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Seabourn Cruises
Seabourn, despite its relatively short history, has already succeeded in the volatile cruise business. The company has built a good reputation for personalized cruises on small ships with only 450-600 passengers and almost the same number of crew.
In 1980, the Norwegian entrepreneur Alla Brinstad, together with the veteran of the maritime business Varen S. Titus, decided to rethink and revive high-class cruises. The standard of sea cruises for them was the relaxed elegance of traveling on an expensive personal yacht. In 1988, the pioneer was the Seabourn Pride, a small ship suitable for mooring both in large ports and in picturesque quiet harbors. Even then, Seabourn offered its guests those “conveniences” that would become the company's business card in the future:
exceptionally spacious cabins with incredible ocean views;
a wide variety of places for relaxation, communication and entertainment on board;
a retractable platform at the stern that transforms into a kind of jetty for water sports, transforming a simple yacht into a beach resort.
Seabourn's guest-centered philosophy is based on the leadership's conviction that a sense of luxury comes first and foremost from choice, and whatever is done at Seabourn, be it ship design, itinerary planning, food and entertainment on board, everything is done with a purpose. provide an opportunity for personal choice anytime, anywhere.
Another luxury is the luxury of communication. Seabourn cruises have always attracted interesting and interested people - enthusiasts, for whom it is a special pleasure to share impressions, new discoveries, or just have a leisurely conversation with old and new acquaintances. To make these conversations even more lively, Seabourn often invites bright personalities on board: from renowned extreme travelers to scientific experts and famous performers, from politicians to top-notch chefs. You can meet such an expert at lunch, on an excursion, or simply walking on the deck. From time to time, celebrities from the world of art, science, mass media are invited by Seabourn to give public lectures.
Seabourn understands as no one else that guests board a cruise yacht not only and not so much for the sake of moving around the sea. Therefore, there have never been and never will be passengers on board! The Seabourn guests are more likely members of an elite nautical club who set off on an imposing journey together. And each club should have its own privileges, in particular:
the cost of the cruise covers almost all possible expenses on the ship and on land;
no restaurant is paid;
alcoholic drinks, including vintage wines, are free for guests;
the bar in each cabin is filled in accordance with the wishes of a particular guest.
The number of staff on board is almost equal to the number of guests. Regardless of the class of the cabin, all guests will receive an equally warm welcome and courteous treatment - the staff will not only know you by name, but will also be aware of your tastes. Tipping is optional and is considered bad form.
Seabourn cabins are an island of bliss, 25 m2 or more. Never lose sight of the sea as each cabin has a spacious balcony or large window. The finest Egyptian textiles and plush down pillows bring a relaxed sweet nap.
Most of the most enjoyable moments in life happen at the table, it is not surprising that each meal on board the Seabourn yachts is a separate celebration. Seabourn's multi-award-winning cuisine starts with the highest quality ingredients intertwined with local flavors and flavors, and is served with pride in masterful work. Each Seabourn ship has several restaurants, so that everyone can choose a place for their taste and mood:
sophistication and haute cuisine at The Restaurant;
more relaxed serving in one of the cafes or a luxurious grill under the stars on the deck;
Restaurant 2 offers an innovative tasting menu if you are looking for something special;
you can also always dine in your room or on your private veranda.
Seabourn's passion for culinary excellence is expressed in and in the fact that the company brines its own caviar for its guests. Sturgeon caviar is made according to the classical technology - only with the addition of salt, without preservatives and any impurities.
The company's sommelier invites guests to pre-order wines from the Vintage Seabourn cellars to gain access to a diverse collection of vintage and exclusive wines at a special price. The Silver Collection is a menu of six white wines and six red wines, three of which the guest can choose to serve on board. The Golden Collection is the same 12 wines plus four more white and four red more expensive vintage blends, of which a guest can choose a total of six, for the appropriate price.
And if you're tired of gourmet and fun, then you should visit the award-winning SeabournSM Spa. There you will find in innovative gym, exclusive natural spa treatments, beauty services for women and men.
Seabourn Fleet:
Seabourn odyssey
Seabourn Sojourn
Seabourn quest
Seabourn encore
Seabourn ovation
Each of the ships has a lot of free space on board, which is ideal for long voyages on unbroken sea routes. Want to take a breathtaking hot air balloon ride through the intricate cliffs and canyons of Cappadocia in Turkey? Easy! Planning a romantic evening for two in Paris? The staff of the company organizes a carriage with a team of horses and a sea of ​​flowers inside. And, of course, you can't do without good champagne and chocolate?
With Seabourn, you will experience what you have long dreamed of. You just have to book a cruise.
Liners Cruises Security protocols Helpful information Памятка Cabin categories
Technical characteristics Year of construction - 2023 Tonnage - 23,000 tons Length - 170 m. Width - 26 m. Speed - 20 knots Total cabins - 132 There are 264 passengers in total Decks - 10
Specifications Year of construction - 2021 Tonnage - 23,000 tons Length - 170 m. Width - 26 m. Total cabin - 132 Total passengers - 264
Specifications Year of construction - 2018 Tonnage - 40350 tons Length - 210 m. Width - 28 m. Total cabin - 302 Total passengers - 604
Specifications Year of construction - 2016 Tonnage - 40350 tons Length - 210 m. Width - 28 m. Total cabin - 302 Total passengers - 604
Specifications Year of construction - 2016 Tonnage - 32,000 tons Length - 200 m. Width - 26 m. Total cabin - 225 Total passengers - 450
Specifications Year of construction - 2010 (Renovation 2015) Tonnage - 32,000 tons Length - 200 m. Width - 26 m. Total cabin - 225 Total passengers - 450
Specifications Year of construction - 2009 (Renovation 2017) Tonnage - 32,000 tons Length - 200 m. Width - 26 m. Total cabin - 225 Total passengers - 450
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Anti-crisis conditions for booking cruises
FCC - Future Cruise Credit. A cruise certificate, which can be used to pay for a cruise in the future with this cruise company.
Deposit amount
For how many days is the surcharge Penalties
Conditions apply
Seabourn Cruise Line
(book with confidence)
30% of the total cost 90 days before the cruise
30 days before the cruise - no penalty
29 days or less before the cruise - standard penalties.
* Payment is refunded by the FCC.
For cruises departing before 31.12.2021.
* when booking before 20.11.2020.
Promotional conditions for all cruise lines:
Each Seabourn guest must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after the end of the cruise. Usually, passports on board are handed over and stored at the Reception in a safe to resolve all visa problems at ports of call without the participation of passengers (if possible). We advise you to have a copy of your passport (photo page) with you and keep it with you in case the original is lost or damaged.
Citizens of Ukraine need to obtain an entry permit (visa) in advance, if required, to stay in those countries that are planned for your cruise. The passenger is directly responsible for the availability of documents for the cruise. Guests who do not have the necessary documents with them may be denied boarding.
All passengers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Young people under the age of 21 are prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages. A parent or guardian is responsible for their behavior on board.
Casual resort style attire including jeans and shorts is available in all lounges and restaurants until 6:00 pm. Swimwear, cropped shorts, baseball caps, and sportswear are for use only at the pool, spa and fitness center, and deck walks.
Every evening after 6 pm, you will be advised to dress in one of the clothing styles described below to suit the activities on board.
Elegantly casual style (ElegantlyCasual):
Men: trousers with a shirt or jumper, a jacket at the discretion of the guest
Ladies: pants / skirt, blouse, pantsuit or dress
Jeans are allowed in restaurants during the daytime, jeans are not allowed in restaurants after 18:00
Evening wear, formal style (FormalOptional):
Men: Tuxedo, Suit, or Pants & Blazer - are required (no tie required)
Ladies: Evening dress or other formal dress. Elegant casual dress in other evening establishments. Jeans are allowed in restaurants during the daytime, jeans are not allowed in restaurants after 18:00.
Before the cruise, you will receive a package of documents indicating the number of formal evenings on your cruise.
Usually this:
• Cruises up to 13 days: one formal evening
• Cruises from 14 to 20 days: two formal evenings
• Cruises of 21 days or more: three formal evenings
(Please note that official events for Long-Term Cruises, Exploration Expeditions, and Ocean Crossing Cruises may vary)
You need to carefully consider the choice of clothing that you plan to take with you. Clothing should be optimally suited to the climate, the route you have chosen, and the season.
Layered clothing is the best option in cruise planning for almost any climate. For cruises in the tropics, light, light clothing with a light jacket or sweater is preferable. For cruises to countries with cool climates, warm clothing in several layers is recommended: a light coat and a sweater.
Going for a walk ashore, you need to get acquainted with the local traditions of the countries you visit. In some ports, guests should not wear shorts, and women are advised to wear dresses or skirts when visiting temples, churches, mosques and churches.
All cabins are equipped with 110 and 220 V electrical outlets. Hairdryers are also provided. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to use heating devices in the cabin, including an iron.
Seabourn ships do not have the specialized supplies required for fertility, prenatal and early childhood care. In this regard, Seabourn cannot accept pregnant women on board its ships for a period of 24 months or more at the end of the cruise. All pregnant women are required to provide a letter from the doctor (in English) stating that the mother and baby are healthy and able to travel and that the pregnancy is not at any risk. The letter must include the estimated date of birth.
Before going on a trip, check that you have all the necessary documents: passport with the necessary visas, air ticket, medical insurance, cruise voucher; vouchers for hotels, transfers and excursions. For the convenience of disembarking in some ports, we advise you to bring your driver's license with you on the cruise ..
Carry-on baggage: Keep your documents, medicines, jewelry, camera, films, cash and other valuables in your carry-on baggage, which must be with you at all times.
Check-in and boarding times are indicated on your cruise ticket. It depends on the route and its schedule. For your convenience and comfort, boarding the ship is allowed only after the cabins are ready for accommodation (check-in).
Your ship is small, but it has basic modern medical equipment and medical staff represented by a doctor and a nurse. The equipment is designed to provide medical attention in case of accidents and to treat simple illnesses that may occur during the cruise, but it is not intended for long-term treatment. We advise you to bring with you a sufficient number of medicines and / or their prescriptions, on which your health will depend, since during the cruise you are at sea or in ports where the availability of medical facilities and pharmaceuticals is limited.
Laundry, dry cleaning and ironing services are at your service. Your steward will take care of the delivery and collection of your linen. The service is paid additionally for urgency, if you prepare an order by 9 am. A launderette with washers, dryers, soap and ironing equipment is located on Deck 5, middle of the SeabournOdyssey, SeabournSojournandSeabournQuest.
Multi-award winning SeabournSMcruiseline ship spa is available wherever Seabourn ships are sailing. Try thermal wraps surrounded by Antarctic icebergs. Relax in the sauna, steam room or visit the salon for a full range of services. On board the ships SeabournOdyssey, SeabournSojourn and SeabournQuest, a spacious spa center with a total area of ​​up to 800 m2 will open its doors to guests.
Sample activities on board the Seabourncruiseline ships:
• An Evening Under the Stars®, where guests will be served delicious barbecues for dinner, and the evening will continue with gala parties with live music and dancing on the deck;
• A pier with a swimming pool in the sea and free water sports activities;
• Caviar treatment at the Surf® establishment as part of a barbecue party on the beach;
• SeabournDestinationsSM - free excursion planning service on the shore;
• Free massage on deck according to the Moments® program;
• Cinema under the stars with fresh popcorn;
• Shopping program in local markets with the chef.
The daily programs will indicate the time of lectures on ports of call (in English) and the start time of excursions. Please note that all excursions are paid additionally. You can book excursions in advance on the cruise company's website. Please note that cancellations of booked excursions later than 4 days before the start of the cruise are subject to penalties that can be up to 100%.
The gyms on the Seabourncruiseline ships are equipped with the latest technology to keep guests in good shape throughout the cruise.
Sports equipment includes:
• Various exercise equipment, including: abdominal trainer, vertical block, leg curl and extension trainer, biceps, triceps trainers, leg press, hyperextension;
• Adjustable benches and dumbbells from 5 to 50 kg;
• Recumbent exercise bike for cardio training;
• Upright exercise bike for cardio workouts;
• Treadmills;
• Free classes in yoga, pilates and kibo;
• Professional trainers and nutritionists.
SeabournOdyssey and SeabournSojourn also offer gyms with Kinesis for the musculoskeletal system, personal and group training, and fitness classes. Kinesis simulators will provide guests with workouts of any difficulty level and will triple the effectiveness of each movement, which will help to improve the balance, flexibility and endurance of the body in sufficiently comfortable conditions.
Most of the SeabournCruiseline restaurants offer a relaxing outdoor seating experience with gourmet breakfasts, lunches and dinners. During lunch and dinner, guests will be offered free selection of selected wines from California, France, Chile and Italy, which diversify the menu. The sommelier will kindly provide guests with a menu with the best vintage wines at an additional cost.
Table reservations are not required at the Main Restaurant, Colonnade and PatioGrill restaurants. However, in order to avoid unforeseen circumstances, it is recommended to book tables in advance for large companies of 6 people or more.
At the Second Restaurant, guests will be able to book one dinner during the cruise. Re-booking at the Second Restaurant is subject to the availability of free tables on the waiting list.
You can book a table at TheGrillbyThomasKeller on the SeabournQuest online on the Seabourncruiseline website.
24-hour cabin service is provided free of charge. Restaurant menu delivery is available in each suite during extended dinner hours.
(The GrillbyThomasKeller is slated to open on all Seabourn ships. Please check this when booking.)
For safety reasons, visitors are not allowed on board the ship. SeabournCr Company uiseLine regrets any inconvenience this may cause.
For the comfort and convenience of passengers, smoking is prohibited in most public areas as well as in all suites.
Allowed smoking areas on all Seabourn ships:
E-cigarette smoking is allowed in the suite. Pipes, hookahs and other smoking devices are not permitted on board. Smoking is prohibited on the open decks of the ship when refueling the liner.
Smoking on open decks is allowed at SeabournOdyssey, SojournandQuest:
On the right side of the SkyBar on Deck 9 (EncoreDeck10) including smoking on bar stools.
On the right side of the open terrace at TheClub on deck 5.
Smoking of cigarettes, cigars and cigarettes is allowed on the right side of the Seabourn Square outdoor terrace on deck 7. Smoking of cigarettes, cigars and cigarettes is prohibited in all other places on board.
Animals are not allowed on board the ships, with the exception of specially trained guide dogs. You need to notify Seabourn in advance and take medical documents confirming that the animal is healthy if you plan to bring a guide dog with you.
For your convenience, there is a cashless payment system on board. To activate your onboard account on the day of boarding, you need to register a valid credit card and sign a purchase registration form. You will receive a detailed statement from your onboard card on the last day of the cruise, the evening before disembarkation. Any additional or later purchases will be automatically charged to your credit card. You can get the final invoice or clarify any questions regarding the onboard one at the Reception before disembarking from the ship.
The currency on board is US dollars. To activate your onboard account, you can use Visa, MasterCard, DinersClub, AmericanExpress or Discover. Cash withdrawals from your in-flight account or credit card on board are limited and an additional 3% surcharge applies. For your convenience, currency exchange between US dollars, euros and British pounds is possible at the Reception.
Tipping on board is not required or expected.
Telephone. You have the option to call the ship directly from your cabin. Note: All phone calls are charged at satellite rates.
Mobile phone. Seabourn invites guests to use GSM mobile communications through the WirelessMaritimeService operator while the ship is in international waters. When a ship is in port or passing near the coast, the ship's mobile network is not working. You can use your mobile phone at your carrier's international roaming rates. For questions about the cost of roaming services, including at sea through the Wireless Maritime Service, contact your operator.
The Internet. On board you can access the Internet both wireless WiFi and computers in SeabournSquare. We kindly ask you not to download files from the Internet, play Internet games or watch videos, but only use e-mail. all this can lead to a decrease in the speed of the Internet for other users.
Internet access is available for a nominal fee. Just register at the terminal in SeabournSquare to create an account, the fee for its use will be deducted from the onboard account. The basic cost of the Internet is 40 cents per minute. Various internet packages can be purchased on board at lower prices. Internet tariffs can be used both on stationary terminals and via wireless Internet.
The estimated time of arrival of the ship at the port of disembarkation is indicated on your cruise schedule. Usually, after arriving at the port, the ship must go through certain procedures. Upon completion of these procedures, passengers will be allowed to disembark. Disembarkation usually takes place within two to four hours after arriving at the port.