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Visa for Singapore
Citizens of Ukraine planning to visit Singapore for no more than 96 hours and at the same time fly in transit with a visit to a third country, it is not necessary to apply for a visa in advance. For example, Ukraine - Singapore - Indonesia - Singapore - Ukraine. A route where passengers travel within the same country via Singapore is not a transit route. For example, Bangkok - Singapore - Phuket. In this case, you must apply for a visa in advance.
The Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Moscow and we recommend that travelers planning to visit Singapore in transit, for their own peace of mind and so as not to spoil their vacation, get a visa.
The authorities of the Republic of Singapore have strengthened security measures and changed the procedure for passing through passport control: tourists arriving at the airport in Singapore undergo a bioscreening procedure and are fingerprinted every time before entering the state, or when leaving the country. This procedure applies to every visitor over 6 years of age.
In the process of applying for a visa, due to the increasing incidence of illegal activities in Singapore, the country's authorities pay special attention to women under 45 years of age.
Registration of visas, by our company, for women of this age category is possible in 2 versions:
- travel accompanied by a legal husband, with the provision of, in addition to basic documents, a marriage certificate, a certificate from the place of work, confirming the position and income of the applicant, as well as a bank statement.
- when buying, in our company, a tour (tour - buying a hotel (at least 3 *) for the entire period of stay in Singapore + excursion). To select any tour you are interested in, call our specialist or contact us in any convenient way.
Multiplicity and validity of visa Processing time Cost, USD (consular fee included)
 Multiple (multy) visa, corridor * up to 9 weeks, up to 30 days of stay per visit UNDER TOUR ** 5 days 65
 Multiple (multy) visa, corridor * up to 9 weeks, up to 30 days of stay for a visit of 5 days 90
* corridor - the period during which crossing the border of the Republic of Singapore is allowed. The day of confirmation of the issuance of a visa is the date when the corridor begins to operate.
** UNDER THE TOUR - purchase of a hotel in our company (at least 3 *) for the entire period of stay in Singapore + escort or transfers.
Also, it is possible to issue visas urgently, in 1-2 days. Check with the visa manager for conditions and cost.
Please take into account the time difference between Ukraine and Singapore.
1. Scanned copy of the information (first) page of the passport, which is valid for at least 7 months at the time of application for a visa. The passport must have at least one blank page for the stamp with the "Visa" mark. A separate visa is issued for each child, regardless of whether the child has a separate passport or is entered in the parent's passport, in the latter case, you must send a copy of the passport page where the child is entered (for children from 2 years old, a photo must be in the passport):
- in JPEG format with a resolution of at least 96 dpi.
- scan size. copies of the passport should be more than 960 points in width and more than 1310 points in height, with a mass of not more than 1 MB.
2. Electronic color photo (40 x 50 mm) on a white background (taken no later than 3 months before submission):
- format: JPEG;
- volume: from 60 to 70 kB;
- size: 400 x 500 pixels.
3. Application form of the applicant with all the filled in data.
4. Hotel reservation (not lower than 3+, 4 *) for the entire period of stay in Singapore.
5. Booking a flight (round trip).
Singapore Visa Application Form.
Note: For more information on obtaining a visa to Singapore, check with the visa manager of FOUR GATES UKRAINE
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