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Doha is an amazing blend of old and new. Here you can see skyscrapers and monuments of 100 years ago, which are located nearby and oriental bazaars. And the port of Doha is considered one of the most prosperous in the Middle East.
Doha is an ancient city; in the 17th century, the first settlements of pearl divers and craftsmen appeared on the territory of the modern city, who made skillful fabrics, which later made a city out of the village, which will be the capital, but this will only be in 2 centuries.
Port Address: PO Box 81, Department of Ports, Doha, Qatar
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Large liners dock at the cargo port of Hamad (40 km from the center of Doha). From Hamad, passengers are transported to the Visitor Center, from where a paid shuttle service to downtown Doha is available.
Small liners dock near the center of Doha. There is no taxi in the port, but passengers are provided with a transfer.
The Dohabus Hop on Hop off bus departs from the cruise terminal every 30 minutes. It is on it that you can see all the main streets and attractions, and if you want to take a closer look at the city, then you can get off at any stop and then return to the excursion.
From the Corniche, you can take a boat trip to Palm Tree, an artificial island located in the middle of Doha Bay.
The Corniche is the most popular place in the city. On the Corniche, you can not only walk and enjoy unforgettable views, but also visit: the National Museum of Qatar, the Museum of Islamic Art, the pearl monument and several landscape parks.
Fort Doha is a 19th century fortified structure built in the Moorish style. Inside there is a museum with a collection of national crafts, historical photographs and paintings.
The Great Mosque of the middle of the 20th century is known for being one of the largest mosques in Qatar. The mosque is notable for its white domes, but, unfortunately, tourists are not allowed to enter.
Watchtower Barzan of the early 20th century. It is open to the public around the clock.
Ethnographic village of Qatar - in the village there is an opportunity to taste traditional food, listen to music and buy souvenirs.
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