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Aqaba is a city in Jordan which is the only port city in the country. The city is located in the Gulf of Aqaba and is the southernmost part of the country. Aqaba is the youngest resort on the Red Sea coast and the only one in Jordan, which makes it the best vacation spot on the coast. Thanks to the mountains, Aqaba has a special microclimate: you can swim all year round, in the winter months the water temperature does not drop below +22 ° C, while in summer the real heat comes only in the afternoon.
Port Address: GX5W + GH Aqaba, Jordan
Port website:
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The port of Aqaba accepts ships of various types, from bulk carriers to cruise liners.
The port has a separate passenger terminal serving cruise and passenger ships. The port of Aqaba is capable of receiving up to 23 vessels of various sizes and types, and 8 more vessels at anchorage.
Free shuttle buses run from the port, which take passengers to the city center.
There are only a few attractions in the city of Aqaba. In the vicinity of Aqaba are the ruins of the ancient city of Petra, surrounded on all sides by the sands of the desert. Archaeologists date the construction of this city to 6000 BC. e.
There is a bus from the center of Aqaba to Petra, but this trip takes 3 hours and it is only one way. If you want to see this ancient city it is better to take a taxi.
Near the city is Little Petra - Al Beida, which few people know about. And unlike Petra, you need less travel time, but admission is free.
Aqaba has excellent snorkeling opportunities. The area boasts the richest marine life and fauna and the clean, warm waters of the Red Sea.
The marine park is located 10-12 km south of the port and ferry terminal, where a long strip of southern beaches covered with white sand begins. The beaches are completely deserted on weekdays, but on weekends and holidays (Thursday evening, Friday) they are flooded with locals. You can get to it by taxi from the city center or by bus.
The 7 km closed area and complex of coral reefs bordering the coast have been created to preserve the underwater wealth, but at the same time do not limit the number of people who want to dive. This is where most of the diving sites in Aqaba are located. The best places for diving and snorkeling from the shore are not marked in any way, but are marked in the water - two elongated red buoys, which are located at a distance of about 3 m from each other.
If you are going to the beach of the Aqaba Marine Park, then you need to have special shoes, it is impossible to avoid collisions with the sea urchin. You can only swim with closed clothing.
If you just want to go snorkeling, one of the most beautiful snorkeling spots, the Japanese Garden, is located directly opposite the Bedouin Garden Village. It is a reef full of coral trees that really resembles a garden, and you can spend a lot of time there - there is a lot to see. You can find sea turtles here.
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