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Visa for Guadeloupe
Guadeloupe belongs to the overseas department of France and to visit it, you must first apply for a visa by contacting the Consular Section of the French Embassy in Ukraine. Acceptance of documents is carried out no earlier than 3 months before the planned trip and only in person.
Citizens of Ukraine are exempted from visa processing:
1) possessing a diplomatic passport;
2) holders of an ordinary passport in which there is a short-term Schengen multivisa valid from 6 months to 5 years, issued by the Consular Section of France.
The multiplicity of the visa depends on the travel plan (single or multiple), the number of days - for the date of stay.
The processing time is 10 working days.

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The amount of the discount is calculated individually, after booking and paying for the hotel. The discount is provided as a cashback after the end of the stay at the hotel.

1. Passport, with at least two blank pages and valid for 3 months after the expiration of the visa). In the presence of a second valid or previous canceled foreign passport, applicants must provide on the day of submission of documents for a visa. ATTENTION! Shabby, worn out, dilapidated passports are not accepted for work.
2. Two color photographs on a white background, size 35 by 45 mm, face size in the photo should be 25-30 mm (taken no later than 3 months before submission).
3. A copy of all pages of the internal passport.
4. Completed questionnaire-questionnaire.
5. Documents confirming the purpose of your trip:
5.1 Hotel reservation, invitation from the tour operator in the case of an organized tourist trip;
5.2 An invitation from the mayor's office if it comes to visiting friends or relatives;
5.3 Professional invitation in French if it is a business trip.
6. Reserved air tickets in both directions (we advise you not to redeem tickets before obtaining a visa).
7. Document confirming your status and source of income:
7.1. Employees provide:
- a certificate from the place of work, on the official letterhead of the company, which indicates the position, date of employment, salary (for the last 6 months). The certificate must contain the phrase about the preservation of the workplace and salary for the period of vacation (indicate dates). Certified by the seal of the company and signatures of the director and accountant.
7.2 Entrepreneurs provide:
- a copy of the Extract or Certificate of Registration of a Private Entrepreneur;
- a copy of the taxpayer's certificate;
- a copy of the tax return or report for the last quarter or a statement of income from the tax office.
7.3 Pensioners provide:
- a photocopy of the pension certificate;
- extract from PFU (Pension Fund of Ukraine).
7.4. Pupils / students provide:
- a photocopy of the student card;
- certificate from the educational institution.
8. The original certificate from the bank on the availability of funds in the account, plus an extract from this account on the cash flow for the last 4 months.
9. Photocopies of documents confirming the presence of movable and immovable property (apartment, cottage, car, ...).
10. Originals of certificates of marriage, divorce, death + their copy.
11. Original birth certificate (for children) + copy.
12. Medical insurance for the period of the requested visa with an insured amount of at least 50,000 dollars.
In the event that the travel of the applicant is sponsored, the sponsor provides:
1. Photocopies of passports (internal and foreign passports - completed pages).
2. Confirmation of financial status (depending on the status): certificate from work, documents of the entrepreneur (see above), certificate from the bank about the balance on the card account, plus a statement of the movement of funds on this card account for the last 4 months.
3. Photocopies of documents confirming the presence of movable and immovable property (apartment, cottage, car, ...).
4. Notarized, certified sponsorship statement.
5. Documents confirming family ties (marriage, birth, ...).
ATTENTION! You can provide any other documents or information that you think may be relevant to the application. It is in your interest to provide as complete information as possible.
This list is informative, but does not exclude the possibility of requesting additional documents. The Visa Section reserves the right to ask for additional elements depending on the specifics of each individual dossier.
All documents that are provided in Ukrainian or Russian must be submitted with translation into French and certified by an accredited translation agency at the French Embassy. For example, certificates from work, bank, school, documents of a Private Entrepreneur, certificates of birth and marriage, documents for real estate, etc. Translation of documents by our company for an additional fee.
Guadeloupe Visa Application Form.
Note: For more information on registration or other types of visas, check with the visa manager of FOUR GATES UKRAINE
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