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Home > Порт "Kristiansand, Norway"
Kristiansand is a large port city in Norway, located on the southern coast of the country. Founded and named after King Christian I.
Port address: VestreStandgate31, 4611 Kristiansand.
Terminals: Cruise ships in Kristiansand dock at the pier.
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From port to city
The port is located within walking distance of the city center and also next to the marina complex with shops and restaurants. There is a scenic tourist mini train that transports cruise ship tourists from the port and around town.
From the airport to the city
The nearest airport to the city is Kjevik. The airport can serve both local and international flights. Located just 7 km from the center of Kristiansand.
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Kristiansand Zoo. Among the more than 100 species in the zoo: tigers, wolves, zebras, cheetahs, lions and lynxes. Animals are kept in humane, well-designed enclosures that allow as much movement as possible. Over the past 20 years, it has also created a theme park based on the popular books by the Norwegian captain Sabretooth and TV shows.
Equal. The park was landscaped using military labor under the command of the future Major General Joseph Franz Oskar Wergeland in 1874-1878. Ravnedalen has fresh lawns, mature trees and an open stage for 5,000 spectators. The park has a pond and exotic plants such as magnolia and rhododendron, while the spruces planted here in the 1870s became some of the largest in Norway.
Kristiansand Museum. On the eastern outskirts of Kristiansand is the largest history museum in southern Norway. It is open-air and has 40 historic buildings dating back to 1903.
Kilden Performing Arts Center. In the northern part of Odderøya Island there is a famous concert hall and theater, opened in 2012. Facing the west harbor, this striking building has a wavy oak façade that reflects ripples on the water. The meeting place can accommodate over 200,000 spectators a year in its 708-seat theater and opera hall, and the 1,185-seat concert hall that houses Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra.
Kristiansand Cathedral. Neo-Gothic cathedral of the 17th century. Cathedral of Diocese Agder and Telemark Lutheran Church of Norway, located in the central part of Kristiansand.
Museum of Nature and Botanical Garden of Agdera. The only natural history museum in Southern Norway. This landmark has a long history, it was founded back in 1828. The exhibitions cover topics such as minerals and rocks, the development of life in "From the Ice Age to the Present" and various ecosystems in "From Sea to Mountains". The botanical garden is both outside and inside, with Norway's largest assortment of succulents, rhododendrons, rose garden, herb garden, nectar garden, arboretum, pond and rocky garden waiting outside.
Water park Aquarama Bad. A sports and leisure attraction for everyone. Aquarama has six different swimming zones with five different water temperatures and caters for everyone from families with toddlers to serious swimmers. It also has a state-of-the-art 1,300 square meter fitness center, or if you need to pamper yourself, the spa offers a range of revitalizing treatments.
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