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Home > Порт "Reykjavík, Iceland"
Reykjavik is Iceland's main seaport as well as the country's capital and center for cod fishing. The northernmost capital of the world - illuminated by the midnight summer sun or the magical northern lights in winter.
Port address: Cruise Iceland Sundagarðar 2 104 Reykjavik.
Terminals: Most liners dock about 3 km east at Skarfabakki. Very rarely, liners dock at the pier in the suburb of Hafnarfjordur
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From port to city
- Passengers are usually provided with a transfer from the port. But you can easily get there on foot in 40 minutes, walking in beautiful places.
- From the terminal you can order a transfer from the manager of Fort Gates Ukraine, order a taxi on the spot or at the reception of the cruise liner.
- You can also book a group excursion from the cruise company with the manager of Fort Gates Ukraine.
From the airport to the city
- The best way to order a transfer from the manager of For Gates Ukraine
- You can also book a group transfer from the cruise company with the manager of Fort Gates Ukraine.
- There are buses from the airport to Reykjavik. They are very comfortable and rarely packed. You can get there in 45-60 minutes.
Hallgrimskirkja. It is Iceland's parish church and national reserve. Designed by Gudion Samuelsson in the early 1940s and finally dedicated in 1986, the church features a statue of Leif Eriksson, a Norwegian explorer considered the first European to set foot on American soil at the turn of the 11th century.
National Museum of Iceland. There is only one place to quickly grasp Iceland's 1200-year history. The National Museum of Iceland has a collection from 1863 and moved to its current building in 1950.
Harpa. Reykjavik's dazzling modern monument, a concert hall and conference center on the water in the Old Harbor, a project started in 2007 and completed in 2011. Harpa plays host to the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra and Icelandic Opera, and has a busy calendar of festivals.
Videy Island. A few steps from the town's waterfront, there is the small island of Videy, where you can navigate the island's trails on foot or by bike, hunting for one of the oldest churches in the country and ViðeyHouse, which was the first structure in Iceland to be built of stone.
Maritime Museum. Built in 1947, this fish freezing plant in Reykjavik's Old Harbor was converted to the Reykjavik Maritime Museum in 2005. Here is a superb exhibition on the history of sailing in Iceland with a purpose-built wooden pier.
Perlan. Situated on Oskulid Hill, the Perlan Building is one of Reykjavik's most recognizable landmarks, here in 1991 a stunning new building was installed with a set of six cylindrical hot water tanks, all covered with a reflective dome.
Lake Tiernin. Reykjavik is most charming around this lake in the center of the city. Tjernin's green shores are lined with painted houses, rows of trees, shrubs and flower beds to relax in the warmer months or ice skate in winter. On the north shore is the city hall and a winding monument to the unknown bureaucrat. The lake is also just steps away from the Supreme Court, the National Theater and many museums such as the Living Art Museum, Iceland's National Gallery and the National Museum.
Solar wanderer. This abstract stainless steel ship sculpture was built in 1990 to commemorate the city's 200th anniversary.
Einar Jonsson Museum. Museum of the work of the famous Icelandic artist and sculptor of the twentieth century Einar Jonsson. His art is imbued with drama and depicts contemporary figures, historical and mythological, Icelandic and Scandinavian heroes.
Folklore Museum Arbaeyarsafn. The largest open-air museum in Iceland, which is located in 30 buildings at once and introduces you to the "Departing Reykjavik" - this is Arbaeyarsafn, a real treasury of original folklore, amazing traditions and ancient architecture of this northern country.
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