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SilverSea Cruises
8 ships. 800 directions. Endless possibilities.
In a world of globalization and multinational conglomerates, Silversea Cruises is still in the hands of one family - the Roman dynasty of Lefebvre. The pride of generations of owners and the true Italian passion for life as such became the basis for those high standards of cruise travel, which subsequently created the distinctive signature of Silversea.
The Lefebvre cruise company was born as the embodiment of a new vision of extra-luxury travel: more compact ships with unlimited service and an all-inclusive system on board, ships that can easily maneuver and enter even small ports and exotic natural caves. So, in 1994 and 1995, respectively, the pioneers Silver Cloud and Silver Wind were launched, which, in the early 2000s, were followed by the slightly heavier Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper, and in 2009 the beautiful flagship Silversea Cruises Silver sailed for the first time. Spirit.
In 2008, the company unveiled a revolutionary expedition cruise concept and a new Silver Explorer exclusive expedition ship that was able to combine all the best characteristics of long-range vessels and the classic, pacifying style of Silversea. Adventure, after all, can also be provided with style, and reckless expeditions to the most remote places of the planet Silversea will complement the comfortable benefits of civilization and high-quality service, when the number of passengers is almost equal to the number of service personnel. In addition to extreme expeditions to the poles, there are also genuinely beautiful exciting routes to the islands in Oceania, colorful Southeast Asia, both Americas, the Far Eastern shores of Russia and the remote beaches of Kimberley in Australia, as well as to the pure exotic - the west coast of Africa.
The second expedition ship Silver Galapagos was launched in 2013, and the third, Silver Discoverer, in 2014.
To date, the Silversea fleet already includes 8 cruise liners (the 9th will soon join them), and the travel program covers all 7 continents and more than 800 diverse destinations. With a passenger capacity several times less than the ships of the mass segment of the cruise market, namely from 100 to 540 passengers on board, Silversea liners, however, are ideally equipped and planned, so that there is no problem of lack of space and space for guests. Small boats have their own charm, a special, incomparable feeling of comfort. The cabins on board are large enough with ocean views and even a private loggia.
Silversea staff is trained in the best and most famous hotels in the world. These people don't just know what they are doing, they really understand the importance of their work. Communication with you is a pleasure for them. Their hospitality is sincere, and their smiles are not feigned. On board you will always be with your friends. From the moment you are in your cabin with a welcome glass of champagne in hand and throughout the journey, you will be the guest of honor of the elite Silversea Club. Let yourself be pampered with such trifles as fresh flowers and attention. Let the feeling of the joy of life and peace do not let you go, because all your desires will be fulfilled as soon as you ask for something, or even earlier. In the cruise business, such a high-quality and unobtrusive service, and even at such a high level, is a rarity, even now.
24/7 room service? Yes. Exclusive wines and branded spirits? Undoubtedly. All-inclusive? At your service! These are the simple little things that will make your cruise a worry-free and therefore unforgettable experience. Silversea has taken everything into account to keep your additional costs aboard their ships as low as possible.
The signature Italian style and elegant surroundings have always attracted the most sophisticated and diverse audience on Silversea cruises, which means, among other things, a good company on board is guaranteed to you.
Travel is the elixir of life and Silversea invites you to taste it in the best possible quality.
Silversea Fleet:
The Silver Muse Cruise Ship is the new flagship that Silversea Cruises will be pleased to present to your attention in spring 2017. The Finkantieri project, which seats 596 passengers, is a more modern reimagining of the Silver Spirit, with its small dimensions and spacious panoramic cabins. The new ship should raise the bar even higher in the standards of luxury sea travel. No compromises. Only the best for the passengers of the Silversea flagship.
Silver Cloud is spacious and cozy at the same time, designed to cross the oceans and yet capable of entering riverbeds and small lost coves like a light yacht. The ship for 296 passengers has many advantages: cabins with balconies, a stunningly delicious range of dishes in stylish restaurants and open-air cafes, entertainment for all tastes and a friendly team, always ready to tell, explain and help.
Silver Wind - known for its quirky restaurants open air "with panoramic ocean views and club, trendy cocktail bars. Silver Wind is as elegant and graceful as its sister Silver Cloud and has the same features.
Silver Shadow is a 382-passenger liner with the atmosphere of a metropolis in the best sense of the word. An authentic experience. Simple pleasures. And shared moments of joy. That is why the Millennium class liners were created - Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper. Millennium Class luxury embodies the feeling of daily freedom that the sea brings it; the freedom that only true luxury opens before you.
On board the Silver Shadow, recharge your body and soul with professional Pilates and Yoga classes at the expanded fitness center. Alternatively, sample rare vintage wines and local culinary delights at the only wine restaurant on the sea, Relais & Châteaux Le Champagne.
The Silver Whisper is a Millennium class liner with boutique hotel charm and standards that any high-end resort would envy. Leave your body in the hands of the specialists of the refurbished spa, indulge in branded shopping, or experience dynamic modern performances in a multi-level concert hall. Create your own vacation plan ... Or go outside of the plan and just relax ...
Silver Spirit combines the best features of luxury cruise ships. Taste fresh sushi and new variations on the theme of Asian cuisine at Seishin restaurant, organize get-togethers with your friends Stars Supper Club, where there are a lot of all sorts of goodies and live music, or you can just retire and relax in the impressive Spa & Fitness center at Silver Spirit. With the largest cabins of any Silversea liner, the Silver Spirit will satisfy even the most discerning and demanding travelers.
The Silver Galapagos is a distinctive expedition ship that will take you to one of the most isolated places in the world. The Galapagos archipelago lies not so far from the western coast of South America, however, it still remains inaccessible to the majority, preserving all the diversity of species, most of which are unique and not found anywhere else on our planet. To further expand your experience on a cruise, Silversea offers Zodiac boat tours, scuba diving, kayaking and inland hikes led by experienced guides.
The Silver Explorer is a special ultra-comfortable expedition ship designed for long sea voyages on the most distant routes, including both poles. The ship's reinforced hull allows the Silver Explorer to navigate the ice of cold seas safely and with ease. The whole flotilla of Zodiac boats gives the expedition members the opportunity to visit even those places where there are no roads or paths yet.
Silver Cloud Expedition - after a radical reconstruction, the beloved Silver Cloud will become the most luxurious icebreaker in existence. It will be the largest expeditionary vessel, as well as the ship with the largest number of staff and the widest choice of restaurants on board. Silver Cloud Expedition boasts panoramic lounges and wide, radiant decks. Almost all cabins have their own balconies and rest assured that not a single whale or flock of penguins on an ice floe will escape your sight. The ship is well fortified, and the number of passengers on board has been deliberately reduced to 200 instead of 260. These changes allow an increase in the number of observation and sightseeing landings in such a fragile environment as the Arctic ice.
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Specifications Year of construction - 2021 Tonnage - 40,700 tons Length - 198 m. Width - 26 m. Total cabin - 298 Total passengers - 596-691 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 2021 Tonnage - 40,700 tons Length - in development Width - in development Total cabins - in development Total passengers - 596 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 2020 Tonnage - 5800 tons Length - 101 m. Width - 16 m. Total cabin - 51 Total passengers - 100 people.
Specifications Built in 2017. Tonnage 40,000 tons Length 212m. Width 27m. Total cabins: - 256 cabins Total passengers: - 596 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 2018 Tonnage 29000 tons Length 195.0 m. Width 23.0 m. Total cabins: - 270 cabins Total passengers: - 540 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 2001, renovation in 2016. Tonnage 28000 tons Length 186.0 m. Width 25.0 m. Total cabins: - 191 cabins Total passengers: - 382 people
Specifications Year of construction - 2000, renovation - 2011. Tonnage 28000 tons Length 185.0 m. Width 24.0 m. Total cabins: - 187 cabins Total passengers: - 382 people
Specifications Year of construction - 1995, renovation - 2016. Tonnage 16000 tons Length 156.0 m. Width 21.0 m. Total cabins: - 148 cabins Total passengers: - 296 people
Specifications Year of construction - 1994, renovation - 2017. Tonnage 16800 tons Length 160.0 m. Width 23.0 m. Total cabins: - 148 cabins Total passengers: - 296 people
Specifications Year of construction - 1990, renovation in 2014. Tonnage 4077 tons Length 88.0 m. Width 20.0 m. Total cabins: - 50 cabins Total passengers: - 100 people.
Specifications Year of construction - 1989, renovation - 2013 Tonnage - 6072 tons Length 108.0 m. Width 16.0 m. Total cabins: - 66 cabins Total passengers: - 132 people.
Specifications Built in 1989, renovated in 2016. Tonnage 5200 tons Length 104.0 m. Width 21.0 m. Total cabins: - 60 cabins Total passengers: - 120 people
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