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Home > Порт "Geiranger, Norway"
Geiranger is a small port village and cruise tourism center in Sunnmeer (Norway's west coast). It is located in the Strand, at the head of the Geirangerfjord, a branch of the great Storfjord.
Port address: 6216 Geiranger.
Terminals: Port of Geiranger, which consists of a cruise terminal, a sea route and 3-4 anchorage positions. Vessels are constantly standing here - from small boats to large cruise ships, and there is an increased activity of tourists.
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From the port to the city.
- You can walk or take the Panorama Bus
- From the terminal, you can order a transfer from the manager of Fort Gates Ukraine, or order a taxi on the spot, or at the cruise ship's reception.
- You can also book a group excursion from the cruise company with the manager of Fort Gates Ukraine.
From the airport to the port.
The nearest airport is located in Alessun.
- From Alessun to Geiranger in summer you can get by bus via Ondalsnes (via the picturesque Trollstigen - troll road).
- Cruise option - bus to Hellesilt, cruise ferry to Geiranger.
- Alternative - from Alesund to Valldal, by ferry to Geiranger (July-August). The ferry can also be reached from Stranda and Alessun.
Geiranger Fjord. The natural object is a 15-kilometer arm that branches off from another sea bay - Sturfjord. It has embodied the best features: the emerald hue of the water, snow-capped mountain peaks, magnificent waterfalls and numerous observation decks. Tourists do not come here for exciting excursions, but for the sake of relaxation surrounded by untouched nature. The fjord has six waterfalls.
Dalsnibba. The mountain is better known as an observation deck, primarily visited by tourists who want to see the Geiranger Fjord in all its glory. One of the best views of the fjord and the valley opens from an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level.
7 sisters waterfall. The famous 7 Sisters waterfall adorns the left bank of the Geiranger Fjord, a picturesque UNESCO heritage site. At the beginning of summer, when the snow begins to melt from the rocks, the streams become full-flowing and the waterfall becomes especially beautiful and amazing. In the cold winter, the waterfall freezes over, and climbers turn it into a trail for extreme glacier ascent.
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