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Molde is a town in Møre og Romsdal, located on the northern shore of the Molde fjord. It is in one of the best locations in Norway.
Port address: Hamnegata 8, 6413 Molde.
Terminals: Molde's cruise terminal is called Storkaia. It is located right in the city.
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From port to city
Cruise ships dock at the docks in the city center. The city embankment starts from the passenger port and is called Hamnegata.
From the airport to the city
- The best way to order a transfer from the manager of Fort Gates Ukraine.
- You can also book a group transfer from the cruise company with the manager of Fort Gates Ukraine.
- Molde Airport is located about 5 km east of Molde city center. FRAM buses travel from the airport to the center of Molde. Travel time is 10-20 minutes. Or you can take a taxi.
Panorama of Molde. The most stunning scenery in the entire city of Molde is the view of 222 mountain peaks. This is an absolute must for any visitor. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or not, it is worth taking the trail hike - for those looking to enjoy the view without the tedious struggle of the hike, it is possible to drive uphill. However, the hike along the trail is much more enjoyable as you will appreciate every magnificent mountain view as you hike the trail.
Romsdal Museum. If you want to experience the feeling of traveling back in time to a past version of Norway, visit the Romsdal Museum. Consists of several different buildings that represent different eras in the history of Norway. You can learn about the culture of Molde as the historical translators tell. The museum provides an authentic experience as you can watch a group of children perform traditional Norwegian dances. There are loads of exhibits to view, as well as a bakery that sells delicious Norwegian pastries.
Rose Maiden Molde Town Hall. In 1913, Molde was named the “City of Roses” after the bright pink flowers planted around the city. From the Rose Maiden Molde Town Hall you can witness the sheer beauty of the city, adorned with a thousand roses. The town hall is also decorated with a statue of a fountain located in the center. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy epic fjord and sky views.
Aker. Whether you are a sports fan or not, Aker Stadium is a must-see in Molde. For example, to enjoy football matches played by local teams or a meal in the stadium cafeteria. And also there is the opportunity to walk along the vast territory with a panoramic view of the embankment.
Jazzgutten. The monumental sculpture depicts a man passionately playing the saxophone. In summer, the city hosts a jazz festival at the statue, where you can enjoy the wonderful sounds of live music.
Veoya Island. The island plays an important role in the history of Molde, as it was previously known as the most important trading post between Trondheim and Ålesund. Now, together with the Romsdal Museum, it serves as a great place to explore the broader exploits of Molde's history. You can take a short boat trip to the island and enjoy a quiet evening rest on its blissful shores.
More & Romsdal Arts Center. Founded in 1978, it hosts 13 separate exhibitions annually and is an important part of Molde's initiative to give meaning to contemporary handcrafted art. The art center also has a shop where you can purchase art from Norwegian artists from all regions.
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