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Known as the city of merchants, Dubai is the second largest of the 7 emirates that make up the UAE. Its history began in 1830, when the city separated from Abu Dhabi and turned into an independent center of innovation and trade.
Dubai, the leading center for business and tourism in the Middle East, is a kaleidoscope of contrasts, a unique combination of an ultra-modern city and an eternal desert, east and west, old and new. Dubai is also a destination with a multinational lifestyle that combines the comfort and convenience of the Western world with a unique Arabian charm. But even with all its tolerance for different lifestyles, Dubai manages to preserve its historical heritage.
Dubai Cruise Port Rashid has 3 terminals, the newest to date is HamdanbinMohammedCruiseTerminal3, opened in December 2014. The port area is closed for walking.
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The port is located 14 km from the airport. The best way to get from the port to the city is a taxi. Depending on the terminal, the cost is 50-65 dirham ($ 15-20). You can pay by card. Demand the inclusion of the counter, this will significantly save on the trip. The ride from the airport to the terminal will take 15 minutes. Pink-colored or pink-roofed taxis are for women only, they have an increased level of safety and the drivers are exclusively women.
In all terminals you can find buses that will take you to the intersection of the red and blue lines (WAFI Mall). These are buses with free entry and exit, plying around the city, on the way back it will take you to the port. If you want to see as many attractions as possible, buy a 48-hour ticket. And if your itinerary includes Abu Dhabi and Muscat, it will be profitable to buy a ticket valid in all three cities.
Several shopping malls provide their free shuttles and have a counter in the terminal, such as Marcato Mall, Dubai Outlet Mall and Burjaman. Burjaman is located near the metro station and you can use their shuttle to get on the green line for free.
From the airport you can take the metro to Al-Gubaibha station on the green line with a change at BurJuman station. It takes at least an hour to walk from the metro to the port.
Bass tourist Big Bus Dubai runs in Dubai. The cost of the ticket is quite expensive, it is much cheaper to travel by metro or taxi.
Jumeira Public Beach, the closest to the port, is 7 km away.
The Dubai Museum presents a collection of various artifacts dating back to a time when no oil was found here, and the city was considered an important center for the extraction and trade of pearls. The museum is equipped with air conditioning, and the plates accompanying the exhibits are in two languages ​​- Arabic and English.
You can get to know "Old Dubai" in the Creek. The area is in stark contrast to the rest of the city, and here you will have a great opportunity to take good photos.
The Burj Khalifa, whose height reaches 828 meters, is the hallmark of Dubai. This tower can be seen from anywhere in the city, but its true grandeur is felt only inside. There is an observation deck on the 124th floor - on a sunny day, a panoramic view of the city opens.
Near the skyscraper, in the middle of an artificial lake of 12 hectares, there is the world's tallest musical fountain: the jets of water that it releases soar up to 150 meters. Water, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow, usually "dances" to an Arabic melody. Less often, the performance takes place with classical music and popular world hits.
The Burj Al Arab is recognized as one of the most significant landmarks in the Emirate of Dubai. The hotel is very recognizable thanks to the silhouette that resembles a huge sail.
Sikh temple Guru Nanak Darbar. Around the building there is a special prayer path (parikrama) with a length of 54 m and leads to a delightful pond. The complex covers an area of ​​over 100,000 m².
The Walk At JBR - Jumeirah waterfront. A great place to walk, there are most of the luxury hotels, expensive boutiques and shops with an abundance of goods, small markets where you can buy handmade souvenirs and there is always live music.
Between the artificial archipelagos of Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali, there is a vast bay. On the coast of the bay is the elite area of ​​Dubai, known as Dubai Marina. A walk in this area is included in all routes, you can visit the area as part of an excursion or on your own.
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