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SilverSea Cruises
The ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Royal Caribbean Group, Silversea Cruises is the leading ultra-luxury and expedition cruise line—acclaimed for both its all-inclusive lifestyle offering and its global destination portfolio. Launched in 1994 as the world’s first all-inclusive, ultra-luxury global cruise line, Silversea officially became part of the Royal Caribbean group in July 2018 when the Group purchased two-thirds of the cruise line’s shares, subsequently acquiring the remaining shares in July 2020.
Silversea provides one of the most inclusive offerings in ultra-luxury cruising.

Voyages include:

- butler service in every suite category; 

- a choice of restaurants on every ship, as well as in-suite dining around the clock, complimentary sustainable caviar on-demand 24/7, 

- premium beverages served throughout the ship; 

- a true door-to-door service, with private executive transfers and flights included as standard, among other inclusions.

- and much more! 

Silversea’s guests travel deep into over 900 destinations across all seven continents, enjoying a curated selection of immersive experiences in the world’s most remarkable places.

In addition to four ultra-luxury expedition ships, Silversea counts six classic vessels in its fleet. Among the most comfortable and spacious ships at sea, each of the cruise line’s ships enjoys an atmosphere of elegance, conviviality, and whispered luxury. Silversea has recently welcomed three ships to its fleet since June 2020 – Silver Origin, Silver Moon and Silver Dawn.

The company's fleet consists of four ultra-luxury expedition ships:

Silver Origin 6* UltraLUX 2020 - Galapogos Cruises
Silver Wind 6* UltraLUX 1995, renovated 2016
Silver Cloud 6* UltraLUX 1994, renovated 2017
Silver Explorer 6* UltraLUX 1989, renovated 2013

And six ultra-luxury cruise ships:

Silver Nova 6* UltraLUX launching in 2023 | Evolution class
Silver Moon 6* UltraLUX 2021
Silver Dawn 6* UltraLUX 2021
Silver Muse 6* UltraLUX 2017
Silver Spirit 6* UltraLUX 2018
Silver Whisper 6* UltraLUX 2001, renovated 2016
Silver Shadow 6* UltraLUX 2000, refurbished 2011

A total of 11 ultra-luxury LUXURY cruise ships!

Silversea Cruises continues to innovate in the ultra-luxury and expedition cruise industries. The launch of Silver Moon in October 2020 marked the introduction of Silversea’s groundbreaking S.A.L.T. culinary programme. S.A.L.T. enables travellers to dive deep into the world’s richest culinary cultures, taking regional food and drink as lenses through which guests can engage with the soul of a destination. Aboard Silver Dawn, which joined the fleet in November 2021, guests enjoy the Otium wellness programme — an indulgent innovation in wellness at sea, which, inspired by the Roman lifestyle, focuses on pampering and pleasure over sacrifice and delayed gratification.

Building on the ongoing sustainability efforts of the Group, Silversea will take delivery of two Evolution-class ships in 2023 and 2024, respectively, pushing boundaries in sustainable cruise travel, with pioneering technology that will reduce the ships’ carbon footprints. ‘Project Evolution’ will be the first cruise ship to use fuel cells to provide 100% of power while at port. It will operate using a trio of power sources, including a fuel cell system, battery technology, and dual-fuel engines that use liquefied natural gas (LNG) as the main fuel.

But, luxurious service and professional support awaits you not only on board a cruise ship! The experienced staff of Four Gates cruise operator will provide you with all the important information before you book your cruise. To do this, just contact us in any way convenient for you:


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Liners Cruises Security protocols Helpful information Памятка Cabin categories
Specifications: Year of construction - 2023 Displacement - 54,700 tons Length - Width - Total cabins - Passengers - 728 people. Crew - 556 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 2021 Tonnage - 40,700 tons Length - 198 m. Width - 26 m. Total cabin - 298 Total passengers - 596-691 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 2021 Tonnage - 40,700 tons Length - in development Width - in development Total cabins - in development Total passengers - 596 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 2020 Tonnage - 5800 tons Length - 101 m. Width - 16 m. Total cabin - 51 Total passengers - 100 people.
Specifications Built in 2017. Tonnage 40,000 tons Length 212m. Width 27m. Total cabins: - 256 cabins Total passengers: - 596 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 2018 Tonnage 29000 tons Length 195.0 m. Width 23.0 m. Total cabins: - 270 cabins Total passengers: - 540 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 2001, renovation in 2016. Tonnage 28000 tons Length 186.0 m. Width 25.0 m. Total cabins: - 191 cabins Total passengers: - 382 people
Specifications Year of construction - 2000, renovation - 2011. Tonnage 28000 tons Length 185.0 m. Width 24.0 m. Total cabins: - 187 cabins Total passengers: - 382 people
Specifications Year of construction - 1995, renovation - 2016. Tonnage 16000 tons Length 156.0 m. Width 21.0 m. Total cabins: - 148 cabins Total passengers: - 296 people
Specifications Year of construction - 1994, renovation - 2017. Tonnage 16800 tons Length 160.0 m. Width 23.0 m. Total cabins: - 148 cabins Total passengers: - 296 people
Left the Silversea Cruises fleet
Specifications Year of construction - 1989, renovation - 2013 Tonnage - 6072 tons Length 108.0 m. Width 16.0 m. Total cabins: - 66 cabins Total passengers: - 132 people.
Left the Silversea Cruises fleet
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Anti-crisis conditions for booking cruises
FCC - Future Cruise Credit. A certificate for a cruise, according to which you can pay for a cruise in the future with this cruise company.
Deposit amount
For how many days is the surcharge Penalties
Conditions apply
Silversea Cruises 30% of full price 130 days prior to cruise start
30 days before the cruise - no penalty
29 days or less before the cruise - 100% of the total cost.
* Payment is refunded by the FCC.
For cruises departing before 31.12.2021.
* when booking before 11/30/2020.
Promotional conditions for all cruise lines:
SilverSea Cruises health and safety protocols

SilverSea Cruises tries to find an individual approach in everything! All this is done in order to protect our guests as much as possible and at the same time provide the most comfortable conditions for traveling.

Review the health and safety protocols before booking your cruise.


All guests must be vaccinated.

SilverSea Cruises accepts vaccines fully approved by the World Health Organization.


You have booked a cruise with a representative of SilverSea Cruises in Ukraine and are preparing for your unforgettable trip!

What is important to know before a cruise on one of the SilverSea Cruises ships and what to do before the cruise:

All guests must be vaccinated with a World Health Organization-approved vaccine.

See World Health Organization approved vaccines

All doses of your vaccine must be from the same manufacturer and type (e.g. mRNA) in the required number of doses to be considered complete (e.g. 2 doses of Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, etc. or 1 injection of Johnson & Johnson vaccine) . The guest is considered fully vaccinated 14 days after vaccination is completed.

Vaccine policy is subject to change as we monitor the evolution of public health guidelines and government regulations. Therefore, we will share the latest information 30 days before your departure date, giving you the most up-to-date information about your trip.

A copy of the vaccination certificate must be uploaded to My Silversea. A certificate of vaccination or a printed copy must also be presented at the time of check-in and boarding.
Permits to enter the country/countries.

Depending on the route and country of arrival, you will need to complete and provide additional permits. Each country has its own requirements and the name of this form. As a rule, this is a PLF form, which is filled out online.
But don't worry, your FOUR GATES cruise expert will help you complete all the forms quickly and conveniently!


Documents for check-in (boarding) on board

- Cruise ticket. Issued to you by your cruise expert 7 days before the start of the cruise;
- The passport;
- Certificate of vaccine against COVID-19 (wrote above).
- All guests will undergo a pre-medical screening, including an extended health questionnaire and a non-contact temperature check.
Rapid antigen test

During the boarding process, you will need to pass a rapid antigen test:

- The test is required for landing;
- Free service;
- Cruises of 10 nights or more will require another rapid antigen test.
*Only guests with a negative test result will be allowed to board.

Your baggage will be tagged at check-in and will be sanitized before being loaded onto the ship and delivered to your cabin.

Onboard protocols

- Local legislation protocols require daily temperature checks for all guests and crew members. Every morning, your butler will take your temperature contactlessly in the comfort of your room. Additional testing may be required for country specific security protocols. Silversea will keep you updated as you travel.
On board, you must wear a mask in all areas, except when eating or drinking. Masks are not required in outdoor areas such as pools or outdoor terraces.
- Disinfection on board the liner is carried out several times a day. Each passenger must use the wash basins and


Extensive cleaning and sanitation measures have been put in place to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness are maintained. These round-the-clock measures include ongoing sanitization of public and high-traffic areas. Departure terminals will be subject to continuous disinfection of all surfaces both before and after boarding.

Guests will be provided with a portable disinfection kit upon boarding, which will include hand sanitizer. Hand disinfection points will be placed at easily accessible and strategic locations throughout the ship.
Every morning, your butler will take your temperature with a non-contact method.

SilverSea Cruises cruise itineraries have been revised to include only low risk regions.

Landing is free for all SilverSea Cruises guests (unless the visiting country has imposed additional restrictions).
All shore excursions will comply with Silversea's health and safety measures.


Our ships are equipped with top class medical air filters (MERV 13 or HPA according to HVAC standards). On each of the liners, ventilation and air conditioning systems provide fresh, filtered outside air to all rooms. This process ensures that air is constantly removed from the liner and fresh, purified sea air is pumped in.


Increased staff of doctors and nurses, as well as improved equipment with the latest technology. In addition, an infection control officer was additionally assigned to each liner, who is responsible for compliance with all sanitary measures. Our multi-layered COVID-19 expert response plan has been developed and approved by the Healthy Sail Panel to contain the outbreak if a positive case is confirmed. These protocols include methods for tracing and notifying those who may have been exposed, as well as dedicated isolation and quarantine zones.