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Visa for the Netherlands
1. International passport, which expires no earlier than three months after the planned trip. The passport must have at least two blank pages. Copies of the previous passport. If you have two valid passports, then the second one must also be provided.
2. 2 photos - not older than 3 months (3.5 by 4.5 cm, 70% face, 2.7-3.0 cm from chin to crown, on a white / light background).
3. Certificate from the place of work. Drawn up on the company's letterhead indicating:
- all details (bank, address, telephone);
- the position held;
- starting work in this position at this enterprise;
- the amount of wages;
- phrases that the company guarantees its employee the preservation of the workplace and salary during the trip (specify the dates).
The certificate must be certified by the director and accountant. If the position of an accountant is not provided, then this should be indicated in the certificate.
For Private Entrepreneurs:
     - a copy of the certificate of registration of a private entrepreneur, certified by a notary;
     - a copy of the patent for the payment of the single tax, certified by a notary;
     - receipts from the tax office for the payment of taxes;
     - certificate of income for the last quarter from the tax office;
     - a copy of the lease agreement for a working space (office, retail outlet, etc.)
     - copies of licenses, certificates for activities (if any).
For pupils (pupils, students):
     - certificate from the place of study with permission to be absent;
     - copy of student card.
4. A copy of the work book, certified by the seal of the enterprise.
5. Financial guarantees.
      - "clear" copy of the credit card;
      - must be personal with the client's signature, which coincides with the signature in the OZP;
      - the validity period of the card must necessarily correspond to the tour dates;
      - the card must be valid for at least 3 months at the time of submission to the embassy;
   - bank statement on the movement of money on the account for the last 3 months. It confirms that the card is actually used by a tourist as a means of payment. The balance on the account must correspond to at least 480 USD. - 8 days per person.
     - a certificate from the bank, no more than 14 banking days prior to filing, about the availability of finances on your personal account with the specified amount of the balance.
6. A copy of ALL (16 pages) pages of the internal passport.
7. A copy of the certificate of marriage, divorce, death.
8. Copies of movable and immovable property.
9. Insurance (coverage at least 30,000 euros). The insurance must be issued for the entire stay + 15 days. (For example, the travel period is from 01 to 10, the insurance must be issued from 01 to 25. The duration of the insurance policy in this case is 25 days, the insurance coverage is 25 days).
10. Booking of air tickets (if tickets are on hand, you must provide a copy).
11. Personal data.
For a child:
 - notarized permission to leave the child - for children under 18 years old traveling without parents or with one of the parents - notarized permission from the second parent to travel with the indication of the accompanying person;
 - notarized permission to travel to the SCHENGEN AGREEMENT COUNTRIES (there must be such a wording) indicating the dates of the tour, cruise and its itinerary);
 - original birth certificate + copy of parents' passports.
This list of documents is not final, in some cases the Embassy has the right to demand additional documents.
If a tourist has not had visas from the Schengen countries for the last 3 years, the documents are submitted in person, and an interview is also scheduled.
Attention! All documents (except passports) must be translated into English or Dutch.
Note: For more information on processing or other types of visas in the Netherlands, check with the visa manager of FOUR GATES UKRAINE
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