the Koran, where prayers used to be read, the president's bedroom, his office and a meeting room. The museum is a wonderful art gallery that houses portraits of the royal family. The Al Ain Museum also shows the history of the UAE from the Stone Age. Various ethnographic and archaeological exhibits are collected here, there are also several working workshops. Also, in the museum you can see how the abaya for the retinue of the sheikh is being embroidered with gold and silver threads. The museum has a zoo that will be interesting for both adults and children.
If you are interested in architecture and monumental buildings, you should definitely appreciate the scale of the skyscraper towers with the unique "movable" façade of Al Bahar, take a picture at the famous Leaning Capital Gate tower, which was named so for its unusual architecture and admire the circular skyscraper Aldar, the prototype of which was the seashell.
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