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Home > Порт "Alesund, Norway"
Ålesund is one of the most picturesque port cities in Norway. It is located at the mouth of the Stur Fjord and is actually on two islands connected by bridges.
Address: Keiser Wilhelms gate 6, 6003 Ålesund.
Terminals: Alesund has one cruise terminal.
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From port to city
- From the terminal you can order a transfer from the manager of Fort Gates Ukraine, order a taxi on the spot or at the reception of the cruise liner.
- The port is close to the city center, so shopping and city tours can be done on foot.
- You can take a bus to some attractions. The bus station is located right in front of the cruise port exit. All blue buses are local buses that go to all attractions in the city (except Fjell Stua / Mount Aksla). Most buses leave every half hour.
- You can also book a group excursion from the cruise company with the manager of Fort Gates Ukraine.
From the airport to the city
Alesund Airport is located on the island of Vigra. From it (Alesund Airport, Vigra)
- The best way to order a transfer from the manager of For Gates Ukraine (price).
- You can also book a group transfer from the cruise company with the manager of Fort Gates Ukraine.
- You can get to the city by bus. There is a bus stop right at the exit from the airport. The fare is 10 euros. Travel time is about 20 minutes.
- Order a taxi
Alesund harbor. Lies between the islands of Nørvøy and Asprey and is protected by the Skansen Peninsula. How wonderful it is to wander around the city and admire the architecture - the picturesque harbor is full of old buildings once used by fishermen, so you'll want to sit and just watch the boats in this busy port area.
City Park. Part of the beautiful Ålesund city park, the staircase and grounds were laid out in 1885 by a local gardener who drew inspiration from the landscape. In the park there are two statues of men associated with Alesund: one depicts Kaiser Wilhelm II and commemorates the aid to Germany after the devastating fire of 1904; the other is Ganga Rolf, a local Viking hero associated with William the Conqueror.
Atlantic Marine Park. A great place to explore Norway's diverse marine life. Atlantic Marine Park is one of the largest saltwater aquariums in the world. Located just a short bus ride from the city center, it offers a breathtaking view of life underwater. Founded in 1951 and built into the coastline, this spectacular landmark intersects with numerous scenic hiking trails offering many beautiful views of its inhabitants.
Bird island Rund. Southwest of Alesund, on the island of Runde, lies the southernmost seabird cliff in Norway. About 500,000 birds nest here. There is an interesting ecological center on the island, where exhibits related to the Rundé bird population are displayed, as well as numerous historical shipwrecks.
Alnes lighthouse. The excursion to Godoy Island is popular and is only 30 minutes from Ålesund. Alnes Lighthouse is located near the quaint fishing village from which it gets its name. Built in 1876, the galley and lighthouse tower are open to tourists from May to October, and the old curator's house houses a museum, café and an exhibition hall with works of art by local artists.
Sunnmøre Museum. Open Air Museum, located a short drive from Ålesund city center, which includes a collection of 55 traditional Norwegian buildings, as well as several boats, including replicas of Viking ships, as well as original artifacts associated with them.
Axla. There are 418 steps leading to the top of the mountain. For the difficult climb, you will be rewarded with fantastic panoramic views of the city. The ascent starts from the city park.
Oceanarium Atlantic. It is worth going to the Alesund Aquarium to see the underwater world off the coast of Norway and the real penguins at arm's length.
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