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Home > Порт "Nynаshamn/Stockholm, Sweden"
Nüneshamn is a ferry and cruise port located in Stockholm County on the southern tip of the Södertern Peninsula. It is the administrative center of the Nüneshamn commune.
Port Address: 149 30 Nynäshamn.
Terminals: The cruise terminal is located near the city. Tender boats deliver passengers to the pier of AYA Beach Club. The liners are also moored at the SeaWalk berth.
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From the port to the city
- SeaWalk is 1 km from the station, so you can easily walk.
- And from the pier AYA Beach Club to the station runs a shuttle bus worth 3 euros.
From the airport to the city
The closest airport to the city is Bromma (BMA). The airport can serve both local and international flights. It is located in Stockholm.
- Book a transfer from the manager of For Gates Ukraine
- Book a transfer from a cruise company
- Order a taxi
From Nüneshamn to Stockholm
- If you want to travel from Nüneshamn to the center of Stockholm, you can do so by train from Central Station, located 6 minutes from the passenger terminal. The cost of the trip is about 5 euros. This is a commuter train (Swedish pendeltåg), the trip takes about an hour.
- You can also travel on Flygbussarna buses costing around 10 euros one way for adults and children from 11 years old.
Newnesham Church. In the center of the city there is a church, which is located on a mountain. It was built in 1930. There used to be a lighthouse at this place.
Trehörningen Island. There is an old wooden lighthouse on the island, which you can climb if you want to admire Nüneshamn from a height. There is also an old hotel.
Beach. Along the way you can see interesting houses with parked boats. Near the beach there is a village with tents and mobile homes, as well as equipped piers, a tower and a small water park.
Skansen. The seer and academician Arthur Hazelius founded in 1891 the world's first open-air museum on the Royal Island of Jurgorden. The idea was to show future generations what life was like in Sweden before the industrial age, and it was borrowed from hundreds of museums around the world.
Vasa Ship Museum. In this museum on the west bank of Djurgården was revived an amazing relic of the reign of the all-conquering King Gustav Adolf in the XVII century. Vasa was a warship with 64 guns, which entered its first voyage in 1628. The ship has almost all its original material and is the only ship of the XVII century of this scale.
Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum was opened in the 1950s in a former military building, and in the late 90's moved to a building designed by Raphael Monet. There are works by Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Henri Matisse and Salvador Dali. People also come specifically for the museum restaurant, which overlooks Djurgården.
Medieval museum. Here you can trace the history of the city from its founding in the XIII century to the XVI century at the end of the medieval period.
Unibakken. Based on the stories of children's author Astrid Lindgren, Unibakken is a theme park designed for young readers. Lindgren's contribution to the literature is undeniable. Her favorite character is Pippi Longstocking, whose house, Villa Villeculla, is the end point of a bizarre train ride through the park.
Swedish Historical Museum. Here you will see a complete chronology of Swedish history from prehistory to the present day, with a special focus on the exploits of the Vikings. The Golden Hall is literally brilliant, with more than 3,000 items in 3,500 years of Swedish history.
King's palace. In this XVIII century complex there are five museums, which are not just a historical relic: the King of Sweden still lives here, most royal events and receptions take place in the palace, and various departments associated with the royal family operate in these elegant neighborhood.
Stockholm City Hall. Created by Ragnar Estberg, a prominent Swedish romantic architect of the early last century. The Blue Hall hosts an annual Nobel Prize banquet. Wedding ceremonies take place in the Gallery of Prince Eugene, an elegant hall overlooking Lake Malar. There are 365 steps leading to the tower, you can go up to the middle by elevator. Inside is a huge statue of St. Eric.
Drottningholm Palace. One of Sweden's three World Heritage Sites is located on the western outskirts of Stockholm. Drottningholm is made in the French style and was conceived in the XVII century. The complex is located on an island in the middle of a picturesque lake. The building is surrounded by a large park with ancient trees, fountains and sculptures. Drottningholm Palace is also known for its luxurious interiors and its own theater, which is one of the oldest operating theaters in Europe.
Kungstredgarden. Behind the Royal Palace is a park, which is one of the popular meeting places in the city. There are concerts and other open-air summer events, and in winter the park is flooded with a large outdoor skating rink. There are also a number of cafes, art galleries and restaurants. The park is divided into four separate parts: Charles XII Square, Moulin Fountain, Charles XIII Square and Volodarsky Fountain.
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