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Home > Порт "Gibraltar, United Kingdom"
Gibraltar is a British cruise port and British Overseas Territory in the Iberian Peninsula, at the entrance to the Mediterranean from the Atlantic Ocean. Gibraltar is connected to mainland Spain (north) and close to Morocco (south, via the Strait of Gibraltar).
Port address: Western Arm of North Mole, Gibraltar Harbor.
Terminals: The port has a dedicated cruise terminal Gibraltar with amenities such as public telephones, a bar-restaurant (cafeteria), craft shops, event facilities, tourist information offices.
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From port to city
The city center (1.6 km) is about 15 minutes on foot. There are also shuttles for $ 2 one way and taxis for € 3 per person per trip. Not far at the foot of the Rock of Gibraltar is the Gibraltar Airport (15 minutes from the Old Town).
Great siege tunnels. The rock of Gibraltar is home to miles of underground tunnels, the earliest of which were dug during the Great Siege of Gibraltar in 1779-83. Their construction began towards the end of the siege by order of the then governor of the territory, General Eliot, who built them to mount guns in the inhospitable terrain of the Rock. Surprisingly, most of these underground paths were dug with a sledgehammer within a few weeks, contributing to the final defeat of their French and Spanish opponents.
Gibraltar Museum. Dedicated to the rich cultural, military and natural history of the area. In its well-organized spaces, you can learn about the different peoples who have inhabited the Rock from Carthaginian times to the present day, gaining an exciting insight into the history that gives Gibraltar its unique atmosphere.
Old city. One of the most curious, even surreal parts of Gibraltar is its old town, which occupies the northwest corner of the territory and is only 15 minutes' walk from the airport. The network of narrow lanes that surround Main Street is a slice of England in the sun: shops on main streets like Debenhams and traditional British pubs tell you that you are in the UK, yet the curious mix of architecture and clear blue skies reminds you of that you are in the Mediterranean.
Monkeys of Gibraltar. One unique experience is visiting its famous Maghreb macaques (or Berber monkeys) - the only wild monkeys living in Europe. While they are harmless, it is advisable to keep important items close to you, as some of them are pickpockets. It is said that if the macaques die out or migrate elsewhere, Britain will lose control of this intriguing territory.
Monastery. Main Street Monastery, one of the oldest buildings in Gibraltar, was built in 1531 and was originally used as the residence of Franciscan monks. It retained its name after 1728 when it was converted to the official residence of the Governor of Gibraltar.
Cape Europe. At the southernmost tip of the Gibraltar peninsula, Cape Europa is well worth a visit for the historic 19th century Trinity Lighthouse, the old Nuestra Senora de Europa chapel and the impressive Guardian Mosque. Also, incredible views of the northern coast of Morocco open before you.
Tunnels of World War II. The largest section of the Rock's underground tunnels in Gibraltar was built during World War II, when another 13 kilometers were added to the existing seven. Their main purpose was to station a 16,000-man garrison and all its supplies, and to link up the new military headquarters in the southeast corner of the territory with those on the west side.
Mikhailovskaya cave. Gibraltar's most impressive geological landmark is St Michael's Cave, a series of limestone chambers and tunnels so deep that they were once thought to run under the straits all the way to Africa.
Natural Reserve of Gibraltar. Originally known as the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, this protected area of ​​fauna and flora was renamed Gibraltar Nature Reserve in 2013 to reflect its broader coverage: it now covers almost 40% of the area.
Holy Trinity Cathedral. The Church of England Moorish Revival style cathedral dates from 1832 and looks more like a mosque than a church. It is laid-back at the north end of Gibraltar's old town. The cathedral emerged as a result of both world wars intact, but was badly damaged in 1951.
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