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Oceania Cruises
Oceania Cruises - Founded in 2002 by a trio of high standard cruise veterans Frank Del Rio, Joe Watters and Bob Blinder. Oceania Cruises is headquartered in Miami and is owned by Prestige Cruise Holdings, which are confidently leading the market for modern cruise travel in the Luxury and Extra Luxury categories. Oceania Cruises is by far the largest premium cruise line. Good Cuisine, Comfort, Service, and Nice Prices are the four pillars of Oceania's 5-star service. It is these quality principles that have contributed to the creation of a reputation for the company, which is aimed at travelers who are looking for a truly perfect cruising environment, true elegance without other frills.
On board Oceania Cruises you will fully experience the cosiness and luxury, incomparable style and comfort while traveling. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of endless celebration and indulge your delicate taste with pleasant company and personalized service, which has been raised to an unrivaled level with two staff members for every three guests.
As a leader in the long-distance cruise sector, Oceania Cruises offers travel to over 330 destinations around the globe. All routes are unique and provide an excellent choice of pastime, both for admirers of all kinds of spectacles and for lovers of quality shopping. Numerous overnight stops in ports that are not yet so familiar to most tourists will allow you to plunge into the enchanting evening life of seaside cities with their special cuisine, culture and history.
Oceania Cruises ships simply exude warmth and true elegance, each with its own distinctive character. Such exclusive furnishings and interior details can only be found in the halls of some luxurious country estate. From six or more outdoor areas and gourmet restaurants with a wide selection of dishes, you can turn every everyday meal into a grandiose event. Everyone can decide for himself when, where and with whom he wants to have breakfast, lunch or dinner.
The renowned Canyon Ranch Spa Club aboard Oceania Cruises offers not only individual spa treatments and fitness, but also an internationally renowned versatile health and wellness program that includes, among other things, a balanced diet. The Canyon Ranch menu is available to all passengers.
The interiors of the ships are equally charming thanks to the creative ideas of many designers. Solid wenge and walnut panels, textiles with designer prints and splendid furnishings - all this only underlines the main credo of the Oceania Cruises project team: comfort, cosiness, elegance. The liners "Marina" and "Riviera" are the only vessels to date that have been furnished by Ralph Lauren Home and renowned interior designer Dakota Jackson.
Oceania Cruises' Fleet Replenishment Marina, which can accommodate 1,250 guests, was launched in January 2011, and its twin sister ship Riviera in May 2012.
Oceania Cruises are cruises primarily for discerning travelers who value personalized service, world-class cuisine, and the opportunity to experience new and exciting new scenic itineraries and excursions. With Oceania Cruises, you really can feel the difference!
RIVIERA - 2012 y. (Renovation 2015)
MARINA - 2011 y. (Renovation 2016)

NAUTICA - 2000 y. (Renovation 2014)
REGATTA  - 1998 y. (Renovation 2014)
INSIGNIA - 1998 y. (Renovation 2014)
Official website of the company:

Liners Cruises Security protocols Helpful information Памятка Cabin categories
Specifications Year of construction - 2025. Tonnage - 67000 t. Length - 251 m. Width - 32 m. Total cabins - 613 Total passengers - 1218 - 1469 people.
Specifications: Year of construction - 2023. Tonnage - 67000 t. Length - 251 m. Width - 32 m. Total cabins - 613 Total passengers - 1200 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 2012. (Renovation - 2015.), Tonnage - 66084 t. Length - 239 m. Width - 32 m. Total cabin - 625 Total passengers - 1250 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 2011. (Renovation - 2016.), Tonnage - 66,000 t. Length - 239 m. Width - 32 m. Total cabin - 625 Total passengers - 1252 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 2000. (Renovation - 2014.), Tonnage - 30227 t. Length - 181 m. Width - 25 m. Total cabin - 342 Total passengers - 684 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 1999. (Renovation - 2016.), Tonnage - 30227 t. Length - 181 m. Width - 25 m. Total cabin - 342 Total passengers - 684 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 1998. (Renovation - 2014.), Tonnage - 30277 t. Length - 181 m. Width - 25 m. Total cabin - 412 Total passengers - 824 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 1998. (Renovation - 2014.), Tonnage - 30227 t. Length - 181 m. Width - 25 m. Total cabin - 342 Total passengers - 684 people.
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Anti-crisis conditions for booking cruises
FCC - Future Cruise Credit. A certificate for a cruise, according to which you can pay for a cruise in the future with this cruise company.
Deposit amount
For how many days extra payment Penalties
Conditions apply
Oceania Cruises 30% of the total cruise price 95 days before the cruise
15 days before the cruise - no penalty.
Less than 15 days before the cruise - standard penalties.
* Payment is refunded by the FCC.
On cruises departing before 31/10/2021
* when booking before 31.10.2020.
Promotional conditions for all cruise lines:
In order to make your trip pleasant and memorable, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the information we offer, which will answer the most important questions for you.
Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the cruise, expired passports will not be accepted. To visit most countries, you must obtain an appropriate permit (visa) in advance. The passenger is directly responsible for the availability of visas required for the cruise.
Guests under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or companion who is at least 18 years old. Moreover, one of the guests in the cabin must be over 18 years old. Guests aged 18 and over are allowed in the Fitness Center on the ship, passengers aged 16-17 can use the equipment of the Fitness Center accompanied by an adult. Children under 16 years old are not allowed in the Fitness Center. Also, passengers under the age of 21 cannot buy alcohol on board and order alcoholic drinks in the bars and restaurants of the ship.
The recommended dress code on board the ship is casual, country club style.
For dinner, an elegant, discreet dress code is recommended, and jeans, shorts, T-shirts, sneakers are not allowed.
For the comfort and convenience of guests and to maintain the sophisticated atmosphere of the cruise, an elegant yet comfortable dress code is recommended.
There are no formal evening events at the restaurants on Oceania Cruises ships (no tuxedos or evening gowns required).
No shorts, jeans, T-shirts, athletic shoes or flip-flops at the Main Restaurant and Polo Grill, Toscana, Jacques and Red Ginger restaurants.
The Terrace Café has a relaxing, informal atmosphere, so guests can even visit the cafe in shorts and plain T-shirts in the evening. No restaurant is allowed to appear in sleeveless T-shirts and swimsuits.
Do not forget to pack things that will be useful for you on the shore - comfortable walking shoes, beach suits. Warm climate requires clothes made of light, breathable fabrics.
For cool climates, it is recommended to take warm clothes, as well as a raincoat, umbrella and gloves.
All cabins are equipped with 110 and 220 V electrical outlets. Hairdryers are also provided.
For safety reasons, it is forbidden to use heating devices in the cabin, including an iron.
Before going on a trip, check that you have all the necessary documents: passport with the necessary visas, air ticket, medical insurance, cruise voucher; vouchers for hotels, transfers and excursions. For the convenience of disembarking in some ports, we recommend that you bring your driver's license with you on your cruise. The cruise line recommends no more than 70 kg of luggage per person.
Carry-on baggage: Keep your documents, medicines, jewelry, camera, films, cash and other valuables in your carry-on baggage, which must be with you at all times.
The boarding time is indicated on your cruise ticket.
Before boarding the ship, you need to pass registration and security control. To register for a ship in the Check In zone, please prepare the following package of documents:
Cruise ticket
The cruise line will collect your passport for immigration clearance during the cruise. In this case, you will receive a receipt. You can collect your passport at the end of the cruise. Upon completion of the check-in process, you will receive an Oceania WorldCard.
This card serves as an identification card for security procedures upon exiting and boarding the ship, as well as an on-board account card for shopping on board, and is the key to your cabin. When leaving the ship and when returning back, keep the onboard map with you, as you will have to scan it with the ship's security services.
Daily newspaper Currents. Find out about all the events on board Oceania Cruises in the daily newspaper, which will be delivered to your cabin the night before.
Spa: The Canyon Ranch Spaclub Spa offers health and beauty treatments (surcharge). Pool: You can use the seawater swimming pool, jacuzzi and free sun loungers and beach towels.
Shops on board: Each ship will offer you goods from all over the world, from jewelry and clothing to souvenirs. Stores are closed during stops at ports of call in accordance with customs regulations.
Casino: You can try your luck at roulette, blackjack, poker, dice or one of the many slot machines in the casino. Local laws do not allow casinos to operate while parking at ports of call and in certain water areas. Only passengers over 18 are allowed in the casino.
Laundry: Dry cleaning, laundry and ironing services are available at an additional cost.
Concierge service. If you have booked a cabin with a concierge service, you can Concierge services are available, as well as access to the closed concierge lounge. The concierge can help you organize a personal party on board or recommend a restaurant ashore.
Drill Drill: Each ship will conduct a drill during the first 24 hours of the cruise. Upon alarm, passengers will be shown emergency exits and lifeboats. All passengers must participate in the drill.
The Culinary Center aboard Marina and Riviera gives you the opportunity to take culinary lessons under the guidance of experienced chefs. You will also be able to accompany the chefs ashore while shopping for fresh seafood from local shops, take part in wine tastings at wineries, and visit the cuisines of famous restaurants along the shore.
Shore Excursions in English: A varied shore excursion program has been carefully designed to enrich your cruising experience. Please note that all excursions are paid additionally.
There is a medical center aboard the ship, staffed by a licensed doctor and nurse. Fees for medical care and medicines will be added to your onboard bill. Oceania Cruises recommends that you carry all the original medicines you need with you on your travels.
For your convenience, free round-the-clock cabin service is available according to the special menu located in the cabin. On board you will find a wide selection of free alternative restaurants with an open meal change (there is no fixed time for dinner) and the highest level of service and gourmet cuisine from famous chefs.
Grand Dining room - main restaurant (a la carte), open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No booking required
Polo grill - steaks and seafood (a la carte), dinners available on the ships Marina, Riviera, Regatta, Insignia & Nautica, advance booking required
Toscana - Italian cuisine (a la carte), dinners available on the ships Marina, Riviera, Regatta, Insignia & Nautica, advance booking required
Terrace cafe - restaurant - buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. No booking required
Waves Grill - poolside grill with burgers and milkshakes. Lunch and afternoon snacks. No advance booking required.
Jasques - French cuisine (a la carte), dinner is available on the Marina & Riviera ships, advance booking required
Jacques Bistro - French bistro (a la carte), lunch is available on the Sirena liner, advance reservation is required.
Red Ginger - Asian cuisine (a la carte), available on the ships Marina, Riviera & Sirena, advance booking required
Tuscan Steak is an Italian steakhouse, dinner is available on the Sirena, advance reservation required.
Baristas - coffee bar, open daily until evening, does not require prior reservation
La Reserve - wine restaurant (a la carte) Privée - exclusive dinner for up to 10 people (a la carte). Only on board Marina & Riviera ships, additional room booking fees apply.
La Reserve - dinner combined with selected wine. Dinner on board Marina & Riviera, additional booking required, wine to be paid separately. Guests can reserve tables at special restaurants that differ according to ships, cabin category or cruise duration
Restaurants on the ships Marina and Riviera Guests in Owner's Suite, Vista and Oceania suites:
Cruises lasting 7 days or less: 1 visit to each restaurant;
Cruises lasting 8-17 days: 2 visits to each restaurant;
Cruises lasting 8-17 days: 3 visits to each restaurant.
Guests of Penthouses and Suites:
Cruises of less than 17 days: 1 visit to each restaurant;
Cruises over 18 days: 2 visits to each restaurant.
Guests in concierge, balcony, window and interior cabins on cruises of any length have one visit to each restaurant.
Insignia, Nautica, Regatta and Sirena restaurants
Guests of cabins with a balcony of the concierge class and above:
Cruises of less than 7 days: 1 visit to each restaurant
Cruises lasting 8-17 days: 2 visits to each restaurant
Cruises from 18 days: 3 visits to each restaurant
Guests of all other categories of cabins on cruises up to 17 days have 1 visit to each of the restaurants, and cruises of 18 days or more have 2 visits.
Tables in special restaurants can be booked in advance in your account on the Oceania Cruises website or through the cruise operator. Changes to your booking are allowed no later than one week before the cruise starts. Also, guests will be able to book tables while on board the ship. Guests with priority boarding (concierge and above) are also entitled to priority bookings between 11:00 and 13:00 at the Polo Grill. Guests of other categories of cabins can book tables in special restaurants from 13:00 to 17:00.
You will also have the opportunity to purchase on board special packages for alcoholic drinks during the cruise. If you have special dietary requirements (diabetic, gluten-free, kosher, vegetarian, vegetarian), please inform us when booking. Passengers wishing to buy wine at the ports of call can bring no more than 3 bottles into the cabin. Guests, if desired, can enjoy wine purchased at the port in their cabin or suite in an atmosphere of comfort and privacy, as well as in one of the ship's restaurants. A cork fee of $ 25.00 per bottle will be charged for drinking brought wine in a restaurant or any other public place.
For safety reasons, visitors are not allowed on board the ship.
For the convenience of passengers, smoking on the ship is allowed only in specially equipped areas. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all other areas, including cabins or cabin balconies, restaurants, casinos and public areas. The cruise line reserves the right to drop passengers and impose fines for violation of the rules of smoking on board. Smoking of electronic cigarettes is also allowed only in specially equipped smoking areas. ANIMALS Animals are not allowed on board.
Telephone: A telephone allowing communication with the shore is located in each cabin. You can easily call friends, relatives, business colleagues during your cruise.
Note: All phone calls are charged at satellite rates. The rates for outgoing calls are posted in your cabin next to the telephone set. The cost of the call will be included in your onboard bill. Mobile phone. Mobile communication is possible on board Oceania Cruises ships. Please make sure your cellular operator has a roaming agreement with AT&T, which provides cellular services on board.
E-mail and Internet: Internet access is possible 24 hours a day during your cruise. To access the Internet, you can use the Internet center on the ship or your own devices with wireless Internet access. An internet signal is available in your cabin and in all public areas. Attention! Internet access is paid additionally.
The currency on board is US dollars.
For cruises in Europe, currency exchange is possible at the Reception Desk. On cruises to European destinations where the euro is not used, as well as on cruises to the Far East and China, South America and the Caribbean, currency exchange services or information where it can be exchanged are provided on board. Oceania Cruises has a 5% commission on currency exchange on board ships. For your convenience, there is a cashless payment system on board. Upon boarding, your in-flight account will be activated and you can make any purchases by simply presenting your Oceania World Card and signing the invoices. On the day of boarding, you need to register your credit or debit card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard) at the Reception Desk. If you do not want to use a credit or debit card, you need to place a cash deposit at the Reception Desk. Unspent money will be returned to you at the end of the cruise.
Tipping is a common way to reward good service. To facilitate this process, an amount of US $ 16 per passenger per double occupancy per day will be added to your in-flight bill every day.
For Penthouse, Oceania, Vista or Owner's suite guests with butler service, tip US $ 23 per person per night.
18% of the cost will be automatically added to the bill for alcoholic drinks ordered in bars and restaurants. In ports, airports and on shore excursions, tipping should be done in accordance with local custom.
Disembarkation will begin after the arrival of the ship at the last cruise port as soon as possible, however, as a rule, no later than 9 am. Two days before disembarkation, you will receive all the necessary information on how this procedure will take place. Please note that on the eve of disembarkation you will receive an extract from your onboard account, which you must carefully read. If you have any questions, please contact the Reception.